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DIY Natural Deodorant for Sensitive Skin Effective & Easy Recipe

Sensitive Skin Deodorant: DIY Guide

The rising concerns with aluminum and the health risks involved have prompted many people to look into how to make natural deodorant. Although there are no immediate health links that go against using commercial deodorants that contain aluminum, there are plenty of benefits to using more natural products on the body in general. Although crafting … Read more

The Ultimate Guide to Relaxation How To Create a Zen Bedroom

Creating a Zen Bedroom: Guide

Life is simply too busy. In this blog, we will outline how to craft a serene haven within your home. We’ll look into the power of simplicity and share tips on setting up a Zen meditation room. So, be with us and discover the art of zen room design. Also, you will learn how to … Read more

How to Make Lotion at Home

DIY Lotion Recipe: Home Guide

Nowadays, it’s becoming a trend to customize your own skincare routine. One way is by creating your own lotion at home. Many people are searching online to learn how to do it because it helps with specific issues. For instance, there are times when the lotions available in stores contain ingredients that don’t really suit … Read more

Homemade Organic Candles DIY Guide with Essential Oils

How to Make Organic Candles with Essential Oils wooden wick candles. Handmade candle from paraffin and soy wax in glass with leaf on craft background. Let flay. Candle making. Top view. Womans hands holding the candles

Creating your own organic candles with essential oils is a popular choice for several reasons. It lets you personalize your candles with your favorite scents and styles, making each one unique. You can also enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy, like relaxation and stress relief, right in your living space. Making eco-friendly choices like using organic … Read more

Optimize Your Workflow with a Bullet Journal Habit Tracker

Guide to the Bullet Journal Habit Tracker

In our pursuit of self-improvement and productivity, we are constantly searching for methods to successfully track our good habits. These are things like exercising, reading, or just making sure to drink enough water. But sticking to these habits can be tough because sometimes we’re not consistent. Life can be pretty unpredictable, and that makes it … Read more

Best Way to Make Homemade Dandruff Shampoo Easy DIY Recipe

How to Make Homemade Shampoo Close up of naked brunette lady with long wet hair taking shower at home

Dealing with dandruff and the itchiness it brings is a common challenge for many of us.Searching for an effective solution to soothe our scalps has led us to explore numerousproducts, often with disappointing results. But wait, there’s a solution to this, and youmight have what you need at home. In this article, we will talk … Read more

What is the Best Essential Oil for Menstrual Cramps?

Best Oil for Menstrual Cramps

It’s that time in the month again. Yep, the monthly arrival of menstrual cramps is a familiar discomfort for most women. Even though traditional pain relief options exist, an increasing number of individuals are turning to natural remedies for relief during their menstrual cycle. Essential oils have gained recognition for their potential to provide comfort … Read more

DIY doTerra Hand Soap Recipe

hand soap, essential oils, coconut oil on table

Keeping your hands clean is an essential step in personal hygiene and to stop the spreading of germs. Unfortunately, popular foaming soaps often create problems with the thin thin skin located on your hands. As it strips it of moisture, it can leave behind tight feeling skin, dryness, and even create sensitivities, itchiness, or even … Read more

How to Make Natural Lotion DIY Skincare Recipes Body Soul

How To Make Your Own Natural Lotion in Just a Few Steps

Hydrating your skin is crucial for healthy cell turnover and providing a plump, smooth surface. Dry skin can lead to uncomfortable conditions, such as itchy, flaking surfaces or even cracks that allow baterias to take hold. Plus, moisture can help combat sun damage and the signs of aging. The problem many people have is choosing … Read more

9 Amazing DIY Natural Sunscreen Recipes

9 Amazing DIY Natural Sunscreen Recipes

Sunscreen is a very important product to have, even if you’re not the kind of person that likes to invest in cosmetics of skincare products. Putting on sunscreen at the right time can protect you from harmful UV rays emitted by the sun, and sadly it is still one of the most underrated products in … Read more

How to Make Natural Lotion for Eczema

How to Make Natural Lotion for Eczema

Also known as atopic dermatitis, eczema is a condition that’s both unappealing, as well as uncomfortable. It’s characterized by itchy and red skin, and often makes an appearance in children and young adults. Medical evidence suggests that there is no permanent cure for eczema, a nasty problem that tends to periodically flare and become a … Read more

Mastering the Art of How to Diffuse Essential Oils Effectively

A diffurser with the lights turned on

Years ago I was introduced to essential oils as a way to help ease muscle pain from an old injury. It’s effectiveness made me look deeper into how it could be used, and essential oils quickly became a regular household supplement. Everything from cleaning solutions to wound healing can benefit from their use, but what … Read more

Simple and Effective DIY Natural Coconut Oil Lotion Recipe

Materials needed

Coconut oil has a huge array of benefits for your skin and beauty health and is a great product to use on its own or as an addition to your favorite products. Popular due to its highly hydrating and antibacterial properties, many natural lotions, creams, and other beauty tinctures use it to enhance their ingredients … Read more