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Are Essential Oils Safe? Know Things That Will Surprise You

Young Woman Smelling Essential Oil

When I first starting writing for this blog, which wasn’t too long ago, I got a huge lesson on aromatherapy products, which I thought I was familiar with, until I started doing my research. As you will see in this guide I put together, each of the nearly 100 essences available from reputable companies like … Read more

Health Risks of Snoring


Snoring may be embarrassing for the person doing it, or annoying for the one hearing it. But before focusing on the social implications of snoring, you need to understand that severe snoring also entails a lot of serious health risks. Here are some of the health risks that may arise from what you thought is … Read more

Light Up Your Next Adventure

Man sitting in front of his car with the lights on

Travelling somewhere new can be exciting and definitely good for the soul! It’s fun to explore an untravelled trail, not knowing what will be around the next bend. Off-roading is an activity where people drive on unsurfaced roads, or pathways, in the wilderness. Usually, jeeps or trucks are used, and sometimes people modify these vehicles … Read more

Do Mattress Encasements Work Against Bedbugs?

Taking a closer look of the mattress for bed bugs

Nothing is more rejuvenating than a restful night’s sleep. In fact, there are a number of health benefits of proper sleep including: Improved memory Longer life span Reduced inflammation Improved grades and athletic performance Weight loss While we all want to sleep well, sometimes this proves more easily said than done. Aside from busy schedules, … Read more