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Running Improves Cognition, Memory, Creativity, and Overall Sleep Quality

Still looking for the perfect reason to start jogging? Scientists now have proof that regular exercise can improve learning ability, boost creativity, promote better sleep, and even potentially mitigate the mental deterioration that comes with old age. We all know that running is good for the body; now there’s evidence that it’s even better for […]

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Health Benefits of Coconut Milk

Coconut Milk is High in Saturated Fats, But Are They Really That Bad?Better Health Through Coconut Milk ConsumptionAt Better Mind Body Soul we like to dig deeper than many people would on any type of nutrition topic. Coconut products got a pretty bad reputation in the past because of their high saturated fat content. This […]

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Rowing Machine Reviews

What is the best rowing machine? This is a good question, because everyone’s definition of best is different. First consider what your health goals are and which benefits are most important to you. In this article I will cover each of these benefits, types of rowing machines, and a review of my favorite machines in […]

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The Benefits of having Detox Drinks

With all the chemicals added to, and pesticides liberally used on our food, it only stands to reason that cleansing and detoxing our bodies should be high on our agenda as it can drastically improve our feeling of well being and health. One very easy, simple and inexpensive way to get started is by adding […]

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Best Juicer Reviews 2018

Juicing has without a doubt taken off in a big way. In the modern fast paced world it can be difficult to eat healthy when convenience is key. A juicing machine is a great way of consuming of healthy food full of vitamins and minerals in a quick and tasty way. But with so many […]

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