Image Name 64 Meditation Room Ideas: Your Private Zen Retreat

64 Meditation Room Ideas: Your Private Zen Retreat

No matter where you go or what you do today, stress just seems to find us. I know that’s the case for me, which is fine. I realize that stressful days are a part of living on this wonderful planet. Still, when things get to be too much or when I need to relax, I meditate. Some people meditate every day. There are monks that meditate for hours on end.

No matter how much you like to meditate, it helps to have a room in your home with decor specifically dedicated to relaxing. There are quite a  few things you need to contemplate for your DIY relaxation space. Here are some ideas to help you design a meditation room of your own.

Chakra Tapestry

Chakra Tapestry Colorful Rainbow Design on the Floor. Meditation room. Wooden floor with rainbow carpet, circle carpet, knitted pot with flowers, a glass window at the top, scented sticks, candles, flower vase with flower, a chair

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This floor covering that also serves as a yoga mat will not only add color to your space it makes your seat on the floor more comfortable while you practice your breathing. Made of polyester this plush mat is an original design with reflection in mind.

Light Changing Partition

contemporary home gym remodel in beige background

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Screens have long been associated with reflection spaces. If you don’t have an entire room to dedicate to contemplation, then this product will not only section off an area of another space, it will force the light to lessen yet still be present.



Include a fireplace in your mediation room, not only for warmth if you are based in a cold climate, but also for the ambiance and atmosphere it adds. If you are in a warmer climate, there are many realistic corner electric fireplaces that can in part recreate the feel without the heat. You can have them display a moving fire without actually heating the room.

Hammock Chair

Hangging Hammock Chair in the Nice Room

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Meditation has long been associated with sitting on the ground but that is not necessary. If you want you can sit in a chair and what kind of chair is more relaxing than a hammock chair? Not many that’s for sure.

Add A Rock Garden

Luxurious House with Rock Garden

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The layout of this space is separated by rock gardens. These additions give the feeling of a sacred space. Besides, rock gardens have been a relaxing tool since before the 5th century in Japan because of their tranquil energy.

Add A Cushion

Mandala Life ART Bohemian Decor Floor Cushion - Insert Included - Round Meditation Pillow Pouf - 100% Hand Printed Organic Cotton (Black Lotus)

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If you feel that meditation can only be done while sitting on the floor, then you may want to add a floor cushion. This round pillow pouf is hand printed on organic cotton.  The design fits with nearly every style, and it’s made from 100% natural materials.

Add Corner Windows

Contemporary, Zen Meditation Room nestled in a 500 year old oak tree with disappearing corner windows, and indoor bronze fountain.

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If you are designing a new home, then adding windows that curve around the corners of your space can add a unique view while you do your practice. This style of window works especially well for a room of this nature if you are surrounded by nature.

Hang It

Hippie Elephant Mandala Tapestry Wall Hanging, Blue Bohemian Art or Indian Ombre Hippy Bedding Bedspread Set for Bedroom, College Dorm Room Accessories or Beach Blanket, Queen Size Flat Boho Bed Cover

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While we might like to close our eyes while meditating, there should be something appealing on the wall to tie it all together. This blue tapestry adds a feeling of calm throughout the space with a few shades of blue that inspires breathing techniques.

Low Furniture

Reclaimed Furniture handcrafted and exclusively imported by Nectar. Pictured is a low reclaimed octagonal Indian table and low Pida chairs.

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These low Pida chairs and octagonal Indian table add a meeting area in your room that would work great for tea or even reading when you are meditating. These pieces were created from reclaimed furniture, which would be a fun DIY project.


Mid-sized trendy open concept family room photo in Milan with gray walls, a ribbon fireplace and a plaster fireplace

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Sleek designs with neutral shades and only a few splashes of color can be a great way to decorate your contemplation space. An interesting rug, a low chair, and an altar are all you need to start your practice. Sometimes a little goes a long way.

Inspirational Decal Sticker

Ik430 Wall Decal Sticker Room Decor Wall Art Mural Indian God Om Elephant Hindu Success Buddha India Ganesha Ganesh Hindu Welfare Bedroom Meditation Yoga

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Ganesha Ganesh is a Hindu God that is known as the Lord of Good Fortune. Adding this wall decal to your sanctuary will add to the positive vibrations everytime you look at it. It’s easy to apply and is a nice talking piece.

Bamboo Floors

Large asian enclosed bamboo floor living room design with white walls and no tv

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When you think of a zen room does your mind tend to sway toward Japanese decor? You can achieve this with bamboo mats on the floor. If you can’t put mats all over your floor, get one or two to start and see how it feels when you cross your legs on it.

Get Psychedelic

Get Psychedelic. Concrete white room with wooden floor, glass window with printed curtain. Printed cloth hanged on the wall with fairy lights. Printed mat on the floor, a small table with figurine, pots of flowers, vases of flowers, a statue, bed with pillows and cloth and a cat standing on it.

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Tapestries don’t just come in cool blue. This one has a great hippie type feel to it if you are looking for a Haight Ashbury feel to your meditation space. It can be hung on the wall, ceiling, or laid out on the floor to give your space a colorful floor.

Use More Wood

Japanese meditation room. Wooden room with glass window, beige carpet on the floor with small wooden chair with cloth, a bowl placed in round stone, square pillow with round pillow at the top. Near the door is a wooden chair with foam at the top and pillows. Outside is a tree and a terrace

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Simplicity is a great goal when looking to reform a space for relaxing or breathing techniques. Wood is simple, elegant, and calming to the eye and the touch. With plain wood floors and walls, your area can gain a minimalistic look by adding nothing.

White Curtains

A privacy room it has 2 big curtains,had 3 blankets placed on the floor, a candle with a candle stand in the middle of 3 blankets, and big mirror.

White is the most relaxing hue in the spectrum. When you have white flowing from the breeze coming through an open window, then the energy in that space transforms into something ethereal, which is essential in a reflection space. White curtains can also create a space within a space.

Step Up

Shelf with books and stuffs, wooden stairs, 2 square pillows with round pillow at the top. White wall, window on the right side with white curtain, a small table with statue, green plants on pot on the left and right side of the table, a door at the right side. Next to the stairs are cabinet and frames on the wall.

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If you are handy and have a large space that can be split off, this risen loft with the bookshelves underneath is unobtrusive nor restrictive yet sections of space for functions like yoga or meditation. This is a professional project, though, so know your stuff before attempting.

Add A Canopy

Adarl Baby Bedding Round Dome Bed Canopy&Draper Bedcover Cotton Linen Mosquito Net Grey-24050cm/94.519.7inch

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Some of us can’t hire someone to build a loft space with stairs in our home. There are people reading this that live minimally in studio apartments or spaces that are small. This canopy can allow you to bring your practice anywhere, even when you travel.

Keep It Simple

Meditation room. Wooden room. Window on the right side with window blind, like a wooden ladder hanged on the wall with 4 white strings. 2 square pillows on the floor with round pillow on each top.

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While psychedelic tapestries work for some, there are others who require less on the walls when they are looking to regain their balance. A couple cushions for sitting, an altar, with a few things to focus on, and one wall hanging can keep your attention on your goal.

Move It Outside

Meditation room. glass wall at the front, white concrete wall at the left side, white shelf at the left edge of the room with bowls and stuffs, green plant at the square black pot, pillows at the floor and a big stone bowl.

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If you are lucky enough to live in a part of the world where the weather cooperates to a comfortable temperature year round, then you should consider creating an outdoor space for your breathing practice. Being closer to nature can aid you in your quest for peace and balance.

Add Some Banana

Dark colored banana leaf rustic poof, gift for moms, Floor cushion, Pouf ottoman, Wholesales bulk, Yoga, meditation cushion

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The leaf that is. These pouf ottomans are comfortable to sit on and will aid you in keeping a good posture while you use them. They are durable if you have children running around the house and they fit more design themes.

Sit In Sheer

Scandinavian girl light wood floor kids' room idea with pink walls

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This white canopy is relaxing to look at, so sitting in it surrounded by the sheer material will transform you into your own special meditation space without obstructing your view outside. The light colors in this room also add to the zen quality.

Chaise Your Dreams

Concrete white room, black long foam chair, carpet, black shelves with stuff, frame on the wall, lamp stand

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When we meditate, we are not only looking to relax, we are striving for a deeper sense of consciousness. This chaise lounge is designed with contemplation in mind. Made from a high-quality leatherette, this lounge chair is easy to keep clean and durable.

Dim It Down

Concrete wall, wooden floor, glass doors with dark curtains on both sides, mats, candle on the floor, piano, frames on the wall, mirror

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Dark colors also work well in a room created for breathing techniques. Low lighting and deep earthy tones set a mood that is waiting to take deep into your consciousness for self-reflection and balance exercises. This room is rather large, but this idea would work in small rooms as well.


Meditation room. 2 white big doors, at the center of the doors is a wooden design wall with a straight line at the center, white ceiling and wall, wooden floor and a round pillow at the center.

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This room exemplifies how very little can do so much. One cushion and on light peeking out of a rustic wood partition gives this space a quiet look, which is imperative for proper meditation. The partitions in this room also add to the way the light works in the room.

Deep Greens

Wooden room with glass design walls, statues on the floor, big mirror

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Using hues other than black or white is not unheard of, and as you can see in this room, there are some shades that work very well in a room dedicated to relaxation and contemplation. While the minimalist style is apparent, the colors add a bit of warmth and cool concurrently.

Add A Focal Point

Mediation room. Clay tile wall, wooden ceiling, tile floor. Inside a glass door room are 2 lamp stands, in the center is a hexagon shape with circle at the center and a carpet in the floor.

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Focusing on our breath is important when we meditate but sometimes clearing our heads isn’t as easy as we would like it to be. This room is predominantly one shade but has a large structure on the wall that stands out. It’s mesmerizing and one could get lost in it.

Add Mirrors

Add-Mirrors-(Wala-pa). A room with rectangular mirrors in different sizes hanged on the wall, chandeliers hanged on the ceiling, wooden piano, wooden floor with mats.

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Mirrors do amazing things to rooms, particularly making small ones seem larger. This technique could open up the space in your designated area, giving the impression of the vast expanses in the mirrors while you explore the expanses of your mind.

Direct The Light

Direct-The-Light. Wooden room with glass at the center of the roof, hanging lantern lights, piece of square wood at the center of the room as division to the other room, knitted table, purple mat and 2 small balls.

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This can be done with partitions, shades, or blinds. When you let a soft light into the room, it isn’t overpowering like laying on the beach in at noon in the summer. By dictating how much or how little light you let into the room, you will feel in control of your practice.

Add Some Plants

Recessed shelving where plants are placed,a statue and a rubber bouncy ball, a mat stock with a pillow.

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Greenery makes any room better, whether it’s an office, a living room, or a space designated for breathing techniques. When you think about it, meditation areas are perfect for plants because they give off the oxygen we need, and they feed off the carbon dioxide we exhale. It’s the circle of life.

Table Cloths

A room with big printed circle carpet, pillows, books, cloth on it and mosquito net, shelves on the edge with stuffs.

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You might not feel comfortable in a space that has very little eye candy. These tapestries, which can be used on the wall or on a table, add hippie designs and hues that will brighten up your space. They are round so they would also work great on the floor under your cushion.

Use A Yurt

A yurt with round chair at the edge, small window, a mat on the floor and person standing looking outside the window.

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If you have a ton of land surrounding your home, then you might benefit from creating this space away from the house. You can focus on the energy in that space alone without hearing anyone running around in the room next door or upstairs. Yurts are expensive so another option could be a shed or a tree house.

A Wall Of Plants

A room with bricks wall, glass ceiling, tile floor, glass door, wall of plants at the front and a square pillow with round pillow at the top.

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White with green is a great combination. And just as I mentioned earlier about how plants add to the energy in a room for breathing, this designer took it a step further creating an entire wall of plants. This can be done in any room with shelves and hanging baskets.


A wooden house has a wooden floor,in the middle of the house there is 9 pillows form a circle,in the middle of the circle there is a blanket also form as circle, in the blanket there are 9 candles, every corner there are candles inside a small jar, and it also surrounded a pot and plants.

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The flickering of flames is another great focal point, and the light candles emit is calm and perfect for relaxation. You can surround yourself with light and scents when using standard aromatherapy candles but be sure to blow them all out before you fall asleep.

Slate Floor

A Tranquil Spot where we can found some furniture like statue,also a flower vase on top of cabinet,a ceiling fan,there is also a small pond and a water flowing on it and a pile of tiles along the way to the other room.

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Grey is a neutral shade that works well in this space. This slate floor is inviting and has the same effect as the stone gardens we saw earlier. The three squares create a space within the space. The pairing of dark in light works in this room as well.

Use A Main Living Area

Living room with frames on the wall, chandelier, glass window with gray curtains, carpet and pillows, small table with vases, sofa chair with pillows and towels, wooden black table with vases.

This designer turned the entire living room into a zen environment. No television, minimalist selections, only a few pieces of furniture, white walls, and draperies that let in only as much light as is needed. This tactic will promote regular usage of this area for your practice.

A Great View

Meditation room. Front has glass doors and wall, right side has concrete walls, with frame, 2 statue and at the center of 2 statue is a glass squared wall. wooden floor, below the wooden floor is tile floor with carpet, 2 candles and between 2 candles is a square pillow with round pillow at the top, a figurine at the left side, statue near to the glass door

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If you can use a room that has a large window then I highly recommend it. My practice takes place in a small part of my living room by large windows that let the sun shine in on my face. When I open my eyes I see the trees and the sky outside and feel relaxed.

Inside and Out

2 storey building, 1st floor, white wall, inside a room, 2 small cabinets, a frame, outside is a sand with rocks and a tree with no leaves. 2nd floor, round terrace with iron railing, glass doors. Night time

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This idea is not for everyone, but if you have a balcony or a deck with a sliding door, try incorporating both the indoors and outdoors in your meditation space. Of course, a sand floor like this is not possible for everyone, but the open air coming indoors adds a nice flow of energy while practicing.

Use A Well Lit Space

A room with glass window, a frame on the wall, couch with pillows, foam center table with statues, square pillows on the floor

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Sunlight makes us feel good. This could be because it’s warm or that we get flooded with vitamin D when we are outside. Unfortunately, our skin isn’t able to absorb the vitamin D portion of the sun, but the warm rays still make us feel good. Letting in natural light is a great addition to any area used to find inner peace.


Concrete meditation room at the top of the house. with plants on the edges of the room, a podium, statue, altar, bed.

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Some rock gardens have sand with rakes, which are meant to give us relaxing feeling when you make grooves in the grains. Just as this person did, you can mimic that look with a rug or tapestry that imitates this look.

Make Room For Friends

A room with wooden floor, glass wall at the back, concrete white wall at the right side with tree decor hanged, white shelves. White mats with small wooden chairs with foam on the floor. At the center is a purple mat with small wooden table with vases and bowl on the top.

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Adding some extra cushions for sitting or rugs for crossing legs could create a community meditation movement that would do wonders for you and your neighbors. This person has a wooden seat for visitors, you can do this with a couple of extra pillows.

Mimic Japanese Style

Mimic Japanese Style. Wooden room with circle window. Mats and pillow on the floor.

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The high windows on the side walls and the singular circle at the end are calming to the eye. This room was designed with the Japanese style in mind. If you mimic their simplistic decor, your practice should become natural in no time.

Add A View

A room with wooden floor,a window in front, in the left side of the window there is a shelve for statues,mortar and pestle,and a plastic flower pot, there is also a mat and stock in the floor, white pillow in the floor, and a leaves.

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If you have access to a great view like the one in this image then, by all means, add it to your routine. When you open your eyes after your practice looking out to something beautiful would be a great way to start your day. If you don’t have access to a great view, then put a picture of nature on the wall that you face.

Yellow Works

A room with concrete walls, left side is a dark gray wall with glass with window with yellow curtain, 2 lamp stands, shelves with statues and stuffs, gray big ball. Right side is a beige wall with a print of 2 women exercising, at the center is a mirror with yellow frame. Wooden floor with printed gray mat and yellow mat and stripe yellow and white bean bag.

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It’s pleasing to the eye and induces feelings of happiness. Yellow is a color that makes us feel good. If you use other monotone shades as the base and add a splash here and there for bursts of sunshine, then you can get away with a room good enough for relaxation.

Section It Off

Room with glass wall on the front and concrete wall at the back with long glass windows, wooden floor, vase with branches, mat with dumbbells, wooden table with rolled white towel, goblet glass. Ceiling fan with light at the ceiling

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You may not be able to add glass doors like this model, but there are ways to section off space for your practice. You can use the white curtains we mentioned earlier, or a room divider, or even a colorful tapestry.

Add A Shrine

Meditation room. 5 large glass windows alternate with walls. Each wall has a wall lamp. A statue at the center with candles placed in stand, bowls, 2 square pillows facing each other, at the top are round pillow and cords

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Whether it’s Buddha, Jesus, or a picture of a tree, find something important to you and create an area in your room for it to be worshipped. There is nothing wrong with believing in a deity or dedicating your practice to a religion. This is your practice, so make it mean something for you.

Use It For Yoga

Room with wooden floor and walls, glass window, concrete ceiling, shelves on the edge, mats with cushion on the floor

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If you meditate and don’t practice yoga, you are surely missing out. Not only does it utilize some of the same breathing techniques, but it also adds to your overall feeling of balance and relaxation. All you need is a mat and a few feet of floor space.

Take It With You

A room with wooden chair with yellow green square pillow at the top, bamboo chair with square yellow green pillows, small black table with 2 layered boxes and small squares cards hanged in a wooden frame, lamp stand, knitted vase, white carpet on the floor with black cushion.

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When you travel, turning your hotel room into a space for meditation is as easy as a pillow on the floor and a candle to light. If you travel a lot for business, then this could be just what you need after a long day of meetings and conferences.

Flowers On The Floor

A meditation room with tile floor, like an altar where there are 2 statues, flower vase with flowers, a book with white wall at the back of the altar. Glass wall on the left side. On the right side, half is a concrete white wall and the other half is made of glass with 2 bulbs at the ceiling.

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Whether you use decals or just paint them onto the tile, these few petaled images on the floor of this relaxation space add a sense of whimsy. When paired up with a tile or granite floor, the results are striking. Still, this technique could be used on wood as well.

Silk Silk Silk

A room with white walls, at the front an altar with design on both sides and on the front, wooden table with statues, printed tile floor, silk cloth on the floor with pillows

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There is something about the way silk feels that makes us feel special. The material is synonymous with the Far East, and you can drench your room in it if you like on pillows, draperies, and floor coverings.

Add Some Scents

A room with scented lighted candles, pots of plants, glass window, carpet with pillow, book, and a bowl

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Whether you use essential oils or incense adding your favorite aromas is a great way to add warmth and a sense of ease to your space. Whether it lavender, frankincense or sandalwood, essences are a wonderful way to enhance your meditation experience.

Use The Porch

Wooden house with glass walls. Inside are carpet with 2 bean bag chairs, a small table with lantern candle holder and statues

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This is a great way to get that indoor/outdoor feel I spoke of earlier. If you have a screened in porch even better. The sounds and smells that will make their way to your senses while you breath will enhance your experience.


A room with concrete walls, glass doors and windows, colorful carpet with colorful pillows, vases, steel table with vases with flowers, 2 red chairs with foam, a wooden table with statue and vases with flowers on both sides, a frame on the wall and a yellow chandelier

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Warmth is a great thing to add to a room focused on healing your mind, body, and soul. Orange hues will add this well enough. You can get creative with light and dark shades, and by adding some orchids like the ones in this room will add a nice touch.

Bright Shades

A room with pink walls, white glass windows, colorful decor on the ceiling, lots of pillows on the floor and a small wooden table.

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Monotone hues are not the only shades pleasing to the eye when one practices meditation. As I’ve said before, this space is about you and your needs. So if purple is your choice, by all means, go mad.


A room with concrete wall, a frame hanged on the wall, decorative on the right side of the wall, a wooden altar at the front, a wooden table with statue, and 2 candle holders with lighted candles

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The wooden partition in this room adds a please texture to face while breathing. There are many ways textures can be added to your area. Wood structures like this, more tapestries, or even stickers on the wall.

Invite The Family

Concrete room with glass wall and door towards the terrace, shelves with books at the left side and carpet on the floor with pillows

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This can be done by more than just saying, “Hey, want to join me in the speculation section of our home?” You can make the place family friendly with bookshelves and pillows that appeal to the whole family.

More Than Just Drapes

A beautiful room it has 2 small cabinets,3 white towels and small bottles in the wood tray ,2 plants, a white chair with a green towel hang on it, and a treadmill,a carpet, on the top of carpet there is 2 mat stock in both side in center has a small pillow

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White works in these types of spaces because it is clean and pure. If you paint your walls white, you will feel engulfed in the feeling white gives us when looking at it. It is the same feeling we get when looking at white clouds, white snow falling, and white swans.

Add A Lamp

A room with concrete wall at the right side. At the front is a concrete with decor wall at the center and both sides are mirror wall. Long chair with pillows and towel, white table with figurines, lamp stand, table with decorative bird cage

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The lone light in this space, besides the sun coming through the window, is a perfect addition to the design theme. It is simplistic but will add just the right amount of light when needed. You don’t need a lot of lamps in this type of room. One will do with an adjustable bulb or dimmer.

Add a Tea Set

Japanese wooden room with 2 square pillows and at the center is a tray with tea pots

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Along with breathing practice and minimalism, tea is a long-standing tradition in Eastern culture. It’s actually an important part of many cultures including the English. Sipping tea in a room like this makes it an experience that delights all the senses, not just the taste buds.

Keep It In The Closet

A room where you can found a wooden floor ,a cabinet, in the cabinet you can found a mirror in the middle, in the table of the cabinet there are make up tools are placed, a folding bed was place under the table, in the left side of the cabinet the window are placed, in the other table there is a statue.

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By this, we don’t mean that you should be secretive about your practice nor should you hide it from anyone. If you take a look at this room, the cushion, the shrine, and the focal points are all places neatly into a little alcove or shelf in this wall. If you are limited for space, then this might work well.

In the Bedroom

A bedroom with wooden floor, white bed with white pillows, a frame on the wall, wooden glass door with white curtain on the side, wooden altar, carpet

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If you are short on space like most of us, then consider using an area in your bedroom. Our boudoirs are part sanctuary anyway so there is no area more private for your practice. Keeping your bed made when you aren’t sleeping and things tidy will help you meditate better in your bedroom.

Don’t Skimp

A room with concrete white walls, 2 long glass windows at the front overlooking the ocean outside, at the center is printed cloth hanged on the wall, below is a small table with picture frame, a small wooden box on the floor, blue mat with round pillow, orange couch.

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Even if you don’t have a lot to spend, try to make your space as plush and comfortable as you can. No, we can’t all have the view seen in these windows, but we can add the brightness and beautiful wall hangings.


Meditation room. Concrete wall, white curtains on the left side wall, white door, hanging printed cloth, hanged carved image wood on the wall, 2 wooden tables with statues, candles, 2 pots of lavender flower placed in a tube stand, 3 mats on the floor

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This color adds a sense of wisdom, creativity, and dignity. This room chooses to keep earthy tones of brown and then the brightness of white for the bulk of the room. Then it adds a line purple mat that demands attention. The yellow candles utilize the fact that these two colors are opposites on the color wheel, and you have an energizing yet relaxing room.

Try A Communal Space

A room with glass door with white curtains on the side, tile floor with square blue pillows in arranged in circle, a statue at the back is a brick wall, wooden stairs.

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Some people use the foyer or the pavilion of their homes to hold their shrine and breath the worries away. If you have a nice communal area like this one, this could become a great activity for strengthening your relationships.

Add A Mural

A room with mural painting walls and ceiling, a big chandelier, frames on the wall, tall metal, a cube with statue, a window with white curtains, pots of plants on the window shelf.

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Painting pictures on the walls are not only fun it’s therapeutic. You can add images to your walls yourself using your own talents or stencils. Either way, having some flowing clouds move around the room or a scene from a small river town can add to the atmosphere of your special space.


No matter what type of room you are looking to transform or how large or not large your home is, there is a way to create a meditation room or space for your enjoyment and the relaxation of your entire family. If you have a meditation room idea or like one of ours specifically let us know in the comments section below.

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