Image Name Yoga Mat Bag Patterns; There’s One In Here For You

Yoga Mat Bag Patterns; There’s One In Here For You

Yoga is centuries old and it has moved from its origins in India to the rest of the world. There is barely a corner in my neighborhood that doesn’t have a yoga studio. There are so many places to practice yoga it’s not unusual to carry your mat every day.

Yoga mat bags are easy to come by and we have a myriad of ideas and patterns here for you to check out. No matter where your skill levels lie, you will find out how to make a yoga mat bag here.

Blue Foliage DIY Bag

woman carrying yoga mat bag at her back



Next, we have a bag that you can put together yourself. If you are a seasoned sewing expert this project should be a breeze. The finished product includes a lining and will finish with a zipper and a pocket. The blue pattern of leaves will spark feelings of safety and relaxation, which are perfect for yoga.

Green Rope Yoga Bag

woman sitting on the ground with yoga mat
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When it comes to colors green is one that instills feelings of harmony and rejuvenation, which are goals many yogis have thought of when setting their intentions. The rope symbolizes strength and endurance, which are also essential when practicing yoga.

Versatile Patterned Yoga Bag

3 pictures of 3 women carrying mat bag on their back
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As you can see with this DIY pattern, there are so many ways one can go when designing their yoga bag. Some people prefer patterns while others like a blank slate, which can inspire all types of ideas and feelings. The important thing is, you find a pattern that speaks to you.

Pleasing Patterns

measuring tape, yoga mat inside the yoga mat bag, needles and thread on wooden floor.

Not only does the blue color of this bag appeal to me the repetition of the triangles is calming when I look at it. There is no way to tell if the three-sided shapes are white on a blue background or blue on top of white. If you’ve ever gotten lost looking in tile this bag pattern gives a similar effect.

Fruitful DIY Bag

Yoga Mat Travel Bag on the wooden floor
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Here we have another fun project for the crafty folks in need of a yoga mat bag. The pattern on this one resembles oranges, which are invigorating and cheerful to see. This DIY project is perfect for beginners or someone learning to sew.

Pink Waves

printed yoga mat bag in pink with yoga mat inside in light pink background
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When you are deep into your practice and your breath is moving freely in and out of your body do you ever feel like you are connected to an energy outside of yourself. Sound moves in waves just like water. Energy moves through vibrations, so this bag gets you started when you are headed to the studio.

Old Sweater? New Yoga Bag!

woman in black dress carrying yoga mat bag made from old sweater
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Here is a DIY project that also finds a use for that old knit sweater in your drawer that you vow to donate because you haven’t worn it in years. By using your old sweater you are doing your part to make the world a better place. Repurposing products reserve energy and reduces greenhouse gasses.

Yoga Bag Made From Old Jeans

Yoga Bag Made From Old Jeans
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Do you have an old pair of jeans in your closet that don’t fit anymore but you don’t have the heart to throw them away? Here is the perfect use for them and you can free up some space for another piece of clothing you’ve been eyeing at the store. This pattern can be created by hand if you don’t have a sewing machine.

Old Pants Work Too!

yoga mat bag on sofa
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Repurposing old clothes isn’t restricted to your sweaters. Those old pants hanging in the far corner of your closet will also work when making a bag for your yoga mat. People who aren’t experienced with sewing will love this pattern because it’s rather simple. You can either use patterned pants or let your bag be pattern free.

Purrrfect DIY Bag

Yoga Mat Bag behind the door
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Cat lovers will all agree that they have a special bond with their pets and it is reciprocated, which is why owners also love patterns that include their feline friends. This playful pattern depicts cats in some of their favorite places, like the windowsill.

DIY Bag In An Hour

yoga mat bag with yoga mat inside in dark background
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Time is important and some of us don’t have a lot of it to waste. This homemade yoga bag shouldn’t take very long and the pattern is completely in your control. The pattern recommends a canvas-like fabric, which comes in all colors and a myriad of patterns for your choosing. All you need are some other supplies that include a machine and a basic understanding of sewing.

Polka Dotted Canvas Bag

3 images of yoga mat bag polka dots
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I don’t know about you but I adore polka dots. They can be in any color, on pants or a dress, and maybe a scarf. I love how they give me a feeling of happiness and playfulness. This bag uses colorful dots in a pattern that resembles the game Twister, which requires quite a few yoga moves to accomplish.

Bright Plaid

fashionable yoga mat bag in the garden

Flannel shirts are popular because they are typically warm and comfortable. So much so, the plaid patterns typically found evoke these emotions when looking at them, which is why this pattern is popular. The cameo silhouette gives this bag an extra vintage look, and that could be duplicated with some fabric and a steady hand.

Flora And Ribbons

yoga mat bag with ribbons
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We’ve covered bags that are green, orange, and even discussed blue. This bag incorporates them all into a lovely flower pattern that evokes the feelings of nature and serenity. The top ties with a silky gray ribbon, which makes this bag seems like a present to open every day.


The creator in this video utilizes the type of pattern that hasn’t been seen on our list yet. A repetitive geometric pattern that can seem hypnotizing. This tutorial is easy to follow and doesn’t require expert knowledge of sewing to complete.

Daisies in the Sky

woman holding yoga mat bag
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It’s no surprise that a common theme with the yoga bag patterns are flowers. Flowers give the viewer a sense of happiness and birth. These flowers are daisy-like floating in a sea of blue. There are other unique designs intertwined in the daisies to create a feast for the eyes.

Simple DIY Bag

To create this bag, you can use a simple cloth like the one in the video, which is an off-white scarf with a brown geometric pattern on the end. With only six steps to create this simple carrying case for your yoga mat, all you need is a love of creating things and a sturdy sewing machine.

Customizable Yoga Mat Bag

black woman carrying yoga mat bag
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Yoga mats come in an array of sizes, thicknesses, materials, and sturdiness. For this reason, not all bags on the market are made to fit every kind of mat out there. That’s why this homemade project is perfect for the creative yoga enthusiast. The best part of make-your-own bag projects is you get to pick any pattern you want.

Don’t Throw Away The Pillowcase

Who doesn’t have a few old pillowcases in a bottom drawer or in the back of their linen closet? This tutorial is another example of how you can take something that’s just taking up space in your home and turn it into something useful. It’s so simple you can make bags for your friends as gifts. This one is perfect for a foldable yoga mat.

DIY Linen Bag

gray yoga mat bag with red yoga mat inside in light gray background
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We love linen! Who doesn’t? It looks fantastic and it could be beneficial to your mat especially after your session. Linen clothes provide the wearer with coolness in warmer months. This is probably the case for your mat, which we use to the fullest when practicing.

Three-Piece Pattern DIY Bag

woman smiling carrying yoga mat bag
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Here we have a do-it-yourself yoga mat bag pattern so simple anyone could make it. This bag is also larger than other DIY patterns on this list. It allows the carrier to fit a water bottle, a sweatshirt, and a few small items. The pattern is sizable so you can make one that fits your needs.

Sling It

blue yoga mat with sling in white background
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While all the yoga bags we’ve listed have been bags, this one is as simple as it gets. The bag part of it is excluded because you will be making a sling. While a bag encloses your mat, a sling wraps around either end connected to a shoulder strap. This is a simple project for all skill levels.

Crocheted Bag

woman doing yoga pose facing the river with yoga mat bag at her bag
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This bag is unique but it is limited to those who know how to crochet. If you don’t know how to do this art form it isn’t as difficult to learn as a knitting pattern. This is a perfect project for educating yourself because the stitches are simple. You can easily change out the colors to ones you would prefer if the blue/beige look isn’t for you.

Spiral Crocheted Bag

Spiral Crocheted Bag yoga mat bag hanged on the wired gate
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Now we are getting into it and yarn bags are perfect for anyone who doesn’t know how to sew. This bag is also crocheted, not a knitting pattern, and it’s a little more complicated but not too hard for a beginner to approach. The open holes in the bag will highlight the color of your mat so make sure to pick a complementary yarn color. You can mix colors as well.

Crocheted Net Bag

Crocheted Net yoga mat Bag on the wooden floor
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Sticking with the yarn theme, this crocheted bag looks like a net because it has consistent open spaces throughout the whole thing. With this project, you have another opportunity to show off your bag and choose colors that go with it, whether it’s one solid or a blend of several hues.

It’s Not Just For Yoga

woman in side view carrying crocheted yoga mat bag with gray yoga mat inside. crocheted yoga mat bag with gray yoga mat inside on the chair
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This next bag is crocheted as well, but it resembles a tote bag, which makes it available for several uses. Plus, the size allows room for all types of extras like water, a towel, and anything else you might need when practicing.

Back To Sewing

yoga mat bag hanged on the wall
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While we are moving back to a pattern that requires sewing and fabric other than yarn, this one comes with a full zipper and is open to any pattern type. The choice for this model is fun and pleasing to look at while heading to your studio.

DIY Folded Fabric Yoga Bag

This project has a different approach to making a bag then we’ve seen thus far. Instead of cutting a pattern from your fabric, you will be folding long strips into fourths, then attaching them to create a larger piece of fabric to fashion into a bag. This design is intricate but, in the end, you have a sturdy bag, zipper and all!

Double-Pattern DIY Bag

yoga mat bag on the chair
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To create the bag in this tutorial you will be using two layers of fabric, one for the interior and the other for the exterior. This leaves room for you to have fun matching different patterns. This one has matched a blue floral pattern with an orange and blue polka-dotted fabric. The colors are opposite on the color wheel, which creates harmony.

DIY Flora and Fauna

floral yoga mat bag close up
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Here we have a bag that is just lovely. The colors and patterns are complementary and give the feeling of a lovely spring garden. This project also requires several different fabrics, which can open the door to so many creative possibilities.

Quilted Bag with Charm Pack

woman carrying Quilted yoga mat Bag with Charm Pack
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The last bag on our list introduces a new way to make your bag. Quilting is a process mostly associated with bed coverings and blankets. To do this project you need a basic knowledge of quilting and sewing machine. While some tasks can be sewn by hand, this is not one of those situations.


Yoga is a personal journey and we all reach our goals at different paces and on our terms. Creating or finding a yoga bag that speaks to you is an adventure because you will be using this bag regularly and it needs to inspire you for your daily practice.

If you enjoyed this article leave us a comment in the section below. Share these fun DIY projects with your other yoga-loving crafty friends.


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