Hello and welcome to my site my name is Karl Burton and I am the owner of BetterMindBodySoul.com. 

So let me share a bit about myself. Until couple years ago I had an average lifestyle like the majority of people out there. I had my 9-5 job and a really bad eating program with a lot of donuts, burgers etc. As time passed I was getting less and less happy with my life and got depressed. At some point I decided that I had to do something about this so I decided to quit my job and travel for a year.

"You cannot be happy when you don't treat your body without any respect..."

I traveled to Southeast Asia to countries like India, Thailand and Nepal and it was the best thing I have done to my life. Only then I realized that all the negative feelings I was experiencing were caused by m lifestyle. You cannot be happy when you don't treat your body without any respect!! You have to love yourself and treat your body like a temple.

I started to eat healthier and doing some yoga. It wasn't easy at the beginning but I was really determined to make some drastic changes. And slowly I was seeing some results to my mood. I was happier each day realizing I had the power to make my life better.

After a year I came back to US being a completely different person. I was enjoying all the small things in my day. I couldn't eat the things I used to as I knew how bad they were for my body. I also continued to train my mind and soul by meditating and doing yoga.

I decided to help other people do this change and created BetterMindBodySoul.com.

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