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Hiking: 7 Amazing Benefits For Healthy Mind and Body

Man walking on the railway with a camera

Although not everyone’s cup of tea, hiking is fast becoming a popular pastime in a world that is becoming more and more technological and fast-paced. Sometimes people just want to get away from the rat-race and experience nature at her purest. Hiking certainly allows this. Walking through mountains, valleys, lush lakes and streams have now … Read more

Elevate Your Vibrations: Recognizing and Cultivating Positive Energy

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In the domain of personal development and spiritual improvements, the thought of “how to raise your vibration” has acquired significant consideration. It’s not some inner jargon saved for yogis or spiritualists; instead, it’s a reasonable method for upgrading your well-being and manifesting energy in your life. Here is a simple aide on the most proficient … Read more

The Guide to 5 Essential Oil Blends: Elevate Your Well-being Naturally

Woman applying essential oil on wrist at wooden table, closeup

In the mission for well-being, essential oils have arisen as powerful partners. These robust, concentrated plant extracts offer plenty of advantages for the mind, body, and soul. Among the horde ways of saddling their actual capacity, essential oil blends are a flexible and powerful strategy. In this article, we dive into the universe of essential … Read more

Looking for the Best Natural Deodorant? Follow This Checklist

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Finding all that regular deodorant in your everyday care isn’t actually the easiest thing. With various choices flooding the market, each flaunting regular fixings and promising enduring newness, it’s easy to feel overpowered, and are they actually worth your money? Nonetheless, dread not, as we’ve gathered a straightforward agenda to direct you as you continue … Read more

Top 5 Drinks to Support Your Intermittent Fast (Without Breaking It)

Image of women wearing knitting sweater, drink coffee at home, while intermittent fasting what can i drink

Ever asked yourself, while intermittent fasting what can I drink? Irregular fasting has gained momentum in the well-being circle for its potential medical advantages, including weight management, working metabolic well-being, and upgraded mental clearness. In any case, exploring what to drink while fasting can be a test. Luckily, there are a few choices that can … Read more

What was I taught about healthy low calorie breakfast?

a plate of low-calorie breakfast food with coffee on the side

During the last 2 years, I was extremely lazy of having breakfast. Phew, I admitted that it’s really a bad habit and badly affected my health. I still remembered the moment I felt faint and then, fell down on the floor at workplace 6 months ago due to the lack of energy. That’s also the … Read more

How Many Calories Break A Fast – The Science Based View

Intermittent fasting image with wooden spoon and fork as a clock hands on white plate, Intermittent fasting concept, ketogenic diet, weight loss, skip meal

Have you ever wondered exactly how many calories break a fast, or if a tiny nibble could disrupt your intermittent fasting goals? It’s a common query among health enthusiasts navigating the intricate path of fasting for wellness and weight management. Delving into the science behind fasting uncovers fascinating insights into our body’s metabolic responses to … Read more

Hair concerns: 11 Ways to Grow Back Your Hair

Image of Woman with hair loss problem on white background, closeup

Are you longing for longer hair and wondering how to grow your hair faster? Have you tried the usual topical growth aids only to be disappointed? Are you looking for more holistic or healthy solutions to rapid hair growth? Well, you are not alone! For healthy hair care and fast hair growth options check out … Read more

After-Party Purge: 5 Natural Ways to Detox Your System

Image of Young female making detox smoothie indoors fun

We’ve probably all experienced the horror of waking up the morning after a night of wild partying only to discover that we feel really, really bad. That hungover feeling is the result of too much alcohol, too many sweets, and a general lack of attention to the needs of your body, which is completely understandable … Read more

Best Essential Oils for Your Face: Skincare Made Simple

Young lady holding a spray bottle with essential oil

Most people are introduced to essential oils (EO) as a way to diffuse crisp, clean aromatics into their households. The light, natural scents can help influence moods and create a sense of focus, calming, and relaxation. But the oils have many, many more uses and can aid in pain relief associated with muscle fatigue, injury, … Read more

21 Essential Oil Recipes For Perfume; Smell Great Naturally

21 Essential Oil Recipes for Perfume Smell Great Naturally

I love perfumes and have a few designer brands sitting on my shelf, but as I’ve learned more about aromatherapy while writing for this website, my expensive bottles remain full because I am addicted to creating my own blends for an essential oil perfume. While I mix them for specific benefits, there is no denying … Read more