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Homemade Organic Candles DIY Guide with Essential Oils

How to Make Organic Candles with Essential Oils wooden wick candles. Handmade candle from paraffin and soy wax in glass with leaf on craft background. Let flay. Candle making. Top view. Womans hands holding the candles

Creating your own organic candles with essential oils is a popular choice for several reasons. It lets you personalize your candles with your favorite scents and styles, making each one unique. You can also enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy, like relaxation and stress relief, right in your living space. Making eco-friendly choices like using organic … Read more

Everything You Need to Know About Rosemary Essential Oils and its Benefits

The Awesome Benefits of Rosemary Essential Oil

Rosemary is an herb that’s most likely found its way into your kitchen by now. With an unmistakable taste and flavor, it’s the condiment of choice for many different dishes. However, rosemary isn’t just about spicing up food: it can make an essential oil with tested health benefits. While there are many different articles that … Read more

How to Use Essential Oils Every Day

How To Use Essential Oils

Aromatherapy scents are helpful in more ways than one might think. When it comes to the core of this practice, there are three ways you can literally “use” essential oils. They can be applied topically, inhaled, and ingested, although the last one is not a recommended use for many oils, which we will get to … Read more

Benefits of Frankincense Essential Oil: A Guide for Daily Use

A Guide to Frankincense Essential Oil Benefits

Essential oil users are well aware of the many benefits of Frankincense oil and commonly keep this valuable choice in stock. To those who are new to essential oil use, Frankincense may seem like a costly option and wonder if investing in it is worth it. This oil, derived from a Middle Eastern tree, has … Read more