Image Name How to Make Edible Massage Oils at Home in Easy Steps

How to Make Edible Massage Oils at Home

The thing about a couple’s massage is that things can get really sensual, really fast. Could be the skin-on-skin contact, could be that aphrodisiac-like scent of the oil itself, or maybe the dimmed lights/candles in the room. Whatever the case, it sets the perfect mood for romance.

But in the heat of the moment, kissing and caressing can lead to accidental ingestion of oils that are completely inedible. What’s there to be done? Well, let’s make edible massage oils instead!

Benefits of Having a Massage

Young woman having a back massage

A massage is more than just relaxing, it actually brings plenty of other benefits on the table. Studies have shown us that a massage done at the right time can:

  • Decrease muscle and joint pain, depending on the type of massage performed and the aching body part in questions.
  • Reduce the stress hormone called cortisol.
  • Induces happiness, because it stimulates serotonin production.
  • Benefits your immune system because it increases your blood cell count.
  • Decreases muscle tension, puts you in a relaxing mood, and induces a state of sleep.

Recipe #1

a close up shot of a person's hand holding a small bottle with a label edible oil

Edible massage oils need to have two main characteristics: not taste like plastic and be safe to ingest. Our first recipe is focused on a product that contains a variety of oils, and is super easy to make. This recipe will give you about four ounces of massage oil, with a shelf life of about two or three months.

What You’ll Need:

apricot kernel oil + almond oil + melted coconut oil + natural flavor oils + clean bowl + wooden spoon + clean container

The ingredients are easy to find and consist of:

  • 1 ounce of apricot kernel oil (you can replace it with grape seed oil if you want to)
  • 1.5 ounces of almond oil
  • 0.5 ounces of melted coconut oil
  • Half a teaspoon of natural flavor oils that you most like
  • A clean bowl
  • A wooden spoon
  • A clean container

Optionally, you can also add in one tablespoon of food grade vegetable glycerin. This helps create a warming effect without the need for placing the oil in a water bath. The role of this vegetable glycerin is to heat up the lotion while you rub it on the skin, leaving a pleasant feeling.

Step-by-Step Instructions:

Step One: Mix 

mixing liquid ingredients into the glass bowl

  • Grab a clean bowl and start mixing in the following: the melted coconut oil, apricot kernel oil or grape seed oil (depending on which of these you’ve chosen for this recipe), and the almond oil. Use the wooden spoon to blend these oils together.

adding melted coconut oil into the mix on the glass bowl

Step Two: add flavor

  • Add the natural flavor oil and continue mixing. As you do so, you can taste the massage oil to see if you like it. If not, you can add more natural flavor oil until the mixture reaches a taste you’re happy with.

adding natural flavor oil into the mix

  •  If you want to use vegetable glycerin into your recipe, now is the time to add it. Continue mixing until all the ingredients are combined.

Step Three: transfer to bottle

  • Transfer the massage oil into a clean container, preferably a squeezable bottle, because it makes it easier for you to use the content.

Note: If you’re not going to use vegetable glycerin in this recipe, then make sure that you heat the massage oil container in warm water before each use.

Recipe #2

a close up shot of a person's hand holding a small bottle of edible oil

Following up, this is another favourite for edible massage oil. We’ve got a great recipe for people who love the smell and taste of chocolate. It takes less than 10 minutes to make it.

What You’ll Need:

glycerin + cocoa powder + melted cocoa butter + glass bowl

For this chocolate warming body recipe, you’ll have to grab:

Step-by-Step Instructions:

adding a spoon of cocoa butter into the bowl mix

  • As with most other edible massage oils, once the solid ingredients (such as cocoa butter, in this case) have melted, all you really have to do is mix until you get a homogenous result. You can use a wooden spoon to get the best results.

Recipe #3

a small bottle with label of Vanilla Edible Oil in the table

This next recipe is focused on the sweetness of honey and the romantic taste and scent of vanilla. More than just an ingredient for cake, vanilla leaves the skin smelling absolutely delicious, so you might want to give this recipe a try.

What You’ll Need:

vegetable glycerin + honey + vanilla extract + flavoring

In order to make this edible massage oil, you will need:

  • ¼ cup of vegetable glycerin
  •  ¼ tablespoons of honey
  • ¼ tablespoons of vanilla extract
  • ¼ tablespoon of your favorite flavor (you can experiment with anything from maple, butterscotch, to hazelnut and coconut)

Step-by-Step Instructions:

adding natural flavor extract into the mix

  • In a small bottle, mix together all of the ingredients mentioned above until they’ve blended together properly.

Note: Since this is a water-soluble lotion, it easily comes off from fabrics that you may stain. It is also latex-friendly and heats up when it comes in contact with the skin.

Other Recipe Suggestions

The best part about making your own edible massage oil is the fact that you can literally make it taste just the way you want it. While taking into account any potential partner allergies and what fragrance they most fancy, you are free to experiment with different ingredients that double your romantic treat for the night (if you catch my drift).

Glycerin is a very popular ingredient found in lotions and body creams, because it makes the mixture glide easily on the skin for easier application. However, you can also replace glycerin with sweet almond oil, which is an excellent carrier and helps the other ingredients blend together.

A small glass jar of almond oil with almond seeds scattered around- all in rusty wooden table

If you want edible massage oil that’s based on sweet almond oil, you can combine 1.5 ounces of sweet almost with half an ounce of sunflower oil, one ounce of apricot kernel oil, and one ounce of grape seed oil. Mix all these ingredients together, as they are all safe to ingest. If you want a more specific flavor, you can also add half a teaspoon of cocoa, vanilla, or even maple.

While they can substitute one another, sweet almost oil and glycerin can also be used together in the same recipe. What you’ll get is an edible body lotion with a warming factor. Simply mix two ounces of glycerin with four ounces of sweet almond oil, plus the flavoring oils of your choice.

Bottom Line

The great part about edible massage oil is that you can experiment with tasty ingredients until you find a combination that you love to taste and smell time and time again.

Keep in mind that in order to make edible massage oils there are some ingredients used in certain types of recipes that contain ingredients such as cinnamon or mint. These can be tricky to use on sensitive skin, so always take into account any of your partner’s potential allergies. Don’t turn a romantic night into a trip to the emergency room. If you enjoyed these quick tutorials to making your own, you might also like our selection of the best massage oils! Check them out!

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