Image Name The Value of Choosing Sugar Free and Organic Candy Options

The Value of Choosing Sugar Free and Organic Candy Options

Everyone loves enjoying a delicious piece of candy from time to time. And some of us enjoy these amazing sweets and treats more often than others. The sugary sweet sensation and delectable taste make candy irresistible for many of us, and this is especially true for kids.

You may have wondered, “Are there healthier candy options besides the ones that I typically buy?” The fast answer to this question is – yes.

Just like any other type of food, some candy options are much better and healthier than others.

Today, we’d like to spend some time talking about sugar free and organic candy options.

After you read through this information, you’ll know that you and your loved ones can enjoy a sweet treat without the guilty typically associated with overindulging on sugary goodness.

Why Should I Choose Sugar Free Candy Instead of Traditional Candy Options?

Sugar on the wood writing Sugar Free.

As you are about to learn, there are a number of reasons why sugar free candy is an excellent choice over traditional options. Some of our favorite reasons include:

  • Sugar free candy is the healthier choice to keep blood sugar levels stable – many people around the world are developing diabetes at an alarming rate.

This problem tends to persist because people continue to consume sugar in all of its many forms. By choosing sugar free candy as a viable option, you’re making the healthier choice for you and your family and minimizing your risk of developing diabetes now or in the future.

Sugar free candy provides the opportunity to still enjoy a sweet treat without suffering the devastating health consequences that many unfortunately experience when they have diabetes.

  • Sugar free candy does not contain carbohydrates – not only do we have a diabetes problem spreading throughout the world, an even more prominent problem is that our population is becoming overweight and obese faster than ever.

Many health experts will tell you the reason people are gaining so much weight is because they are consuming unhealthy carbohydrates at an alarming pace.

If this is true – and unfortunately there is too much conflicting information in the scientific and medical communities to undeniably prove this hypothesis – then it certainly makes sense to avoid sugar (carbohydrates) as often as possible. Instead of never enjoying sweet tasting candy again, it’s best to choose sugar free options.

This way you get to enjoy the sweet sensations without the need to fill your belly with unhealthy carbohydrates.

Why Should I Forgo Traditional Candy and Choose Organic Options Instead?

Choosing organic is certainly a good idea. The biggest reasons to consider choosing organic candy are as follows:

  • Organic candy is made with all-natural ingredients – certain types of candy are loaded with unhealthy chemicals. Organic candy does not contain unhealthy chemicals whatsoever.
  • Organic candy does not contain artificial coloring – although our food and candy supply are filled with artificial food coloring, many in the medical and scientific communities believe that using this coloring is a bad idea.
  • Organic candy also doesn’t contain any caffeine or other sleep-blocking ingredients, which will help you have a good night’s sleep and avoid insomnia.

They claim artificial coloring contains toxins, carcinogens, and unnatural chemicals. Certain studies have even potentially linked artificial colors to ADHD.

While nothing has been proven beyond a shadow of a doubt, it’s still safer to avoid artificial coloring by choosing organic candy and smart foods in general.

If your looking for something healthy, cruelty-free and yummy, try a delicious vegan chocolate chip instead


Choosing sugar-free and organic candy options seem like the healthiest way for you and your family to enjoy a sweet treat. If you agree, make the switch and enjoy these amazing treats at your discretion.

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