Image Name Running For Beginners: Useful Tips To Get You Started

Running For Beginners: Great Tips To Get You Started

If it is your first time to get your foot in running, then you must be equipped with the rudiments of running for beginners. You may want to engage in this exercise for various reasons. It could be for trimming down, for getting fit and fabulous, or for your athletic training. The best tool for you to start running is to have the stamina to do it in the first place.

How to motivate yourself to start running

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Running for beginners is not an easy job, you have to possess the passion and determination in this sports. Here are some of the basic tips to get you started:

Determine the main reason why you would like to run. Y

1. Get yourself a running buddy

You can start by having a running buddy. You can ask your sister, your close friend or your life partner to be your running mate. Running for beginners takes a lot of cajoling if you don’t have the goal. If you’ve only been pushed to run, then you won’t see yourself engaged in that activity for a long time.

2. Get the right running gear

You have to choose the proper attire and the correct running shoes. Everyone has a totally different running stroke. This can be determined through a treadmill, which distinguishes which running shoes would be best for you. There is also a foot pad that does not only determine your shoe size but it also identifies the type of foot that you have. These are very important details on running for beginners.

4. Set up a running plan

You must have a running plan. Knowing the proper warm-up exercises and determining a running plan is crucial. If you feel that you don’t have any idea on what you should be doing first, consult a running coach. You cannot simply stretch your muscles and later on strain them. You must be guided by an expert in this field.

My Current Running Outfit

Everyone needs gear. When training for, or running, a marathon, you may want to only run in shorts with nothing else, or you may want to wear the latest, greatest, lightest of every article of clothing and accessory that is available. But either way, you probably want to find the item(s) that will meet your needs for the best bargain. I personally get frustrated by browsing through all the running gear pages on Amazon or other sports supply websites.

For some reason, they think that everyone wants to see reviews of $500 lighter-than-a-fairy’s-sneeze rain jackets, and other similar items. I am on a budget. My fancy running gear comes to me through Christmas presents or through gift cards, I might earn at work for doing lots of overtime… so I have to pick and choose carefully.

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The best items I have found have come through gear lists of other runners, so I thought I would prepare a list of my own to help my readers. Additionally, everyone loves drooling over gear. So whether you are just looking to see what is out there, or you are shopping for new gear, seeing what other people are using can be a great way to go.

In this post is a list of items I currently wear while running. Some may be more appropriate for training runs than a full marathon, but that is up to you. The most important rule I have heard is “Don’t try anything new on race day.” So if any of these items catch your fancy, I recommend taking it on a few training runs to see whether it will work for you before using it in your important race.

Gear To Get Started Running

1. Shoes and Socks

I am currently wearing the New Balance Minimus Zero Road shoes. Yes, I am transitioning to zero drops, minimalist shoes. This will be the subject of another post, but let it be said that with the proper transition into minimalist shoes, running in them is an awesome experience.

My first thought upon putting them on is… I feel like I am wearing slippers! They are so incredibly light… at 6.4oz, I could shave my legs to offset the weight of these shoes! Socks? Optional. I was running without, which worked fine in dry weather.

But one day running in the rain, I started to get a blister. So I run in cut-off old dress socks. These are great – cheap, readily available, and slippery enough that I have not gotten another blister, but not so slippery that my foot slides everywhere.

2. GPS/Phone/Music Player/Run Tracker

I could have a gadget for each of these functions that I like to utilize while running, but why not take advantage of technology and mash them all up into one package? The result: the Smartphone. Any old Smartphone will do… your iPhone or an android phone.

I have an HTC Thunderbolt (see picture below). I usually listen to either a running podcast or an audiobook… there are some great sci-fi books in the public domain available for free from Librivox, and I also made my way through a philosophy lecture series last year. Of course, for sprints or intervals, I’ll listen to some motivating music. For a run tracking program, I use Runtastic.

3. Heart rate Monitor

I like to track my heart rate. Both for informational purposes to track my fitness level and to ensure that I stay in the aerobic training zone which I first heard about from Dr. Gangemi in his “Sock Doc Training Principles”. Being as cheap as I am, I got the cheapest one on Amazon (less than $30). It’s kind of flaky, but it does what I need. See the picture below.

4. Utility Belt/Water

My Bat Belt! I didn’t do a lot of shopping around, and there are features I would like to have improved, and my siblings laugh at me and call me “that guy”… but my Nathan pouch and water bottle carrier have been very useful for what I have needed over the last two years. See the picture below for how I put my other Bat-accessories onto this multi purpose belt.

5. Waterproof Layer

This is a new addition to my wardrobe as of this fall. Prior to this, I just put my phone in a Ziploc bag, and went out and got wet. Getting wet isn’t bad, but wet + cold + wind is not so much fun for winter running. I got the Marmot Precip.

It’s light, waterproof and windproof, fits me just right, and the hood sits well for running. Oh, and it doesn’t make too much of the “zip zip zip” sound while running. See the Barbie Runner Ken Seasonal Running Outerwear pictures below.

6. Shorts

Cheapo shorts from the discount store, and one pair that I “borrowed” from my brother a few years ago. I think they are all soccer shorts…. but they fit pretty well, and don’t bunch up. See pictures below.

7. Pants

Puma warms up pants from the discount store. Surprisingly, these are either water resistant or SUPER fast drying. I have been running in a deluge of rain and finished the run with dry pants. See the picture below.

8. Shirt

Cheap synthetic fabric shirts from the discount store. Some are short sleeve, some are long sleeve, which I’ll choose depending on the temperature. A long sleeve combined with the Marmot jacket keeps me comfortable in rain + wind + 35ºF temperatures. See the picture below.

9. Jacket

A warm up jacket my wife bought me at Old Navy. Fits well, keeps me warm.

10. Hat

I have not yet started wearing a hat in the summer, except a bucket hat to keep the rain out of my eyes. For cold weather, I wear a wool beanie. I think it’s a   purchased at WalMart for like $5 several years ago.

We happened to glance at the tag recently and noticed that it is made mostly from wool! I am becoming a big fan of wool due to its awesome properties. See pictures. I may look goofy, but I don’t care… I’m too cheap to care!


I guess that the moral of my story is that you don’t need to spend lots of money to get comfortable, useful running gear. Yes, it is fun to gaze longingly at the gear that sponsored athletes wear, and that you could wear a complete outfit for only $999.25. But you can get there one item at a time.

Author Bio: Katie Smith is the enthusiastic woman. She loves writing about fitness and health on Reviewmoon.

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