Image Name Bullet Journal Stencils: A Quick and Easy Way to Set Up Your Pages

Bullet Journal Stencils: A Quick and Easy Way to Set Up Your Pages

Bullet journaling is a great way to organize your life all in one place. It combines collections such as planners, goals, finances, and various lists to help you stay on top of your responsibilities. It has become a popular way of journaling because it is so personal and allows you to create exactly what you need and want.

There are many products you can use with your book to help make the set-up of the pages easier, and provide inspiration. Bullet journal stencils are one such item and come in a wide array of choices for you to use. These provide edges and shapes for tracing, as well as designs to use throughout your pages.

Why You May Want to Consider Using Stencils

Stencils, journal notebook, pen in wooden background

Bullet journals were designed to help organize your many responsibilities all in one spot, and provide a way to inspire growth and reflection. They are also a personalized creation, and can be filled with themes, drawings, and colorful pages. Unfortunately for many, they are also intimidating, and do require a little bit of advanced planning and layout organization.

This can take time and if you are looking to begin a new journaling journey, but don’t have the time or patience to do so, you may want to consider using some helpful products to speed up and inspire your book. Stencils are an excellent option and can be bought to help create fast shapes, lines, and even decorative designs. They also often can be printed from online sources to make your own, or simply be inspired by!

Basic Starter Set

BULLETstencils Starter Set - Featuring 12 Journal Stencils: Includes Word Stencils, Circle Stencils, Drawing Stencils, Icons, Charts, Shapes, Much More!

This basic starter set is all you need to trace, draw, and decorate your own ideas into your bullet journal. Multiple stencils include various shapes, letters, words for planner templates, and even lines for a crisp, clean, set-up.



Emoji Inspired Stencils

BULLET JOURNAL STENCIL Set - Bullet Journal Stencil- Metal Stencil - Perfect Xmas Gift - fits A5 & Regular Midori size - Free Shipping

Bring a whimsical take to your pages with emoji style stencils that allow you to create a digital look on your pages, whether you create a theme, or simply use them to help illustrate a point, create a calendar legend, or place them randomly in your collection- the choice is yours.



Cutting Your Own

If you own a Cricut cutter you can easily find stencil printables and then cut your very own personalized options to use. This is a great way to combine the use of various crafting and scrapbooking items you may have to get even more use out of them!

Organizational Set

BULLETstencils Hello Months of The Year Set - Featuring 12 Journal Stencils: Includes Fun Themes, Words & Borders for Every Month of The Year!

This set is the perfect option to create your own month by month planner. Separate stencils for each month come complete with fun lettering and decorative ideas to help you keep a consistent theme throughout.



Essential Planner Pack

Faber-Castell Design Memory Craft Essential Planner Pack

Just getting started and feeling overwhelmed by the many products available for bullet journaling? This simple set provides pens, highlighters, pencils, and stencils to help inspire you to get started.



Weekly Layout Stencil

Weekly layout stencil for Bullet journal and planner, Week spread template stencil, Daily layout stencil

This compact stencil tucks into your bullet journal and provides you the perfect template in order to set up your week by week, and month by month planners. Easy to trace guides and simple lines make this a must have item.



Bookmark Stencils

Metal Stencil Bookmark for Bullet Journals

What better product than one that does double duty? This metal stencil is paper thin and small enough to use as a bookmark, yet still is full of helpful bullets, shapes, and lines to keep your pages looking their best.



Multi-Tool Overlay

planner essentials arrow page and trees

This simple stencil overlay is one of the best ways to take advantage of the options it provides to help you design and layout your various collections. Take advantage of seasonal options that help you carry forward a theme, as well as basics for any time of year.



Circular Tracker

Helix Angle and Circle Maker with Integrated Circle Templates, 360 Degree, 6 Inch / 15cm, Assorted Colors (36002)

Integrated templates of various shapes and sizes allows you to create graphs and trackers for all sorts of goals and habits. For example, create a color wheel as a template, mood marker, or even a unique way to keep track of a monthly event.



Decorative Designs

Decorative Designs journal

If you love the decorative look of creative swirls and other aesthetically pleasing designs, but don’t draw well, simple stencils can help you out. Most stencils were first created for this job anyway, making your options endless!



Tracing Card Bundles

MoxieDori Bullet Journaling Supplies for A5 Planners - Bundle of 3: Journal Ruler, Monthly Calendar Tracing Card, and Rows Columns Tracing Card

These bundles of tracing cards provide a wide array of options to help organize and create your basic pages. Foolproof lettering examples, plus line and shape guides help you create planners, charts and graphs, as well as title pages for all your needs.



Alphabet Stencils

Bullet Journal Stencil, Planner Stencil, Calendar Wheel Alphabet Stencils - fits pocket, passport and field note (CW S)

Perfect lettering is a challenge even for the most adept, which is why a good set of stencils can help you create straight, perfect letters every time. Save time getting your title pages perfect with these stencils!



Steel Scrapbooking Tools

Aleks Melnyk #62 Metal Journal Stencil/Banners, Lines, Lists/Stainless Steel Stencils 1 PCS/Planner for Journal/Scrapbook DIY Drawing Template 4x7 Inch/Diary

Stainless steel stencil tools are thin and light weight – making them easy to tuck between your pages for easy access. Great for scrapbooking, journaling, or simply to keep handy as a guide, these are useful tools to have around.




When organizing your bullet journal you may find that there is a lot of work to do when setting it all up. Luckily there are a lot of tools you can use to help inspire ideas of organization and help aid in the creation of your many pages. Everything from lettering and helpful shapes and guides, to decorative touches are available for you to use. You can also work with online templates. Print, and cut online options, or simply use them to be inspired.

We would love to hear about your own stencil uses below, and, as always, please share.

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