Image Name Bullet Journal Themes: Decorative Ideas Month by Month

Bullet Journal Themes: Decorative Ideas Month by Month

A bullet journal is a great place to get yourself organized, make plans, keep track of dates, create goals, and simply reflect and create. These are personalized books that give you the space you need to be more effective and on top of your own day to day responsibilities.

Popular to their creation is the creative flair many take when setting the pages up. Often, a theme is chosen to follow based on the season or other indicative events taking place during the time the books are reflecting. The monthly theme ideas provided below are a simple way to add bullet journal themes to your book, and help inspire your creativity!


No matter where you live in the world, January marks a New Year and new you (as so many would like to believe). It also is a popular time to begin a new bullet journal or add to a cover page, front page, or index to donate new responsibilities. This is a great time to apply a new theme that reflects the time of year or your own ideas.

Arctic Animals Theme

journal pages with animals theme print

With winter well upon many, the idea of decorating with whimsical arctic animals, snow, and cool colors is a popular way to kick off the year. You don’t have to be creative to take advantage of themes wither as stickers and stamps can get the job done for you.



Chinese Zodiac

January rat themed journal page

The Chinese New Year falls towards the end of January and you can mark the event by making note of the animal symbolic of the year. 2020 is the year of the rat, a clever and quick thinking rodent that prefers solitude and peace. Learn more about Astrology and the Zodiac here.


penguin vacation stickers

Penguins, as a cold living bird, is a popular creature and is well represented by the colder, winter months. They are cute and inquisitive and fun to add to your pages.



Crystal and Boho Theme

Cozy boho weekly planner and to do list withcandles and quartz crystals ornament. Cute template for agenda, planners, check lists. Stationary mockup

Neutral in nature but still suggestive of the winter weather, shiny crystals and bohemian beads create a fun idea to add to your monthly pages. Add a shiny pen to help make your page titles pop!

Space and Stars Theme

journal notebook, pens on the table
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This space theme idea is full of sparkly stars and celestial bodies to help ‘rocket’ your year into organization. Perfect to use as a neutral idea, it can be used year round in any context.

Star Themed

Star Themed journal notebook
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Stars are always a fun addition to anything you want to decorate. They are easy to draw, stick, or make in margins and they can work to highlight important events as well.


Fireworks themed journal notebook,pens in wooden background
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What is a New Year celebration without fireworks? Have fun placing bright, colorful lines across your pages to mimic the trailing sparkles fireworks create and bring a celebration to your pages!

Diamond Themed

Diamond Themed journal notebook, pens in wooden background
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Considered one of the hardest elements on earth, diamonds are not only pricey, but they also symbolize strength and beauty. Start your year out right in the mindset that you are just as valuable as a diamond, and as strong too!

Light Bulbs!

Person's hand holding Light Bulbs! themed journal notebook
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Brighten up your pages, and your own ideas with lightbulbs. Use them as decoration that doubles as a great idea, a focus, or event you most certainly don’t want to forget!

Purple Themed

Purple Themed jounal notebok, pens, ruler, bottle with pens inside on white cloth
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Purple is a popular color. It is cool, soothing, and just vibrant enough to compliment many other colors without being overbearing. Line your pages in purple, and use it to help title your monthly responsibilities. In fact, consider choosing a color of the month for each collection you have!

Minimalist Inspired

Minimalist Inspired journal notebook pens in black background
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Some people simply don’t want to spend the time it takes to decorate their pages. Take a minimalist approach and add in some fun line work that helps showcase who you are without taking up too much time.


You can always go with the old fall back of pastel colors, chocolates, and hearts for Valentine’s during this month of love, but if all that isn’t for you, there are a ton of fun, neutral basics to consider as well. February is also marked by an entry into a thaw and some warmer weather in the Northern Hemisphere, and days begin to get longer!

Coffee Themed

Coffee Themed journal notebook. Person's hand holding clear stickers

What better way to caffeinate your way towards spring than with a coffee themed month? Find fun stencils and stickers to help complete the look, and, if you are feeling up to it, make your own ‘coffee ring’ while you write one morning (just be sure to let it dry)!



Heart Themes

Heart Themes journal notebook in wooden background
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What’s February without hearts! Of course, they aren’t owned by the month but are indicative of a certain special day many couples like to take advantage of. If Valentines isn’t your thing, you can still appreciate the symbolism.


Feathers are a popular theme that indicates moving forward and can be used in many different stylistic ways. Use them to create borders, a background for a title, or usher in the next collection!

Polka Dots

Polka Dots themed journal notebook, pen

Simple, fast, and easy, you don’t have to be creative to decide to add a plethora of polka dots to your pages. Colorful and varied in size, have fun using these to highlight important events, serve as a background, or create a fun collage.



Retro Peachy

Retro Peachy themed journal notebook
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Yes another great color choice for monthly color themes, this peachy tone works well with other warm toned hues, and can be used to bring a pop of color to your pages.


For many, March brings a change in temperatures, a thaw, and the first of the spring flowers. This is a great time to start thinking of warm weather, sunny days, and green buds bursting into new growth. For many, the hint of spring is the start of the new year as seen through the new energy many begin to experience.

Plant Theme

Plant Theme journal notebook in wooden background
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What works better to usher in the start of warmer weather than the promise of flowers and plants? Bright greens and blues highlight the yearning many have for something fresh and alive after the colder winter months.

Succulent Themed

Succulent Themed journal notebook in wooden background

Succulents are a unique, fun, and decorative addition to your pages. Cacti and other bright green, textured plants are a great choice for year round use. Use stickers, stencils, and drawings across your pages.



Cherry Blossoms

Cherry Blossoms themed journal notebook, pens
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Cherry blossoms are a short blooming, but highly anticipated spring addition to many gardens. Showcase your own soft, gentle blooms in pinks, reds, and whites amongst new greenery.


Sunflowers themed journal notebook, white pen in wooden background

Although a summertime flower, sunflowers are a great addition no matter what time of year it is. And what better to anticipate the spring and summer by showcasing these sunny, bright flowers!?



Unicorn Themed

Unicorn Themed journal notebook
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Looking for something fun and different to use as a theme? Why not unicorns?! Bright, glittery, colorful, and symbolic of much that is unattainable- use these themes to help set, and begin crushing those goals you made back at the start of the New Year!


Bright skies, bright blooms, and the start of many gardens mark the month of April. You also may be in for some wet weather as mother nature helps hydrate the ground in anticipation of heavy summer growth. No matter how you are dealing with the changes in the weather, you can reflect your own responses to it through a fun choice of monthly themes.


Raindrops themed journal notebook

April showers bring May flowers! Raindrops, clouds, and rainbows are all a fun way to herald in the end of spring and the start of warm summer months. They also are easy to draw and can reflect a multitude of colors.




Neutral and classic, a cityscape proves a beautiful backdrop and allows you to use many other iconic features, such as twinkling lights, stop signs, traffic signals, and many others to decorate your pages.

Snails and Gardens

Snails and Gardens themed journal notebook
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Nobody actually wants snails in their gardens since they eat plants, but they are an interesting creature to watch, hence their popularity. Their slow pace as they carry their home across the paths they make is actually quite calming.

Umbrella and Rain

Umbrella and Rain themed journal notebook, pens on the bed
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Rain, rain go away…unless of course, you have a great umbrella for protection! What child doesn’t like to walk through the rain while well-covered, heading to school? Highlight a childhood event with these iconic symbols.


Honeybees themed journal notebook, pens, in wooden background
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As the weather warms your bees and other pollinators will begin to make an appearance! Celebrate by adding them into the margins of your pages, buzzing through your titles, and making note of your to-do lists.

Hot Air Balloon Ideas

Hot air balloons are amazing to watch. Their colorful accent and whimsical shape make great fodder for the pages of your BUJO book. Use them wherever you have lofty aspirations to remind you of the heights you can rise to.

Bunny Themes

Bunny Themes journal notebook in wooden background
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Spring is also home to new life, and the Easter Season! Decorate your pages with baby animals, or create a trail for your Easter bunny to hop down, complete with colorful eggs, spring flowers, and baskets!


May harolds in a flush of new growth and warm weather for just about everyone. Gone is the lingering cold of winter and long days hint at what summer is about to bring. School’s almost out as well for those who are still working on their education, and a long break from studies filled with new choices is on the horizon. Even those busy with a career can appreciate having a longer day to enjoy.


As your yard and garden fill with newly hatched butterflies, so can your pages! Colorful, whimsical, fluttering, and beautiful, butterflies are an awesome addition to any spring or summer themed month.

Rainbow Colored Theme

Rainbow Colored Theme journal notebook
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Bring a pop of color to your pages with all the colors of the visible spectrum. Rainbows are great to create borders with, highlight important events, and scatter into color codes for helpful monthly reminders.


Lavender blooms rather early in spring and summer and is a wonderful scent. These delicate purple hued flowers on long stalks provide a natural looking choice to your bullet journaling pages.

Adventure-Time Themed

Adventure-Time Themed journal notebook in yellow background
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Showcase the style of a favorite television series, comic, or cartoon and use it throughout your book. Fun quotes, silly sayings, and bright colors can provide inspiration. Use certain characters to signify events and ideas!

Bees and Flowers

Bees and Flowers themed journal notebook
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You can never get enough of the symbols of spring and summer after a long winter. Bees and flowers are a great addition to any page at any time of year.


Bring on the summer! June officially marks the start of the summer season for many, and the iconic symbols found through its sunny days are many. Sunshine, blue skies, beaches, drinks, late evenings, gardens, and vacations all mark this time of year. Use one (or all) of the ideas below to highlight the events your summer season will bring.


Tropical themed journal notebook, pens
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Dreaming of a tropical escape? What better way to make plans or look forward to plans by using a tropical themed decoration within your journal. Palm trees, flowers, beaches, and drinks are all ideas to use.

Disney Themed

Disney Themed journal notebook
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Planning a trip to Disney? Or just have some favorite characters that represent your organization and plans well? Use these themes to look forward to your trip or remind you of why you admire a certain story.

Mustard Yellow


Represent your color themed book with the rich hues of mustard yellow for the sunny month of June. Complimentary of many other color options, such as brown, maroon, and navy, this color isn’t too bright so as not to see, but belays a sense of happiness regardless.


Person's hand holding lemon themed journal notebook
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Remind yourself of the bright taste and smell of sweet lemons by using them in your themed pages. Overhanging branches heavy with fruit , lemon slices, or cool lemonade glasses are all ideas to use.


Frogs themed journal notebook
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Frogs will begin to make their entry as the summer season begins. You can hear them singing each night as they hunt and call out to one another. These fun creatures are a whimsical addition to any page.


Galaxy themed journal notebook
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Another neutral theme, stargazing is a fun summer pastime as it is finally warm enough out to truly enjoy the nighttime show mother nature puts on for us every night.


July is the time to cool off each evening with friends and family, and spend your days by the water or backyard BBQ. Create your themes around these favorite events, and highlight the pans you have made through the month. This is also a great time to schedule family vacations, or travel to see those who live far away.

Going Fishing

Going Fishing themed journal notebook in black background

Loving your outdoor time in the summer? Decorate your pages with your favorite hobbies and experiences that you partake in each year when the weather is warm.




Watermelons themed journal notebook, pen, in wooden background
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Ice box cold and sweet, watermelons begin to come into season and are a regular snack on everyone’s table by now. Plus, they are a fun addition to any summer-based theme!

Red,White, and Blue

Red,White, and Blue themed journal notebook
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The 4th of July reminds Americans of the sacrifices of their forefathers and the independence of a new country. Use your color theme to be reminded of this time and the celebrations that occur through the month.

Moon and Stars

Moon and Stars themed journal notebook, pens
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Watch the waxing and waning of the summer moon from one day to the next and record its travels across the night sky in your book. You might be surprised at the correlation of its movements with other events in your life!

Gold Pineapple

Gold Pineapple themed journal notebook, pen
Discover more here

Where that crown and show it off! Not only is pineapple healthy for you, its unique shape and growth has become a popular symbol to highlight the strength you have inside!


Although you may begin to see a shortening of days by August, summer is far from over! Most schools won’t be back in for a few weeks or longer, and evenings are as busy as ever. Continue to enjoy the warm weather and long nights, and reflect on your activities with themed based choices throughout your journal.


Daisies themed journal notebook, pens
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With summer coming to a close, remind yourself of warmer days ending evenings with a string of daisies. These long blooming flowers come in a wide variety and are sure to cheer up the spaces on your pages.

Yokai Watch

Yokai Watch themed journal notebook in white background
Discover more here

Have a fun attachment to anime? Yokai are whimsical creatures that bring a smile to anyone’s face. Integrate them into your BUJO as a reminder of their use.


Gumballs themed journal notebook. pen in white background
Discover more here

Sweet treats highlight these gumball inspired pages. Make a theme surrounding your favorite sugary sweets and use gumballs as borders or integrated pops of color on your pages.

Under the Sea

Under the Sea themed journal notebook in white background
Discover more here

Celebrate the beach with an under the sea theme complete with water, waves, sandy shores, and all that reside near it, or in it! Even if you can’t make it to a beach this year, you can definitely be inspired to start planning.


For some, September marks the beginning of autumn as days begin to cool and colors begin to turn. For others, it may still be as hot as ever, but a return to school and short days marks an end to the summer. Hold onto your summer memories, make those final trips to the lake, and start getting ready for the holiday season!


Flamingos themed journal notebook, pens
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Flamingos are a great year round choice, and they work well integrated into just about every theme. Who doesn’t love a cute, bright little beaky face staring out at them from the pages?


Leaves themed journal notebook
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If fall is your favorite season, you are already in turn with the changing of the leaves and the slow decline of many plants. Look forward to the rest of the autumnal season with a leave-based theme.


Seashells themed journal notebook in black background
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Walking the beach is just as fun in cooler weather as it is in the summer. Plus, offshore autumn storms will kick up the seashells even more! Decorate your pages with the delicate swirls and shapes of these cool findings.

Fox Themed

With the play on the word ‘fox’, the little critter has become quite popular! Use the little guy throughout your journal to help highlight special events, goals, or simply express your frustration with a particular chain of responsibilities.


Starbucks themed journal notebook
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With the introduction of their amazing app, many people love the ability to incorporate this popular company’s coffee into their day. Keep track of your app rewards, coffee dates, or days where special discounts are happening!

Scandinivian Inspired

Scandinivian Inspired journal notebook in white background
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Great for any month, Scandinavian inspired decorations and drawings look great bordering your pages, titles, and events. Use the thick lines and bright colors to bring life to those areas that need a little something more.


As the days begin to cool off and the nights darken, many start to gather in their garden produce and harvests, and prepare for winter. October is also marked by a celebration of the end of the warm months, and pays homage to the dead through various cultural events.

Black and Orange Color Themes

The black of night and the bright orange of the harvest moon have influenced these traditionally halloween associated colors. Decorate your pages with this color theme, which makes it easy to add many other decorative touches as the month goes on.

Day of the Dead

Day of the Dead themed journal notebook

Although the Day of the Dead is celebrated in the start of November, it is often associated with both Halloween and All Saint’s Day, and many take weeks to prepare for it. Look forward to this cultural experience and learn about it by choosing it as a theme leading into the weeks it occurs.

Yellow and Wildflower Combination

Yellow and Wildflower Combination themed journal notebook

With the gathering of the harvest, many wildflowers burst into bloom again with the cooler weather, bringing an abundance of deep, rich colors to the landscape. Showcase this in your monthly calendar by choosing rich reds, greens, oranges, and yellows.


With Halloween rounding out the end of the month, many people begin to prepare for this fun filled night. This traditionally spooky evening has a long history that incorporates many cultural significance! Look forward to it by decorating your pages.

Nightmare Before Christmas Themed

Nightmare Before Christmas Themed journal notebook

Is it a Halloween movie or a Christmas movie?! I think most fans of the story will claim it’s both, and watch it for months! This whimsical story is part creepy, part feel good, and has a great message to spread throughout your journal!


November bullet journal ideas run towards the shortening of days, gathering of friends and family, warm fires, and soothing meals and dishes. As the last of the harvest is gathered, and many get ready to celebrate Thanksgiving, or mark the start of the holiday season, you should also decorate your pages in preparation!


Pumpkins themed journal notebook in wooden background

Pumpkins aren’t just for carving at halloween! In fact, they make amazing pies and breads (in case you had NO IDEA)! Iconic of Thanksgiving, these types of squashstores for long periods of time and a staple food through long winters!

Brown Themes

Brown Themes journal notebook, woman's hand, pens in wooden background

Although many things have gone into a dormant state or died off for the winter, you don’t have to associate brown with decay or death. Use this rich hue with other vibrant colors to bring your pages to life.

Falling Leaves

Falling Leaves themed journal notebook
More ideas here

November often marks the last of the falling leaves as they peak in color and drop to the ground. Mimic their descent in your own journal pages, highlighting the rich, earthy tones!

Harry Potter

Harry Potter themed journal notebook
More ideas here

For those of you who are fans, Harry and his friends always return to school in the fall, soon to be surrounded by an adventure or two as the months roll by. Many autumn night’s are spent by the trio immersed in the library or celebrating the fall sports and feasts of the school!

Forest Themed

Forests quiet as the leaves fall and the creatures that live there begin to hibernate. They are mysterious and beautiful, all which can be displayed within your own journal pages.


As you head further into the holiday season you may want to find various ways to celebrate! Also, December often marks a change in the seasonal weather, with shortened, dark days and an accumulation of snow or wet weather. Don’t fret the change, rather embrace all you can do, such as snuggling by the fire, movie nights, hot drinks, and playing in the snow.

Winter Themed

Winter Themed journal notebook
More ideas here

Embrace winter and all it symbolizes with snow, hot cocoa, sledding, and other events! USe the colors you feel symbolize winter the best, and use them to bring life to your pages.

Gift Wrapper Themed

Gift Wrapper Themed journal notebook
More ideas here

What a great way to use up those cure gift wrap scraps! Decorate your pages, especially those that are dealing with gift giving, lists, and ideas you may have for those you love.

Mistletoe Themed

Mistletoe Themed journal notebook
More ideas here

Who are you hoping to catch under the mistletoe this year? Border your pages, calendar, goal, and list with this festive plant. You can mix and match it to other holiday themes as well that you find in a theme generator.


Snowflakes themed journal notebook, pens
More concept at:

There is really no better weather than the fall of snow to represent winter – even in areas that have a warm climate. These sparkly, delicate, and intricate shapes are fun to draw and incorporate into your themes.

Gold Colored Themes

Gold Colored Themes journal notebook
More concept at:

Make gold your color of the month! Bright, cheery, and complimentary to just about any page spread you place it within, it highlights well the happiness of the holiday season!


This article covered a whole lot of month by month theme choices, as well as ideas and even neutral tips to help apply a decorative touch to your bullet journal pages. Everything from seasonal and holiday tips, to color coding is suggested to help you more easily find collections and add a creative flair to your journal. We’d love to see examples of your own themes, favorite ideas, and personal creations below!

As always, please share!

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