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Mental Health Benefits Of Organizing and Decluttering

There are tons of benefits to organizing your home, office, or studio, but did you know that it has mental health advantages for children and adults? We put together a list of ways decluttering all of your spaces will benefit your life in more ways than you can ever imagine.

Better Focus

man concentrating on his task in the computer

When things are all over the place, you’re unable to find what you need. If you aren’t careful, this can take your attention away from the task at hand several times an hour. If you assign a space for everything and keep it in its place, you will have room to focus on the essential things. Decluttering will help you figure out the things you actually need. For stuff you can’t throw, you can put it temporarily in a storage unit.

Find Calm

Girl lying on the ground and thinking deeply

Our lives are filled with anxiety and stress, and having things piled up in unorganized clutters adds to the chaos. When you declutter, you’re on the stage for future zen moments and achiand state simply by conducting the auction. Repetition calms the mind.

More Living Space

large asian enclosed bamboo floor living room design with white walls and no tv

It’s difficult to feel relaxed when the coffee table is filled with napkins, snacks, books, and other things you tend to use when sitting on the sofa.  Where do you put that bowl of popcorn you made for movie night? Or your entry way has shoes blocking the door. Might be best to keep your shoes in a well design shoe rack. Keeping areas clutter-free leaves room to live your life.

Decluttering is Energizing

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After you finish organizing something, it’s hard not to feel the rush of accomplishment. I’m sure you’ve had that feeling before, and it always makes us feel good and ready to take on the next goal. So take the energy from the small wins and let them give you strength to accomplish the big goals.

You’ll Lessen Your Loved One’s Burden When You Go

Clear Clutter words written on orange and yellow cubes with laptop at the back and cup of cofee placed in a wooden table.

One of the hardest things to do when someone dies is to go through their things. It’s a constant reminder, and sometimes you uncover things you don’t want to see or know. Give your loved ones a break and get your life in order before you go, so their time going through documents is less headache. 

Higher Self-Esteem

self esteem on a piece of brown paper

When your place is organized, you feel good about yourself. Feeling good about yourself leads to high self-esteem. Confidence is contagious, so once you have it, self-assurance takes only a little maintenance, and it can grow like a wildfire. An easy way to spark the flame is by getting something organized.

You’ll Enjoy Your Favorite Things More

girl enjoying

Once you spend less time worrying about when you’re going to organize your closet and get it done, the time you’ll free up mentally will be astonishing. After you have that one closet organized, decluttering your home may become your favorite thing to do until all the mess is gone.

Uplift Your Mood

Happy woman breathing fresh air sitting on a couch in the night at home

In the same way, decluttering directly affects your self-esteem; organizing something messy will make you happy. Sure, the work isn’t fun, but the sense of accomplishment it gives you is hard to beat. Try it first with something small and take notice of your mood when the job is complete. We challenge you to say it didn’t make you feel good. 

Reduces Anxiety

Anxious young lady biting her finger nails.

Anxiety is stressful, and while stress and clinical anxiety disorders are not the same, they work in the same way. When we’re anxious and surrounded by clutter, it only adds to the stress, which increases our anxiety. When we do what we can to reduce this stressful atmosphere, our pressure decreases.

Helps You Let Go of the Past

hand with a sign that says "let it go"

Did you recently lose someone close to you, and their items are still sitting in the corner, or your closet going unused? Getting rid of these items isn’t throwing away your loved one, and going through the motions of purging their things that aren’t of value or precious keepsakes, will help you move on.

Better Relationships

Couple holding hands and walking barefoot in the lake shore

When you keep your spaces organized, you are likely to have people visit your home. If it’s a mess, you’re likely to stay alone out of fear of being judged, which is entirely natural. Organizing your home is the first step to opening yourself up to more social connections and improving on the relationships you already have.

Find Inspiration

Woman's hands typing in the typewriter; Left side of the typewriter are envelopes tied with a knot, paper with writings, and flowers; On the other side are a cup of coffee and a plate with cookies

Cluttered areas cause cluttered minds and could block the creative process, mainly if you are constantly worried about the mess or how you will ever get it organized. Once you take the time to get it cleared up, you’ll be amazed at how much insight you have. 

You’re Able to Help Those in Need

Hand reaching out to another

When you let go of your unused items and give them to others, you get to help those in need. The revenue a goodwill store can get from your “trash” will raise money for people who need it. Emptying something like these storage units in Nottingham can make someone’s day.

Your Mind Can Wander and Involves Physical Activity

Fitness. Woman during pilates workout

Monotonous work like organizing books or cleaning out a sock drawer is a great way to let your mind wander around. You’ll find decluttering will give you time to give your mind a break. If your job involves carrying or moving heavy items, then you’ll get physical exercise to boot. 

Less Stress

Woman suffering from headache at home

As we’ve said, decluttering helps you release stress and reduces anxiety. It does this because that monotonous work helps your mind calm down; you get that sense of accomplishment, igniting your self-esteem and giving you the courage to soar even higher.

Lower Risk of Asthma and Allergies

Pretty blonde woman having breathing difficulties in the living room

When you minimize and declutter, there are fewer surfaces for the dust to gather, so your allergies will be triggered less. Mold, dust, mildew, and pests need places to hide, which you are giving them piles of belongings. Take away their hiding places and reduce your allergies.

You’ll Develop Better Eating Habits

Beautiful woman having coffee and fruits for breakfast

It’s hard to know what you have in your cabinets or refrigerator when everything is shoved in there. Keeping your food supply low and organized will keep your kitchen clutter-free but will also aid you in making better meal decisions and create healthy eating habits. 

You Find Lost Treasures

Lost and Found words with letters on the background

When you go through old boxes and containers, you might find things you forgot you had, which could lead to a flood of beautiful memories. You might run across an old photo album from a forgotten vacation or family event. Gems can be found hidden in the clutter.

You’ll Sleep Better

Beautiful woman with curled hair sleeping. Lying on the bed, embracing the pillow

Less crap in your bedroom leaves room for a better night’s sleep. You’ll have less on your mind because a clutter-free bedroom won’t be looming over you while you try to slumber. You’ll also work more efficiently, which will calm your mind and allow for a better night’s sleep as well.

Revive Lost Memories or Grieve a Deceased Loved One

pictures on the table with wine

If you’ve ever lost a loved one suddenly or after a long battle with the disease, you understand the certain weight items have when it comes to triggering memories. Organizing your home will permit you to pull all of those things out again so you can move through the grieving process.

Improved Lifestyle and Well-Being

Back view of Woman Traveler with hands raised hiking Travel Lifestyle concept. Summer vacations outdoor

Having an organized and uncluttered home has a way of helping some areas of your mind stay at ease. These meditative environments we get when we are free of excess gives our overall well-being a sense of comfort and wellness.

Reduced Financial Pressure

Financial Pressure

Organized people are less wasteful because they have a better handle on what they have and need. They don’t run out and buy staples because they forgot that there was a box in the office supply bag on their desk that they never emptied. Less spending lightens financial pressure.

Save Money


Because you have a better handle on what you have, you are likely to spend less money. You’ll avoid repeat purchases, which is always a waste of money. Try our theory in one area of your home and see if it works. If you find you’re saving in the kitchen, you can apply it to the bathroom, and so on.

Easier to Keep Clean and Tidy

mopping the leaving room

It’s easier to keep an organized room clean than a messy one. One study shows that most of the time spent cleaning is getting rid of clutter. Less stuff also means fewer places for dust to cling.

More Free Time


When there isn’t a ton of clutter on your desk, it’s hard to find room to do something you love. Maybe you want to build a scaled model of a city, but your drafting table is full of old projects. Once you clean it up, you’ll find more time to do what you want.


Our minds need to be kept as healthy as our bodies, if not more so. You can do this on a level by taking on some organizational projects and long-term once you have your life balanced and decluttered. Trust us when we tell you it’s life-changing.

While we claim that decluttering is good for your mental health, it’s important to mention that some psychiatric disorders require professional help. They can tell you if you’re suffering from hearing symptoms, have attention spans, and have the skills needed to help these issues.

If you have any comments, we would love to hear from you in our section below. We all want to work together to create better minds, bodies, and souls.

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