Image Name Change your life, start with creating a personal development plan.

Change Your Life, Start with Creating a Personal Development Plan

What Is A Personal Development Plan?

When people hear of a personal development plan, they only think about motivation and meeting their personal goals. They hardly realize that there is more to self-improvement than just personal success with regard to goals. Indeed, you can never enjoy a happy and fulfilling life if you do not know how to balance your mind, body, and soul. This is the reason why many keep trying for too long without even coming close to achieving their targets. If you want to improve your life, you have no option but to start thinking broader and this means including other aspects that affect your life most.

There are many kinds of activities that you can understand so as to nurture your mind, soul and body. The Law of Success is to maintain a balance between these three aspects because it is the only way you can be sure that your life will be the way that you want it to be. Without a balanced life, achieving happiness or success would be extremely difficult. If you have ever felt that you are missing something yet you do not understand what it is, it definitely is because you have not balanced your life. There are those who make conclusions that maybe, they need ideal partners, more money or bigger houses yet these are all external things. Beginning with the end in mind is a great way to answer how to change your life.

What is Personal Responsibility?

Let us put it this way, personal responsibility is taking ownership of the things that have resulted due to your actions. Now, when the situations are out of control, it does not matter how you think or feel about the result. In fact, you do not have to respond to those things at all. It is an act of consciously agreeing and being responsible for your deeds under any given circumstances. Though most people disagree, you alone are responsible for what you have already done in the past, what you are doing now and what you are about to do in the future.

The Importance of Life Coaching

Many people claim that, even without their interference and indulgence, bad things keep happening to them and they are unable to control the situations. Hence, they are not responsible for the output when such situations occur. This is an important part that can make or break one’s career and even more importantly help you build a healthier respect towards your life. There are not many people around that are ready to take responsibility for their act, when the results are negative. Learning more about life coaching will help you understand the essence of it and you will be able to live more freely to gain the self-confidence to build your own life in whichever way you want.

Nurture The Body

  • Healthy Diet: Several things can be done so as to improve the health of your body. One of them is to ensure that you eat the right food. It is true what they say that “you are what you eat.” If you take in the wrong foods, you can be sure that your body will not be at its full potential. There is some energy that is transmitted from the foods that you take into your body. This energy can either be negative or positive and will always have a major impact on the way your body reacts to certain situations. It is recommended to take lots of fruits and vegetables especially when they are in their raw form because they represent real life and so, they give you positive energy. In maintaining a healthy body, a simple detox plan is also important. It helps cleanse the body and rid of unnatural impurities that cause stress and hinders renewal.
  • Daily Exercise: Apart from taking the right foods, you also should exercise. When you exercise regularly, your body becomes stronger and this makes it immune to some of the diseases as well as the effects of the weather and the climate. Exercise will help you to control your feelings and can increase concentration. As and when you are about to erupt, opt for some physical activity such as going for a brisk walk, jogging, participating in some outdoor games, etc. Doing some sort of physical activity will stimulate certain brain chemicals that will ease your anger and make you feel much more relaxed than before. A well exercised body is also likely to be more patient and this increases your focus. You therefore are likely to plan better when you exercise than when you do not. With a better focus, you can expect better results no matter the task that you get involved in. There are many types of simple back, chest, bicep and forearm exercises that you can get involved in to achieve this.
  • Rest: This is essential but usually neglected as part of nurturing your body. Having at least 7-8 hours of sleep daily gives enough time for your body to repair any damaged muscle fibers or cells during exercise. You also can take care of the body by taking a hot relaxing bath, going to a spa or simply having a massage. A healthy body always helps to have a healthy mind.

Enrich The Mind

Another thing that will help you to have the perfect personal development plan is to enrich your mind. Although all the aspects of your life are interlinked closely, the mind is most connected to the body. What you think, the body will do. This is the reason why anyone who understands this best will always know what you are thinking just by looking at the reaction of the body. For instance, if you fill the mind with negative thoughts, the body will be stressed. However, if you keep thinking positively, the body will be relaxed and thus, it will be more immune to diseases. Since the quality of your thoughts is what results in your health conditions, it is good to always be positive in your thinking at all times.

  • Balance and Meditation. One of the ways through which you can help the mind to remain on the right course and achieve a balance between the mind body and soul is through meditation. Since it has the ability to stop the activities of the mind for about twenty minutes in one day, it gives it the much needed break that will also help it to gather more energy. This is the reason why people emerge out of meditation with conscious thoughts and better resolutions than when they do not. It helps in discovering who we are and uncovering the doorway into the unknown.
  • Training Your Mind. In addition to that, positive affirmations are a perfect way through which your mind can be made better. They make the mind believe in what you are telling it and so, it will do exactly that. Training your mind is as efficient as training your body in accomplishing your goals. Here is a real life example:

In 1980’s under the supervision of Dr. Denis Waitely a study has been conducted on Olympic athletes. They were asked to participate in a race, not physically but, in their minds. This program was named as, “Visual Motor Rehearsal for Olympic Athletes”. The results surprised everyone. Every athlete participating in the program was noted to have used their muscles as if they were really participating in the Olympic race. With the help of a bio high-tech feedback machine, it was noticed that the same muscles were working in the same way, as if they have worked if an athlete were running on the track. This infers that the mind cannot differentiate between the real events and the imagined ones. This is the basic principle that is utilized in personal development based on visualization techniques.

According to leading experts, you can also use good treading habits and exposing yourself to the right media to get the right mindset.

Inspire The Soul

Some people tend to believe that the soul has nothing to do with personal development. This is attributable to the fact that the soul is intangible. However, the truth is that you can feed your soul by performing a number of tasks. Remember that the main point is striking a balance between the mind, body and soul and so, there is nothing that you will gain if you ignore the third part. One thing for sure is that souls appreciate beauty. They show the real person that you are. Unfortunately, many people have lost touch with their souls that they do not even realize who they are. If you see someone who seems to be in no need of beauty, that is a classical example of a person who is not in touch with his soul. There are several situations that cause this.

For instance, people who enjoy violent movies are in such a situation because their soul is not in connection with their mind and body. This is the reason why they appreciate the violence and see no good thing in the beauty that surrounds them. A personal development plan will definitely work well for you when you add these three aspects to motivation and achievement of goals.

Yoga is an ancient science that is extremely helpful to calm down, clear your mind and soul. It helps activate your internal organs and makes your soul peaceful. Yoga can help with setting your body on the right pH, a factor responsible for storing of fat. Stress is an important factor contributing to obesity. Yoga can also help diminish the emotional eating and help you burn calories.

Set your mind free. Once you release all those thoughts during yoga and meditation, you will set your mind free from the hurdles and you will start visualizing your goals.

Focus on the result: As you start visualizing, focus your mind, body and soul on the goal you have always wanted to achieve. Do not let any thought cross your mind. Keep concentrating on your desires and goals and start visualizing as if you have already achieved them.

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