Camille J. Severino is a freelance writer who lives in the Chicago area of the United States. She has spent her life working on her craft of writing all the while taking her own road toward a Better Mind Body and Soul. Yoga, healthy eating habits, meditation, and aromatherapy are only a few of the interests Camille has discovered on her path.

Still, she knows that her journey isn’t over, and having an opportunity to share her knowledge and experiences on this website is a dream come true. Camille hopes that, while contributing to, she can help others fall in love with the practices that mean a great deal to her. 

"...authentic, honest, and genuine."

Whether it’s the benefits of doing your sun salutations in the morning, a way to get your meditation practice started, or if it’s about the latest essential oils that will bring a calming aroma to your home, Camille promises to you, her readers, to be authentic, honest, and genuine.

Besides contributing to Camille is working on finishing her first fiction novel, writing a few short stories, all while writing her first stage play and a non-fiction book that is not only educational but entertaining. Her first creative non-fiction book is scheduled to be published this spring.

When she isn’t writing, Camille is working on her yoga practice, meditating, walking her dog, petting her cat, playing her guitar, drawing in her sketchbook, reading a book, or creating a healthy meal from scratch in her kitchen. Not necessarily in that order.