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Best Meditation Cushion: Protection for a Balanced Mind, Body, and Soul

Meditation Cushion: Balance Essential

Meditation has long been practiced as a means to help you focus, be mindful, and aware of things both physical and mental. Meditation is a great way to help calm your mind and body and refocus your energies, but it can be hard to do when you are uncomfortable. Luckily, meditation cushions are a thing, … Read more

Empathy Examples That will Teach you the Importance of Empathy

Empathy: Eye-Opening Examples

Humans are absolutely capable of unimaginable cruelty. That vicious nature knows no bounds, and people result to criticizing, insulting, bullying, assaulting, killing, and torturing each other and more. How much of this horrible behavior would the perpetrators like to have visited upon themselves? None of it. And yet it continues to happen on a daily … Read more

69 Amazing Zen Garden Ideas to Inspire You

Zen Garden Ideas: Inspiration

Unlike a garden that’s designed for family gatherings, a Zen garden has a very profound spiritual meaning to it and serves no such recreational purposes. It is a place for Zen monks to practice their meditation techniques and to strengthen their discipline. It is a sacred space for spiritual people to spend long hours meditating … Read more

15 Inspiring Prayer Room Ideas: #12 is Beautiful!

15 Inspiring Prayer Room Ideas

I’m just going to be honest and say it: praying doesn’t always have something to do with religion. I’m pretty sure that during your life, you’ve met people who didn’t believe in a deity, yet often found themselves praying. That’s because prayers are more about spirituality, about believing in an unseen force, whether it’s a … Read more

Overcoming Hopelessness

Woman on a wheelchair looking over the twilight

Most of us have felt, at one time or another, the overwhelming feeling of hopelessness. Whether brought on by the stress of an event or a compilation of ongoing troubles, there typically comes a time when you simply are not sure what step you need to take to keep moving forward through it all. I’ll … Read more

30 Meditation Tips for Beginners from Top Experts

Meditation Tips: Experts' Guide

Anyone that is meditating knows how frustrating it can be at the beginning. You can’t get comfortable. Your mind gets distracted by the smallest irritation. And if you’re looking to tone your muscles while meditating, incorporating weights such as dumbbells into your meditation routine can be beneficial. On top of these, you think that you … Read more

Explore the Surprising Health Benefits of Camping in Nature

Two person sitting together in a fireplace just outside their tent

Everybody loves camping. There’s something about that unique mixture of fresh air, separation from society, and of course, cooking food on a portable camping stove that’s just oh-so refreshing. But did you realize that there is actually a whole heap of health benefits to camping, too? Well, it’s true- and in this article, we’ll show … Read more

The Importance of Spiritual Practice in Personal Development

Spiritual Practice: Key to Growth

What comes to your mind when you hear about personal development or improvement? This is a phrase that is always interpreted in many different ways depending on how you look at it. There are people who tend to get it wrong because they concentrate on one aspect about the whole process and forget about all … Read more