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Unveiling Gaslighting: 10 Examples of gaslighting to Recognize and Protect Yourself

Relationship Problems Concept. Emotional annoyed stressed black couple arguing at home sitting on couch. Angry irritated nervous guy shouting at shocked and frustrated gaslighted lady, fighting

The expression “gaslighting,” which began with the play and film Gas Light, alludes to mental control that attempts to subvert individuals’ confidence in their own feelings of the natural world, memory, and mental soundness. A clever ploy could cause you to feel unsure and bewildered. Let’s examine 10 examples of gaslighting that you may have … Read more

Interpersonal Communication Skills you Need to Succeed

Man talking to his teammate

Interpersonal communication skills are an essential part of every interaction in your daily life. These are the skills that enable you to convey information in any situation. We’ve gathered the top 15 examples of interpersonal communication skills that you should implement in order to advance your career and improve your chances of success, both in … Read more

Emotional Maturity – the 4 stages and do you really need it?

Image illustrating a couple that needs to practise emotional maturity a women sitting in the forefront and a man sitting in the sofa

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you reacted impulsively, only to regret it later? Emotional maturity might be the missing key in such scenarios. It is the ability to manage and understand your emotions, react to situations calmly, and handle relationships with empathy and understanding. In today’s fast-paced world, where stress and … Read more

20 Signs Of Toxic Friendship Signs You Shouldn’t Ignore

Fake Friendship. Indifferent Girl Rolling Eyes Hugging Crying Friend Sitting On Couch At Home. Selective Focus . Toxic friendship signs

Noticing toxic friendship signs among your friends? Have you ever wondered if a friendship is lifting you up or dragging you down? In the landscape of our lives, friendships play a pivotal role shaping our experiences and emotional well-being. However, not all friendships are beneficial; some can morph into toxic relationships that more closely resemble … Read more

Social Intelligence: The Key to Career and Life Success?

Girls jumping while holding hands

Social intelligence is a theory that has plagued psychologists since the 1920s. It was originally described by Edward Thorndike as “the ability to understand and manage men and women, boys and girls, to act wisely in human relations.” Is the improvement of social intelligence the key to success and happiness in your life and career? … Read more

Customer Service Job Description

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In any career, at some point, you will be required to associate or assist clients or customers. Even if your dream career is to be a forest ranger in the most remote area in the country, you will inevitably find yourself talking to customers or clients at some point, even if customer service isn’t part … Read more

The Top 20 Customer Service Skills you Need to Succeed

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Customer service skills are part of nearly every position that you will ever be assigned, even if it is not overt or obvious. Believe it or not, almost all of these are skills that can benefit you in your daily life as well. We’ve gathered together the top 20 crucial skills customer service skills that … Read more

The Top 15 Most Effective Communication Techniques and Strategies

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If you ask 10 people, “What is communication?” You will get 10 different answers about what effective communication techniques are. For some, effective communication techniques is limited to what they can convey through writing, whether it is via a novel, email, or text message. For others, it may be defined as the information that can … Read more

Strategies to Resolve Interpersonal Conflict

female punches the man's face playfully

When you get enough people together, conflict is unfortunately inevitable. Human beings are inherently competitive and will often have conflicting ideas or suggestions. To help you prevent internal conflict within your teams, we’ve gathered together the top tools, tips, and techniques to help you recognize, resolve, and prevent interpersonal conflicts. Recognizing Interpersonal Conflict While common, … Read more

How To Become A Better Leader: The 5 Best Leadership Training Activities

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There’s more to being a leader than just showing up and expecting to use your position to intimidate people into completing whatever project has been set before them. To help you on your path to becoming a more effective leader, we’ve gathered together a comprehensive list of the qualities that make a good leader, as … Read more

EFT Therapy: Save Your Relationship

Couple holding hands and walking barefoot in the lake shore

Couples in pain ultimately seek counseling for one reason: they have lost the ability to communicate effectively. Many couples often wait far too long to get the help they need to get the relationship back on track. Once these couples step foot in the therapist’s office they feel desperate for a quick fix to what … Read more

Empathy Examples That will Teach you the Importance of Empathy

woman holding an elder's hand

Humans are absolutely capable of unimaginable cruelty. That vicious nature knows no bounds, and people result to criticizing, insulting, bullying, assaulting, killing, and torturing each other and more. How much of this horrible behavior would the perpetrators like to have visited upon themselves? None of it. And yet it continues to happen on a daily … Read more

Why We Laugh; Because We Have To

Young woman and man laughing together while sitting in the field

Laughter is something we all enjoy, whether it’s from being tickled to watching your friend fall down without hurting themselves. This important social emotion links us in more ways than you might have ever imagined. It seems that there are two types of laughter, the real type, which is high pitched and uncontrollable, and posed … Read more

Best Communication Books

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Communication is one of the most important aspects of human life. The delicate dance of human interaction provides an amazing mechanism for transferring ideas and information that can create change, enhance relationships, inspire creativity, initiate or impede behavior, improve workplace environments and transform marriages. Unfortunately, communication isn’t instinctual such as thirst and hunger. Therefore, the … Read more