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The Health Benefits of Camping

Everybody loves camping. There’s something about that unique mixture of fresh air, separation from society, and of course, cooking food on a portable camping stove that’s just oh-so refreshing. But did you realize that there are actually a whole heap of health benefits to camping, too? Well, it’s true- and in this article, we’ll show […]

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8 Amazing Uses And Benefits Of Ancient Cupping And Scraping

Watching glass cups pull skin and muscles upward might not look like the most comfortable experience. In fact, it can appear unsettling, especially to someone who’s never tried alternative medicine before. However, contrary to how it looks, cupping and scraping are actually very effective treatments for a handful of conditions.Cupping is a form of alternative […]

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Tap Into Your Dreams and Your Soul

We spend our days in a busy haze. Work, school, and responsibilities make it difficult to take the time to slow down and really look into ourselves and the world around us. Whether or not you realize it, your brain makes observations during the day that hold a hidden significance you don’t realize until you […]

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Empathy Examples That will Teach you the Importance of Empathy

Humans are absolutely capable of unimaginable cruelty. That vicious nature knows no bounds, and people result to criticizing, insulting, bullying, assaulting, killing, and torturing each other and more. How much of this horrible behavior would the perpetrators like to have visited upon themselves? None of it. And yet it continues to happen on a daily […]

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Guided Meditation For Beginners

When beginning a daily meditation practice, you may find yourself wondering how to meditate properly. When your’e unfamiliar with the procedures for quieting your mind, it can be difficult at first to stick with the practice. Consider going to a studio and taking a course on how to properly meditate. If you are finding individual […]

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