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Top Tips For A Golf Team-building Day

One of the last things anyone considers when referring to team building is golf.

But when you actually sit down and think about it, it makes perfect sense. Golf is a great game that can be played in teams and is inclusive for golfers and non-golfers alike. Whether the event is for the leadership team or for the whole company, a golf event is definitely worth considering

There are a few things to keep in mind though before staging a golf team-building event and preventing it from going down as one of the worst memories ever.

Choosing a Venue

2 men playing golf. Standing in the grass ground at their back are mountains and a lake. Bright sky.

Steer clear of the fancy country clubs or high-end golf clubs. You need to be in a relaxed environment where everyone involved and those around you are at ease and are there to have a great time. That’s all!

Look for a cost-effective municipal golf course, a 9-hole course or even just a mashie pitch and putt course. Keep in mind you’ll have plenty of non-golfers in your group and ladies too so the easier the course the better. 99% of people have played putt-putt and enjoyed it so at least they have an idea of how to putt!


Find out beforehand if the particular host club can cater to all your golf equipment needs. Beginner golf clubs are best, but make sure they have men’s golf clubs, ladies golf clubs, golf balls etc. Golf clubs come at a price so you will likely have to hire them from the pro shop unless one of the work staff can make an arrangement somehow with a connection.

Also check if there is at least a driving range or chipping/putting green for everyone to ‘tune’ up before tackling something new.

Have all the clubs ready to go so that when the team arrives there’s less confusion and delay before getting started.


Keep the length of the golf ‘tournament’ to a maximum of 3 hours. Keen golfers could go on all day, but for those starting out you’d rather have them itching for more after 2 hours than begging to end it after playing golf for 4 hours and losing total interest.


Woman wearing golf cap, purple t-shirt, blue skirt and white shoes, playing golf. Standing on the grass ground. At her back is the ocean. Blue sky.

Depending on how many people there are it would be best to split up into teams of four ideally. This would lift the banter between groups and potentially even strengthen relationships between teammates that prior to this didn’t have the time of day for that particular person.

Put two ladies and two guys together in each four-ball rather than keeping it only guys or only ladies. It’s also important to put at least one experienced golfer who knows the game well in each group. At least they’ll be able to help their teammates.

It needs to be a scramble event, which means each player hits a shot from same position and the team will then select the best shot or result from those four shots. The other three players balls’ are picked up and they join up where the best positioned ball is and keep going from there until the ball is eventually in the hole.

This format theoretically gives the guys a chance to hit the longer shots far and straight and the ladies a chance to chip or putt the ball close if not in the hole. Therefore all contributing in one way or another to putting a good score on the board!


Because it’s a team building event the point is not to give prizes to the best team or lowest four-ball scramble score. Rather opt for spot prizes such as nearest the pin on a certain hole. Or longest putt made on a certain hole. Or the loudest team for example so colleagues and friends can have a good laugh

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