Our site is a home to anyone that is searching for better health and better living. The team of editors and writers we’ve compiled to create this space have been using these methods in their own lives whether it’s creating a solid yoga practice, using essential oils to battle stress, or immersing themselves in meditation techniques. Each of our staff has a personal connection with the subject matters in Better Mind Body Soul so that we can offer you the best information available.

What We Are About

There are three major players in the entity which is you, and me, and everyone that walks on this spinning orb we call Earth. Our goal is to give you aid in replenishing and rejuvenation of each. We break them down like this…


Your mind plays an important role in everything you do. Whether you are dealing with a broken relationship or starting a new one, if you are retiring or just heading out on your career path, or if you are learning new practices like yoga and trying to eliminate toxic habits from your life, all of these tasks require your mind to be healthy and balanced.

When we balance our mind our life somehow falls into balance as well. Yet quieting the negative thoughts or defeating attitudes isn’t that easy. So we make this our first focus.


Our bodies are our foundations. It’s is our vessel in which we move through this ride called life. What body we are born with is beyond our control so we need to make the best of what we got. We are here to provide tools to make the best out of your vessel so that you can achieve all the goals you set for yourself.


What the soul is and how we view it is a very personal matter. This term falls into the realm of religion and spiritual belief, and the lack thereof. We welcome folks of all faiths, and non-believers, to take a look at this word in a more personal sense. What is your soul to you?

No matter what answer you gave we can all agree that the soul is intertwined with our mind and our bodies.

All three work together and could not exist without the others. It’s a trilogy of tools we all possess. The information you read on our site will enable you to achieve a better mind, body, and soul for a peaceful and enjoyable life.

What You Can Expect From Us

Trends change, new discoveries are made. Our staff is at the pulse of what’s new.

Heading into a new direction isn’t easy. We are dedicated to providing you with the best information available.  We do this through personal experience and thorough research.

We are nothing without our readers. Thus, your questions will be answered and your comments/critiques taken seriously.

The information you find here will be obtained from the best resources available. We will be honest with you always.