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Best Essential Oils for Your Face: Skincare Made Simple

Young lady holding a spray bottle with essential oil

Most people are introduced to essential oils (EO) as a way to diffuse crisp, clean aromatics into their households. The light, natural scents can help influence moods and create a sense of focus, calming, and relaxation. But the oils have many, many more uses and can aid in pain relief associated with muscle fatigue, injury, … Read more

The Best Natural Deodorants for Kids

Kid holding a deodorant

Now that summer is back in full swing, your child is probably spending more time outdoors, and sweating much more than he or she was during the course of the winter. While as a parent you may want your child to stay young forever, the truth is they end up going through puberty much quicker … Read more

Native Deodorant Review: Safe, Cruelty Free Options

Native Deodorant in white background

With all the many natural deodorant options becoming available, it can be hard to determine which are truly toting safe, alternative ingredients and which simply through in a few choices as a gimmick. It also can be hard to tell which are actually effective and work as described, which is why we have chosen some … Read more

Best Natural Sunscreen for Babies

5 baby sunscreens in yellow background

Taking care of your skin is more than just a daily routine, it should be a regular practice every time you step outside- no matter what time of year it is. This is especially true for your children who may not be capable of having an awareness of the damage sun, and UV rays can … Read more

The Best Yoga Mat for Hot Yoga

yoga mats in orange background

Whether you’re a regular within the yoga world, or you’re just starting out, you’ve probably heard about the benefits of hot yoga. If you haven’t hot yoga is the practice of yoga in a heated room. Think sauna and yoga, combined. Some people may recoil at the thought of doing yoga in a hot room, … Read more

Aveeno Sunscreen Review: Protect + Hydrate Sensitive Skin

Aveeno sunscreen review

Protecting your skin against both damaging UV rays and dryness can often become a challenge if you have sensitive skin. It is also difficult to find a protective sunscreen that actually works without leaving behind a greasy feel, a thick white residue, or clogged pores. Plus, if you have reactions to certain chemical ingredients found … Read more

The Best Non-Slip Yoga Mats

non slip yoga mat in yellow background

Despite the fact that yoga is a practice that is thousands of years old, people are just starting to understand its benefits. Yoga is a kind of wellness activity that benefits both the body and the mind. It helps people burn calories, tone their muscles, relax, meditate, practice deep breathing, and stretch their bodies. And … Read more

The Best of Jade Yoga Mats

Top 5 Jade Yoga Mats in sky blue background

When I first started researching Jade Yoga, I thought it would be just another yoga mat company. I figured that with yoga mats, when you’ve seen a dozen of them, you’ve seen them all. Not only was I impressed over the quality of the products themselves, but the company’s commitment to their customers and their … Read more

Best Natural Shampoo for Dogs

2 dogs in purple background with bubbles

Those who own a pet know that dogs are just like part of the family. You want them to feel loved and cared for, in exchange for all those moments of joy they bring. There is a reason why the dog is considered a man’s best friend, and why people grieve so much when their … Read more

Best Cheap Yoga Mat for Home Use

Cheap Yoga Mats

Practicing yoga is a healthy habit for both the body and the mind. People who do it not only get a chance to stretch their bodies, but they also get the chance to meditate, be in the moment, and become more aware of their surrounding environment. Whether you practice it at home or attend yoga … Read more