Maximize Your Wellness: Body Supplementation Tips & Reviews

Hair concerns: 11 Ways to Grow Back Your Hair

Hair Growth Solutions: 11 Tips

Are you longing for longer hair and wondering how to grow your hair faster? Have you tried the usual topical growth aids only to be disappointed? Are you looking for more holistic or healthy solutions to rapid hair growth? Well, you are not alone! For healthy hair care and fast hair growth options check out … Read more

6 amazing ways to transform your dental health

Dental Health Transformations

There are helpful bacteria that inhabit the mouth, these micro organisms protect the teeth and gums and help with digestion, but there is also harmful bacteria in the mouth that can cause cavities, gingivitis, periodontitis and bad breath. What is worse, infection and bacteria in the mouth can also lead to diabetes, pneumonia and cardiovascular … Read more

Top 6 Benefits of Light Therapy


Perhaps you’ve heard people talking about light therapy and the ways in which it has helped them to manage specific issues in their lives. Hearing success stories has probably peaked your interest in learning about light therapy and trying it out for yourself. Before you seek your own light therapy, it’s important to know what … Read more

Doterra Trim Shake vs Shakeology: Which One Points Toward A Leaner You?

Trim Shake vs Shakeology: Leaner Choice

Being slim is not easy for everyone, and while we don’t want to achieve a healthy weight by indulging in fad diets, we want to look and feel our best. The path to a body that is free of excess fat isn’t the same for everyone, but the general principles still apply. You have to … Read more

Avocado Oil Benefits and Usage: A Health Supplement Guide

Avocado Oil Benefits: Health Guide

It goes without saying that the last few decades have seen an increase in more holistic approaches to health and beauty supplements. This interest is driven by those who are looking to reduce and remove man-made and chemical products from their daily exposure- influencing many major brands to begin exploring alternative ways to manufacture their … Read more

doTERRA Lifelong Vitality Pack Reviews: Does It Deliver?

DoTerra Vitality Pack: Review

When you hear the word “vitality,” we think of a person who is strong, active and has an endless supply of energy. So how does a person reach that type of health? We all know that a well-balanced meal, regular exercise that includes some type of aerobic exercise, meditation, and trying to maintain a healthy … Read more

Tea Tree Oil Benefits and Uses: A Health Supplement Guide

Tea Tree Oil Benefits: Health Guide

You’ve probably heard of tea tree oil use for both home and health purposes, but have you ever tried it? Tea Tree oil isn’t derived from tea at all (but more on that later), and it has some powerful, natural chemical compounds that lend themselves well to supporting a natural approach to cleaning and wellness. … Read more

MCT Oil Benefits And Uses: A Health Supplement Guide

MCT Oil Guide: Health Benefits

You may have heard your favorite health-conscious friend talk about MCT oil and the benefits of its use. And if you are anything like me, probably nodded your head as they talked and then went off to research what the heck this oil is. Luckily, MCT’s aren’t exactly difficult to understand as it is most … Read more

The Best Alkaline Water Machines: Purify Your Water Supply

Top Alkaline Water Machines: Pure H2O

What are Alkaline Water Machines? This is frequently faucet water that is put through an electrical machine that regularly runs the water over platinum and titanium plates. This procedure causes the trading of some platinum and titanium particles that make the water more soluble in its pH. The machine additionally has a carbon channel as … Read more

The Benefits of Organic Lotion: How to Make Natural, Homemade Lotions & Moisturizers

Organic Lotion: DIY Moisturizers

It’s likely you have at one or two different types of lotion or moisturizer in your bathroom, the same products you’ve been using since college. How much do you know about the product you use, have you explored any other alternatives? What’s the difference between lotion and moisturizer anyway, and which topical is right for … Read more