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Mirror Gazing Simplified: A Powerful Technique to Boost Your Happiness

Woman looking at mirror reflection facing your fears concept

Ever come across the term mirror gazing and thought to yourself, what on earth is this? Some new trendy term being thrown around? Well, let us dive in together. In the present high-speed world, finding moments of genuine bliss can be a temporary shadow. We’re constantly running around with errands, responsibilities, and interruptions, frequently leaving … Read more

Positive Affirmations for Women: 11 Ways to Achieve Amazing Confidence

Image of Freedom concept : Young beautiful woman enjoying with fresh air at meadows

Empowerment comes from within, and positive affirmations for women are a key to unlocking that power. Women across the world are discovering that a few positive words can make a huge difference in their day. These positive affirmations for women are game changers because they develop a true sense of motivation and profound living within … Read more

What Is a Zafu Meditation Cushion?

woman sitting on the cushion meditating

Few people in the world don’t know what meditation is but for those that don’t, it’s the conscious act of breathing in and out while clearing your mind. That’s a simplistic explanation but you get the idea. If you’ve been hearing about zafu meditation cushions and wondered what all the talk is about then look … Read more