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How to Make Organic Candles with Essential Oils

How to Make Organic Candles with Essential Oils wooden wick candles. Handmade candle from paraffin and soy wax in glass with leaf on craft background. Let flay. Candle making. Top view. Womans hands holding the candles

Creating your own organic candles with essential oils is a popular choice for several reasons. It lets you personalize your candles with your favorite scents and styles, making each one unique. You can also enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy, like relaxation and stress relief, right in your living space. Making eco-friendly choices like using organic … Read more

Setting Up a Bullet Journal Habit Tracker

Setting Up a Bullet Journal Habit Tracker Top view or flat lay of habit tracker book, pink sneakers and pink vintage alarm clock 5 o'clock on pink background with copy space. Sports and morning routine and self development.

In our pursuit of self-improvement and productivity, we are constantly searching for methods to successfully track our good habits. These are things like exercising, reading, or just making sure to drink enough water. But sticking to these habits can be tough because sometimes we’re not consistent. Life can be pretty unpredictable, and that makes it … Read more

Foam Rollers: Your Questions Answered About What They Are, How They are Used, and Why They Hurt

woman exercising using foam roller

Stretching out sore muscles, workout recovery, and warming up to exercise has never been easier when you apply the use of a foam roller. These simple, yet effective tools are a must have for anyone who weight lifts, runs, practices yoga, or otherwise challenges their bodies physically and mentally. A foam roller can also be … Read more

Bullet Journal Setup: An Easy Guide to Getting Started

journal notebook, clips, highlighter, ballpen

Interested in bullet journaling but not sure where to start? The difference between keeping a regular day to day journal and bullet journaling planner is not great but does vary enough to do a little research before you get started. This guide is designed to help you with your new bullet journal setup and provide … Read more

Bullet Journal Ideas

woman thinking holding pen and journal notebook

Bullet Journals are part journal, part planner, part diary, part sketchbook, part goal obtainer, and part anything else you want to visually represent form day to day, month to month, or year to year. Designed to help with productivity, these personalized journals are created specifically for your own needs. Once made, they offer a reflective … Read more

Bullet Journal Tips and Tricks: Helpful Organizational Hints

journal notebook, pen in pink background

Bullet Journals have become increasingly popular as a way to provide both personalized reflection and detailed organization to your life. Designed as a way to help lead a more productive, focused life, these journals can be everything you need it to be to help you organize, plan, focus, record, and work towards goals. The bullet … Read more

10 Benefits of Going Barefoot

woman walking barefoot on the grass

There are several accounts on who came up with the first shoe. Most say it was the Romans, which we all know proudly wore sandals. Since then, footwear has gone from necessity and protection to fashion and an actual mark of status. Some people have been robbed for the shoes on their feet. Little does … Read more