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A Simple Bullet Journal Setup for Tracking Your Goals

Illustration of realistic bullet journal with doodle drawings and to-do lists

To have a more organized life and achieve your daily goals, you need something to stick with. Something entirely accurate that reminds you what tasks you have done and what needs to be done. That’s where the role of the bullet journal comes in. A bullet journal is a perfect tool to give you a … Read more

Setting Up a Bullet Journal Habit Tracker

Setting Up a Bullet Journal Habit Tracker Top view or flat lay of habit tracker book, pink sneakers and pink vintage alarm clock 5 o'clock on pink background with copy space. Sports and morning routine and self development.

In our pursuit of self-improvement and productivity, we are constantly searching for methods to successfully track our good habits. These are things like exercising, reading, or just making sure to drink enough water. But sticking to these habits can be tough because sometimes we’re not consistent. Life can be pretty unpredictable, and that makes it … Read more

Bullet Journal Setup: An Easy Guide to Getting Started

journal notebook, clips, highlighter, ballpen

Interested in bullet journaling but not sure where to start? The difference between keeping a regular day to day journal and bullet journaling planner is not great but does vary enough to do a little research before you get started. This guide is designed to help you with your new bullet journal setup and provide … Read more

Bullet Journal Ideas

woman thinking holding pen and journal notebook

Bullet Journals are part journal, part planner, part diary, part sketchbook, part goal obtainer, and part anything else you want to visually represent form day to day, month to month, or year to year. Designed to help with productivity, these personalized journals are created specifically for your own needs. Once made, they offer a reflective … Read more

Bullet Journal Tips and Tricks: Helpful Organizational Hints

journal notebook, pen in pink background

Bullet Journals have become increasingly popular as a way to provide both personalized reflection and detailed organization to your life. Designed as a way to help lead a more productive, focused life, these journals can be everything you need it to be to help you organize, plan, focus, record, and work towards goals. The bullet … Read more

Bullet Journal Supplies: Essentials for Effective Journaling

BUJO Supplies

Bullet journaling is a great way to keep yourself organized and productive at a wide variety of tasks. These all inclusive designs are specific to your own needs, and allow you to create ‘collection’ or designated pages for efficient life management. Everything from planning your days, weeks, and months, to keeping lists, charts, and goals … Read more

The Best Markers for Coloring Books

Sets of pens and markers in a pink background.

In the past years, adult coloring books have become quite the method for rest and relaxation. Coloring seems to help adults zoom out of their daily problems, giving them means to immerse themselves in a peaceful world that helps release some of that bad karma. If you too have discovered the wonderful world of adult … Read more

Bullet Journal Themes: Decorative Ideas Month by Month

journal notebook, roses

A bullet journal is a great place to get yourself organized, make plans, keep track of dates, create goals, and simply reflect and create. These are personalized books that give you the space you need to be more effective and on top of your own day to day responsibilities. Popular to their creation is the … Read more

Bullet Journal Printables: Fun, Prefabricated Ideas

Bullet Journal Ideas to Print

A bullet journal was designed to help with organization and provide a place to keep responsibilities all in one place. They are made with your own personal needs in mind and personalized in a way that works with your lifestyle. Unfortunately, setting up and creating a journal can take time, and is not always considered … Read more