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Light Up Your Next Adventure

Travelling somewhere new can be exciting and definitely good for the soul! It’s fun to explore an untravelled trail, not knowing what will be around the next bend. Off-roading is an activity where people drive on unsurfaced roads, or pathways, in the wilderness. Usually, jeeps or trucks are used, and sometimes people modify these vehicles to have larger tires, to make traveling on uneven terrain easier. This journeying is done on dirt, mud, snow, sand or other materials. It can range in difficulty level. There are some paths that are commonly traveled by off-roaders, but other, more adventurous drivers check out unexplored regions, which have more obstacles, and difficulties.

Although off-roading can be a very exciting, and fun activity, it also has its dangers. It is very important to consider safety precautions, especially when traveling in a vehicle. There could be obstacles, like trees or rivers! Weather conditions can impair vision, and increase the dangers of off-roading. Whether it’s your first-time off-roading, or you’re a veteran, safety is a major consideration.

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LED Lights

Lighting led light in dark background

Luckily, there are measures that can be taken, so you feel much safer and more secure while on your new adventure! LED lights are one great option. Adding these to your vehicle not only allows you to see better, but it makes your vehicle more visible to others who may be off-roading at the same time. It is important to pick the type of light that would best suit your needs, and budget.

Flood Lights

Floodlight in gray background

According to Lightbar Liaison, there are three main types of LED lights that can be purchased, floodlight, spotlight and combination. Floodlights have a wide range, but the light beam does not travel very far. They allow a person to see the surroundings of the vehicle more easily, and avoid hazards. This could help to find a safe path in an area where there are more trees, or to avoid an area where there is a deep gully.


Spotlight in green background.

Spotlights reach further than floodlights but do not have as wide of a beam. Since the beam lights up large distances, this is ideal for faster speeds, to spot hazards ahead, as opposed to beside the vehicle. More experienced drivers may be comfortable going at higher speeds, but it is probably best to stick with going slower speeds if you’re a beginner!


Combination lights in the car in grass ground background

Combination lights are exactly as they sound; you don’t have to pick just one light to put on your vehicle! If you’re unsure of exactly which light might be best for you, it makes sense to install multiple lights. Having a mixture of lights would be very useful if you are traveling on more challenging terrain, and want maximum visibility. Especially if it’s nighttime, or you’re in a more wooded area, combination lights are the key to your safety.

Learning more about the safety aspects of off-roading can be reassuring. As long as you are careful, and take the proper precautions, trying something different does not need to be scary. If you were unsure of trying off-roading before, now you have the knowledge to step forward into your adventure with confidence!

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