Image Name Bullet Journal Printables: Fun, Prefabricated Ideas

Bullet Journal Printables: Fun, Prefabricated Ideas

A bullet journal was designed to help with organization and provide a place to keep responsibilities all in one place. They are made with your own personal needs in mind and personalized in a way that works with your lifestyle. Unfortunately, setting up and creating a journal can take time, and is not always considered the best use of time for those who lead a busy life.

Luckily, there are many cute journal page ideas and bullet journal printables to help you set up your own book with minimal fuss. This article highlights multiple quick print pages you can use, as well as ideas to help your book become exactly what you need it to be.

Book Log

If you love to read, have emerging readers, or want to keep track of lists for your children, book logs are a great way to have ideas down on paper at the ready. You also can check off reading times to help meet reading goals and refocus yourself (or children) away from electronics.

Make Your Own Bookshelf

books read in 2020, book tracker 11x17in, bullet journal bookshelf to fill in as you read, printable book log for bookworms

Create a cute book shelf of the books you would like to read, or even on blank spines to fill in as you conquer the reading goals you have! This is a fun and creative way to remember and reflect on your own literary accomplishments.



Reading Lists

Reading Lists log paper, books, pens in wooden background
Image Source:

Make a list of books for the readers in your household, and start checking them off! This is also a way to set reading goals, hours, words, vocabulary, or anything else to inspire a visual checklist for children.

Bujo Journal Kits

No time to come up with your own collections or put a bullet journal together on your own? These download ideas are a great way to help organize your own book and provides templates, sheets, and even free materials for you to take advantage of. They are a great way to decorate those blank pages!

All You Need

2020 Bullet Journal Printable, 2020 Journal Starter Kit, 2020 Planner, 2020 Agenda, 2020 Bujo Calendar Printable Bujo Printable Inserts PDF

Everything you need from calendar dates to fonts and other collection ideas are included in many online BUJO kits. Take a look at what each has to offer and pick and choose to create your own theme.



Keeping Track of Time

Bullet Journal Printable Weekly Spread- 2 Pages- 12 Months, Journal Weekly Planner Printable, Journal Weekly Spread Printable, Bujo Insert

Keep track of dates and other responsibilities with these fun and easy calendar kits. They provide fun fonts you can copy or even print out for use. This saves you time from having to make your own!




Easy, downloadable png files and other online resources are a great way to get ideas and help fill your journal with easy to follow trackers, calendars and other ideas responsible adults may be in need of.

Dot and Grid Printables

Dot and Grid Printables paper, pen
Image Source:

Having your own dot and grid pages to play with allows you a reference point for your own designs and style of organization. Although many journals now come in this format, not all do, and it can be handy.

A Week at a Glance

A Week at a Glance journal template
Image Source:

Keep your weeks in order with a quick template that provides the space you need for a quick glance. Lists, upcoming events, due dates, or anything else you need to keep track of can be customized quickly with these printouts.

Weekly Log

Have a busy weekly schedule? Are you a student that needs to keep track of classes and the required work? Weekly logs are great ways to help organize and stay on top of what responsibilities you have. They are even better when you can quickly print them out and go!

Keeping Track of the Week

Bullet journal hand drawn vector elements for notebook, diary and planner. Set of doodle frames, banners and floral and Christmas elements isolated on white background.

Looking for a way to quickly glance at your week and still have room for creative touches? This notebook style page helps layout your week and provides space for listing events and other events.

Days of the Week

Days of the Week journal printables in wooden background
Image Source:

Break your week into more detailed pages that help you layout and highlight the events of each day. If you are a student or run a business this is a great way to keep your responsibilities in check.

A Week on One Page

Hand drawing black and white weekly planner template. Cute doodle stationery organizer and schedule for daily plans, diary, schedules. Bullet journal style. Vector illustration.

Organized and simple, this template is perfect for keeping your week together at a glance. Straight lines and simple margins also mean you can be a bit creative with it if you want to!

Open Space

Open Space, A4 weekly boxes dated line journal template
Image Source:

If you don’t like the confines of boxes, use an open concept design that allows you whatever flexible space you need to help you stay on top of your weekly events.

Decorated and Designed

Cozy boho weekly planner and to do list with candles, feathers and pebble ornament. Cute template for agenda, planners, check lists. Cozy stationary mockup

This is a more traditional calendar page that sticks to thematic ideas and provides a whimsical touch. If you like to have color and stickers and decorations throughout your book, look for pages such as this.

Simple Forms

Simple Forms journal template in wooden background
Image Source here

Simplified and spacious, this type of form is perfect for making lists of events and needs. Take control of your responsibilities all in one place with a page like this.

Habit Tracker

If you are trying to create a new habit or are simply looking to track a current habit to either create a better one or find a pattern to behaviors, a template to help you is a wonderful idea. These ideas can be used on their own or in a BUJO to keep track of all your observations.

Multiple Ways to Track

Monthly planer habit tracker blank template

Keep track of multiple habits and/or goals with forms that provide plenty of spaces. These are also good for competition between multiple people to help motivate and provide guidance.

Reminders of Your Goals

Reminders of Your Goals journal template
Image Source here

Need to keep track of what to do and when? Or want space to jot down what you are observing? These pages provide the space you may need for your own personal notes.

Track Your Way to Success

Monthly planer habit tracker blank template

Catch when information you need at a glance with a template that allows you to graph your own way towards a goal. These also make it easy to date so you know when various habits occurred.

Movie Tracker

With all the amazing movie franchises currently playing, you may be struggling to stay on top of them all. Create a collection of current movies you want to watch, movies you love, or movies you have seen as a quick reference guide when movie night rolls around.

Film Reels

Film Reels journal template
Image Source here

What a fun and whimsical way to keep track of movies you have seen, or would like to see. Strips of film reel whirl across the page to provide you a decorative backdrop to your journaling.


Looking for ways to add a creative touch to your pages but struggle with your own creative abilities? These many illustrations, sketches, and elements are a great way to be inspired and bring forth your hidden talents. Sometimes all you need is a little nudge!

Decorative Details

Set of hand drawn elements for design of bullet journal, scrapboking. Handmade vector illustration with french phrase, translation - I love holidays.

Not a fan of stickers but not particularly creative? Take a look at these cute, fun quotes and colorful sketches you can print out on your pages or even trace!

Letting Script

Letting Script journal template

Beautiful lettering is a challenge for many, but when you have a template to follow you can decorate your pages with titles and sayings in flowing script. These options are great for calendars and labeling collections.



Color Your Own

Set of hand drawn elements for design of bullet journal, scrapboking. Handmade vector illustration with french phrase, translation - I love holidays.

Don’t want any pre-colored options? These black and white sketches provide you the options to fill in later as you work through your bullet journal or want some calming coloring time.

Year In a Pixel

Creating your own designs, but in need of a basic template to help guide you? These pixel guides are a simple and easy way to provide ideas and tips to design your own pages. These are a great way to help you get organized and on track to a great year.

Basic Guides

personal year in pixels journal template
Image Source here

These basic pixelated pages provide you an awesome tem[plate for the majority of what you may decide to put in your BUJO. Take the guesswork out of the picture and use prefabricated ideas.


Have a hard time keeping track of birthdays? When you have a collection devoted to birthdays you can not only know when they occur, you can write down what they want, what you bought, or what you plan on buying to help stay on top of it all!

Month by Month

Checklist, do not forget to wish your friends and relatives happy birthday. Reminder every month.

A month by month page to provide you the ability to quickly glance at and see who has an upcoming birthday is a handy tool to have around. No longer do you have to worry about forgetting a date, and a quick glance provides you the amount of gifts and cards you may need when out bargain shopping!

Combination Pages

Combination Pages journal template
Image Source here

Keep all your dates, names, and gift giving ideas all in one place. These pages are specific to a month and allow you to plan everything you need in advance so you are organized.


The best goals are met when they are visually tracked so you can see your successes and setbacks. If you are struggling to determine how this should look, get a few ideas from some prefabricated templates to help you get started.

Weekly Goal Setting

Weekly Goal Setting journal template, pen

Set your weekly goals at a glance with a weekly planner. If you have specific exercise, diet, or habit goals to keep track of or write about, this provides the space you need.



Yearly Goal Setting

Yearly goals template

Want to see where you would like to be at certain points in the year concerning your goals? Use a yearly snapshot to help keep you on track and reflect on what needs you have to get you where you want to be.

Make Things Happen

Make Things Happen journal template
Check for more info

Simple and fun, remind yourself to keep making things happen with this cute printout. You can create something similar as well with your own quotes to help keep you focused.

A Guide for Goals

level 10 life journal template
Check for more info

Struggling with setting goals? This guide helps you create your own way to stay on top of your goals and helps influence your mindset to be the best you can be.

Water Tracker

Hydration is crucial to a healthy, working body; but sometimes it is hard to get the required amount suggested for daily intake. Again, just like other goals, a visual reminder can help keep you motivated and allow you the chance to see exactly what habits you have, good or bad, in relation to your water intake.

Water per Day

Water balance vector calendar. Water monthly tracker. Water consumption per week and month

Keep track of each 8 ounce glass of water you drink a day can help you fill up this card quickly. Getting enough water to drink is important to body function, and sometimes when you make it a game, it can be easier to accomplish!

Tracking Hydration

Tracking Hydration journal template
Check for more info

Track your hydration for an event, as a challenge, for health, and as a fun way to stay on top of how much you should be drinking. No need to make your own chart when you can print a detailed one off here.

Mood Tracker

Keeping track of our day to day moods can provide quite a bit of insight to our own personal health. It also is a great way to stay on top of developing young minds, and allow for the acknowledgement of mood changes and habits pertaining to the events in their lives.

Color Coded Mood Tracking

Mood diary for a month. mood tracker calendar. keeping track of emotional heart state

Keep a color coded mood tracker for day to day or month to month insight. With this template you can literally ‘flag’ issues to help you explore your own changes and become aware of your recognition of it all.

Monthly Tracking

Monthly Tracking of emotion journal template
Check for more info

Need a monthly tracker that combines color coding with dates? This is a great option that even works well for children who are learning to help control their own emotions.

Imagery and Your Moods

Check for more info

For both kids and adults alike, make a face for the mood you are experiencing and have some fun in the processes. These little guys are all you need to bring a smile to your face when reflecting on your current mood.

Covers and Titles

Get some stellar ideas for your cover, title, and collection pages. Whether you prefer to keep it plain and simple, or are looking for decorative florals, you need to own your own theme and creative voice.

Collection Dividers

January journal template
Learn more at:

Divide your collections with title pages so you can more easily find what you are looking for while on the run. These dividers are the perfect option for those who need to separate their pages.

Here’s Looking At You

January rat themed journal page

Create a fun surprise from one collection to the next with these happy animal faces. These are a great way to bring a smile to your face when taking advantage of the organization your BUJO provides.

Whimsy Titles

Whimsy Titles journal template
Learn more at:

Have fun with various fonts and colorful options when labeling your collections and other sections of your journal. These ideas are a great option and easy to print out.


Keeping track of your yearly dates, vacations, and overall responsibilities from season to season could never be easier when you keep it all organized in a bullet journal. These blank calendar ideas are easy to print and most are completely free. Plus, they offer awesome choices and provide everything from sticker and stencil ideas to pages you can add to an existing book.

At a Glance

At a Glance calendar
Image Source:

Have a  quick, year long overview with this colorful, yet simple layout. This provides a whole year at a glance and makes the perfect collection separator, or title page to your more detailed monthly and weekly needs.

Calendar Kit

Calendar Kit in yellow background
Learn more at:

This kit provides all you need to organize your yearly, monthly, and daily needs. Use it for ideas, organization, or simple needs. It works well for providing font ideas and decorative needs.

Simple Black and White

Simple Black and White calendar
Learn more at:

Just want the most basic of yearly glances? This black and white option keeps things in focus without any frills or extras. But it also allows you the option to make it as colorful as you want!

Room for Notes

Room for Notes calendar
Find out more

If you are a note taker or list maker this is the perfect choice for you. Keep track of your yearly goals by month, jot down favorite musings, or simply make a basic shopping list you can quickly refer to.


Keep track of your monthly responsibilities at just a glance with these easy downloads. Most people prefer to have a monthly planner on hand at any given time to allow them an easy way to view what is coming up, or even check on past dates.

Pink Flamingos

Pink Flamingos calendar
Find out more

Who doesn’t want a fun flamingo designed border? Cheer up each month with a new idea and keep a running tab on various themes to bring a smile to your face each time you turn the page.

Make-Up Lovers

Make-Up Lovers calendar
Find out more

Love everything fashion and girly? Use a make-up theme for one month, fashion sense for another, and come up with what works for you seasonally and have something to look forward to.


Chore charts, chore trackers, or any other way to keep you or your children’s responsibilities in check is a great way to set goals, create habits, and stay on top of what needs to be done. These examples are great ways to have a  quick and easy printout for a variety of uses.

Chore Overview

Chore Overview journal template

Want a complete overview of regular chores by day, week, month, and year? This is a great idea to help keep this all in order and help provide a visual checklist of what needs to be done.



Chore Lists

Chore Lists journal template
Find out more

Create a list of what chore goals you need to take care of and place when next to them. This is a great way to have a full, running list of things you want to have taken care of and then you can add when to get it done as you go along.

Alphabet Printables

Struggling to add lettering to your book because you lack the patience or skill? You don’t have to settle for mediocre when there are so many resources available to help guide you in creating what you want. Stencils, traceables, and printables make it easy to make your journaling exactly as you want it.

Hand Lettering

Hand Lettering journal template
Find out more

Hand letter your own collection titles pages with this guide that allows you to print or trace elegant lines for a more interesting look. These types of resources allow you to discover your latent creativity!

Finance Tracking

Tracking finances for monthly budgets, savings, or paying off loans and other items is a responsibility few enjoy, but must be done. Make this task a simpler one by keeping a collection of easy to track goals and charts of money coming in and money going out with these ideas.

Budget Planner

Budget Planner journal template, woman's fingers
Discover more here

Keep track of your budget with a month by month planner that allows you to visualize exactly what is going in and heading out for expenses. After a few months of this you can spot spending habits or ways to save!

Savings Tracker

Savings Tracker journal template
Discover more here

Wanting to put some extra money aside for a special event, vacation, or to get unexpected bills paid? Track your savings goals with a fun, and colorful graphics to help you get there even faster.


Hopefully, these many ideas and printables result in effective and cute journal pages for you to be inspired by. You don’t have to pour hours into creating your own BUJO collections when there are so many available graphics and techniques to save you time.

We’d love to see examples of your own work, answer questions, or point you in the right direction. Just leave your comments below. And, as always, please share!


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