Image Name Doterra Trim Shake vs Shakeology: Which Diet Shake Fits For You?

Doterra Trim Shake vs Shakeology: Which One Points Toward A Leaner You?

Being slim is not easy for everyone, and while we don’t want to achieve a healthy weight by indulging in fad diets, we want to look and feel our best. The path to a body that is free of excess fat isn’t the same for everyone, but the general principles still apply. You have to expel more calories than you consume. When that happens, we burn fat.

Some dieters enjoy replacing one meal a day, typically breakfast or lunch, with a nutritious shake. There are dozens of companies who would love for you to give their drink a try but today we are going to focus on two, Doterra Trim Shake vs. Shakeology. Which is the better choice to help you achieve your goals?

Doterra Trim Shake and Shakeology Comparison

​​Doterra Trim Shake


Doterra Trim Shake
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  • Easy to use
  • Great for on-the-go living
  • Helps the user maintain a healthy weight or shed pounds
  • Natural ingredients
  • Millions sold
  • Offers probiotics and other benefits
  • Helps shed pounds
  • Comes in many flavors including vegan options
  • Only comes in two flavors
  • Doesn’t have the extra benefits like probiotics
  • Has more sugar
  • Is twice as many calories

Doterra Trim Shake

Doterra Trim Shake Vanilla in white background

This company, which was founded on the idea of holistic ideas and the use of essential oils to remedy health issues, has branched out to all kinds of lines like personal care and weight management products. This mix, which is officially known as Doterra Slim & Sassy TrimShake, was designed to offer the user a full mix of nutrients in a drink that is only 70 calories.

With a meal like that compared to the recommended 2,000 to 2,500 a day we are allotted when we aren’t dieting, if this drink can truly replace a meal, then you should be able to shed those pounds easily. But, besides low calories, what does this drink bring to the dieting table?

What’s in It?

Young woman comparing products in the supermarket with people in the background

When looking at the nutrition label, this is what you will find.

In grams

  • 1.5 fat (no saturated or trans)
  • 6 carbs (only 1 from sugar)
  • 8 protein

In milligrams

  • 25 sodium
  • 130 calcium
  • 1.8 iron
  • 30 potassium
  • 6 vitamin C
  • 2 vitamin E
  • 0.2 thiamin and riboflavin
  • 2 niacin
  • 30 potassium
  • 6 vitamin C
  • 2 vitamin E
  • 0.2 thiamin and riboflavin
  • 2 niacin
  • 0.2 vitamin B6
  • 1 pantothenic acid
  • 100 of phosphorus
  • 40 magnesium
  • 1.5 zinc
  • 0.2 copper

Supplement Facts close up capture

In micrograms

  • 1 vitamin D
  • 40 folic acid
  • 0.6 vitamin B12
  • 30 biotin
  • 15 iodine

This is a lot of nutrients and most of them we are familiar with. For example, vitamin D is crucial for strong bones but helping your body consume calcium. Biotin is for healthy hair and nails. What is pantothenic acid? A fancy name for vitamin B5, which helps with the biological activity of the acyl-carrier protein, which is needed to synthesize fatty acids.

Of course, not all of the nutrients listed are 100% of the recommended daily intake but they sure pack a lot of them in there. It comes in chocolate and vanilla.

What Do They Promise

Benefits that this product offers are a convenient solution for people with busy lifestyles looking to either drop a few pounds or maintain the weight they have achieved. Doterra also feels this product can support your energy levels when other types of diets leave the user feeling tired. TrimShake also battles stress levels when they spike, which is associated with excess body fat.

How To Use It

All you need to do is mix a half cup of mix with water or non-dairy milk like soy, almond, rice, or cashew. Blend completely and chill. You can also throw it into a blender with some frozen fruit to add some more healthy flavors.


Shakeology Strawberry in white background

The next nutrition shake we want to discuss was created by Team Beachbody, which is a health and fitness company founded in 1998. This company has designed other successful fitness and weight loss products like 21 Day Fix, Body Beast, and INSANITY. Team Beachbody boasts a roster of 350,000 coaches for personal help and has sold over 25 million bags of Shakeology.

With impressive numbers like that it’s difficult to not let your interest be peaked. Yet, when you look a little closer at the label you might not be happy with what you see. For starters, each serving is 150 calories, more than twice when compared to the last shake.

What’s In It?

woman with magnifying glass isolated on a white background

When you take a look at the nutrition label you will see some of the typical vitamins and some supplements we haven’t seen in the other shake. Here is a list of what you will find.

In grams

  • 1 fat
  • 17 carbohydrates (3 fiber and 9 sugar)
  • 15 whey protein

In milligrams

  • 100 sodium
  • 180 vitamin C
  • 1.5 vitamin B1
  • 1.3 vitamin B2
  • 5 vitamin B3
  • 2 vitamin B6
  • 5 pantothenic acid (as d-calcium pantothenate)
  • 500 calcium
  • 4 iron
  • 250 phosphorus
  • 80 magnesium
  • 6f zinc
  • 0.8 copper
  • 2 manganese
  • 2075 Proprietary Super-Fruit Blend (includes the following powders, acerola, camu-camu, pomegranate, bilberry, blueberry Lycium, acai, cordyceps, maltake, reishi, citrus bioflavonoids, rose hips, Schisandra, suma, and gingko)
  • 1000 maca powder
  • 1000 sacha inchi meal
  • 1000 yacon
  • 700 flax meal
  • 500 chia meal
  • 350 chlorella
  • 350 spirulina
  • 300 hydrilla
  • 250 apple pectin powder
  • 200 astragalus powder
  • 200 blue-green algae
  • 200 spinach powder
  • 150 MSM (methylsulfonylmethane)
  • 150 pea fiber
  • 150 quinoa
  • 150 Proprietary Non-Dairy Probiotic Blend
  • 135 Stevia
  • 130 Proprietary Enzyme Blend
  • 100 ashwagandha powder
  • 100 barley grass
  • 100 Kamut grass
  • 100 oat grass
  • 100 wheatgrass
  • 50 amaranth
  • 50 grape seed extract
  • 50 green tea decaffeinated extract
  • 50 Holy basil powder

Supplement Facts Shakeology Strawberry

In micrograms

  • 40 vitamin K1
  • 200 folic acid
  • 6 vitamin B12
  • 90 biotin
  • 52 iodine
  • 60 chromium
  • 30 molybdenum (as sodium molybdate)

In International Units

  • 5000 vitamin A (as beta-carotene)
  • 200 vitamin D
  • 15 vitamin E

This shake has a great deal more to offer like probiotics and fruit extracts. Also, this drink comes in more flavors including Chocolate, Vanilla, Chocolate Vegan, Café Latte, Strawberry, Tropical Strawberry Vegan, Greenberry, Vanilla Vegan, and Café Latte Vegan.

What Do They Promise?

Shakeology was designed to help you lose weight, reduce cravings for junk food, provide needed energy, and give you support for your digestive system and regularity.

How To Use It?

a woman pouring a shake powder mix on the blender

This shake is made in the same way the Doterra version. One scoop, or packet, of Shakeology, in a blender with water or, non-dairy milk of your choice. You can use skim milk, but it will add calories. Ice is suggested because it should be chilled for drinking.


Both products have a lot to offer so the choice is up to you. While the Doterra shake is full of what we need, the Shakeology shake definitely adds a lot extra, but it will cost you twice as many calories for it. Still, at 140, that’s not too many.

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