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The Benefits of having Detox Drinks

With all the chemicals added to, and pesticides liberally used on our food, it only stands to reason that cleansing and detoxing our bodies should be high on our agenda as it can drastically improve our feeling of well being and health.

One very easy, simple and inexpensive way to get started is by adding a healthy detox drink to your daily ritual.

However, ensuring that what we consume is as close to nature as possible would have to be the very first step we take when looking at improving our health as the following comment by Dr. Julie Holland states:

“The further away you get from nature and from what’s natural for you as a social primate, the sicker you’re going to be, the sicker biologically and the sicker psychiatrically. Anything that you can do that’s in line with nature and with your nature is going to make you feel better.”

So one of the very first things to consider when you’re looking at a way of cleansing and detoxing yourself is actually having a very close look at what you’re consuming in the way of food and drinks and the immediate environment that you’re surrounded with. Organic should be high on the list when buying your food or consider organic gardening.

After all, you can’t build optimal health while having a dysfunctional lifestyle and body. A solid foundation is needed to build on and get the best possible results. Ask yourself these questions.

  • Are the things you are eating and drinking as healthy as they could possibly be?
  • Are there products in your environment or home that should be removed because they are full of toxic chemicals and ingredients?

If you’re not sure, then simply read through the list of ingredients o the packaging and then check online what effects certain foods or drinks may be having on your health.

I can’t remember where but a good statement that I came across recently was that if your great-grandmother would not recognize it then don’t eat or drink it.

Your body can take years of abuse often without showing any adverse effects, but why take the chance when it can be as simple as starting your day by having detox drink.

The benefits of cleansing your system are numerous

The following 7 benefits should help you get started on the road to making a positive change.

  • Gets Rid Of Any Excess Waste From Your Body

One of the biggest benefits of cleansing and detoxing your body is to get rid of the accumulated toxins it has been storing. Detoxing is designed to stimulate your body to start removing toxins by helping your liver, kidney, and colon to do their job more effectively. By cleansing your colon through the detox you’re helping it to remove the waste more efficiently, after all, who wants to feel bloated with and having all that waste possibly being reabsorbed into our bodies.

  • Strengthens Your Immune System

One of the benefits of having your detox drink is that you are freeing up your organs to work as they should. When they’re functioning as they should they can then more easily process and absorb the nutrients available in your food with the added benefit of building up and strengthening your immune system.

  • Boosts Your Energy Level

When you having your detox drink as well as reducing those foods that in the past put a strain on your body system, such as sugars, too much caffeine, alcohol, and bad fats and replacing them with healthier options and drinking more water the stresses on your body will be greatly reduced. This will have the added benefit of often giving you an energy boost. You will feel more energetic and have a greater zest for life.

  • Helps With Clearer Thinking

Many of the foods that we consume are sugar laden and filled with chemicals and additives which can often lead us to a feeling fatigued and lethargic also affecting our mental state and thinking. Once we start eliminating and detoxing our body many people find that they get a greater mental clarity and focus.

  • Provides An Improved Feeling of Well-being

As you start detoxing you will start feeling better, more alert and will have an increased sense of well-being. This increased sense of well-being will start to cross over into other areas of your life. It will positively affect your productivity, your relationships and can give you a clearer outlook and greater energy for living life.

  • Helps You With Weight Loss

An added benefit from incorporating a detox drink into your diet is that your body will become more efficient at losing that unwanted extra weight once you have cleansed and eliminated toxins that block your body from working at its best. Of course, changing the quality and quantity of the foods that you consume on a daily basis play a vital part here as well as being more active and doing some exercise.

  • Has Anti-Aging Benefits

As your body has to contend with a constant barrage of toxins on a daily basis, and not all of these stem from the foods that we eat this can contribute to premature aging caused through accumulated free radical damage. As we start to cleanse our systems and reducing the stresses of the free radical damage to our body, then one of the added benefits of that detox can be increased longevity. Not only will you feel better, but you will live longer feeling better, just don’t let old habits and bad foods pull you back.

I hope you can see that the benefits of a detox are numerous in giving your body a boost by reducing and removing the chemical overload.

A very simple way for you to get started would be to drink a daily glass of water with freshly squeezed lemon juice which will provide you with benefits for your both your body as well as your mind.

There are numerous other detox drinks consisting of added fruits, vegetable, herbs and spices that uniquely address the varying health needs that we may have.

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