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30 Meditation Tips for Beginners from Top Experts

Young woman sitting on crossed leg with praying hands; meditating and relaxing

Anyone that is meditating knows how frustrating it can be at the beginning. You can’t get comfortable. Your mind gets distracted by the smallest irritation. And if you’re looking to tone your muscles while meditating, incorporating weights such as dumbbells into your meditation routine can be beneficial. On top of these, you think that you … Read more

The Health Benefits of Camping

Two person sitting together in a fireplace just outside their tent

Everybody loves camping. There’s something about that unique mixture of fresh air, separation from society, and of course, cooking food on a portable camping stove that’s just oh-so refreshing. But did you realize that there is actually a whole heap of health benefits to camping, too? Well, it’s true- and in this article, we’ll show … Read more

Tap Into Your Dreams and Your Soul

woman comfortably sleeping with her blanket on

We spend our days in a busy haze. Work, school, and responsibilities make it difficult to take the time to slow down and really look into ourselves and the world around us. Whether or not you realize it, your brain makes observations during the day that hold a hidden significance you don’t realize until you … Read more

BFRBs (Body Focused Repetitive Behaviours) and Mindfulness

Woman doing a yoga pose with her palms pressed together on her back

Body-focused repetitive behaviors or BFRBs are a group of disorders characterized by an intense and irresistible urge to engage in a body focused behavior such as picking the skin (excoriation disorder) or pulling out bodily hairs (trichotillomania). It is estimated that between 1-4% of the global population suffers from a BFRB, and with an increase … Read more

Guided Meditation For Beginners

man meditating in the dark

When beginning a daily meditation practice, you may find yourself wondering how to meditate properly. When your’e unfamiliar with the procedures for quieting your mind, it can be difficult at first to stick with the practice. Consider going to a studio and taking a course on how to properly meditate. If you are finding individual … Read more