Image Name Overcoming Hopelessness

Overcoming Hopelessness

Most of us have felt, at one time or another, the overwhelming feeling of hopelessness. Whether brought on by the stress of an event or a compilation of ongoing troubles, there typically comes a time when you simply are not sure what step you need to take to keep moving forward through it all.

I’ll be honest, I have had my fair share (some might say more than fair) of unexpected setbacks that have left me to wonder what comes next. Typically, I have never been one to turn towards inspirational speakers and rather research ways to add environmental additions to my surroundings for a more calming approach to any issues that arise. And then I ran across Nick Vujicic a few years ago in searching materials for a  high school bullying presentation, and what this man had to say made me pause and reassess my own troubling situation.

Not only what Nick has to say is important, but who Nick is as a person is also important- because although he may not be large in stature, the man can fill a room with his messages. Born without any limbs, Nick has been through more physically- and mentally – than most people can imagine. And yet, he spends his life bringing awareness of others to audiences worldwide.

His TEDx talk, Overcoming Hopelessness, highlights the importance of being of value to those around you. Although he struggled through childhood and adolescence, he recognized the support his family provided to him and illustrates the need for parenting in early childhood to help our children grow and realize their own self-worth. There is power in words to heal, to hurt, and to lift up and overcome, and to help others see themselves for who they really are. And even more powerful is faith- the belief in something that cannot be seen. Like the belief that you are worthy, loved, and deserve to continue on, and even if you feel you have not received a miracle you desire, perhaps you can be the miracle for someone else.

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