Image Name Do Essential Oils Contain Vitamins And Minerals?

Do Essential Oils Contain Vitamins And Minerals?

You might be a person who has been taking advantage of the many benefits aromatherapy brings, or you might be just learning about the advantages of this holistic lifestyle. Either way, you found your way here because you were wondering, “Do essential oils contains vitamins and minerals?”

The Answer

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No. They do not. Sure, I could’ve led you on with a lot of information so you read this whole article, but I don’t want to roll that way. If you are interested in the reason then keep reading.


Splash of water

It makes sense that anyone would think that extracts would contain these life aids because nutrients like these are water soluble, and essences are void of any water whatsoever due to the distillation process. In the simplest terms, essences extracted from plants sold as oils are hydrophobic. This means “afraid of water.”

Other substances that are hydrophobic include olive oil, coconut oil, and any other type of oil that won’t dissolve in water. Supplements are hydrophilic, which means a lover of water. When the extracts are distilled and bottled, all of the nutrients that host plant are left in the water portion of the finished product.

So if you are looking for another way to meet your supplemental needs, then this is not the route to go.


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It seems that top companies like doTERRA and Young Living that focus primarily on the production and sale of pure therapeutic grade oils are finding ways to incorporate supplements into their products.

There are DigestZen® softgels, which are comprised of a ginger root, caraway seed, anise, tarragon, fennel, coriander, and peppermint. The goal of this product is to help ease occasional upset stomachs. This pioneer in aromatherapy products also sells supplements for children, other digestive aids, a line directs exclusively to women and even one that promotes a healthy respiratory system.

Young Living created a product called Mind Wise, which is intended to help you obtain normal cardiovascular health as well as cognitive improvement. This liquid supplement, which can be given to children as well, has a combination of fruit and nut flavors. It’s created with an oil made from sacha inchi seeds in the Peruvian Amazon and other triglycerides. Supplements added to this mix are CoQ10, ALCAR, GPC, omega-3 fatty acids, and a good deal of vitamin D3.

Other Ways

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The best way to get the nutrition you need is through your eating habits. It’s that simple. You can take supplements as well.


There is no denying that, if you want to be healthy, then you need to eat healthily. You have to think of your body as your machine that has no warranty. The older we get, the parts start to wear out, and they can’t be replaced, at least not for the most part. So it is imperative that we are conscious of what we put into our bodies.

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Some people are under the impression that to get the best nutrition out of a vegetable it must be eaten raw. But this couldn’t be further from the truth. Sure, there are some veggies that pack a bigger punch when eaten raw, like turnip greens, bell peppers, and kale, and then there are others that will release more nutrients when cooked, like carrots and sweet potatoes. Spinach is a versatile green since it has tons of good stuff when raw or cooked.

Other ways you can be sure that the food you eat is the best available is to know the source. Small local farmers, preferable organic, are typically a good choice. Remember, if harmful substances are put into the food source when it is raised or grown, it will be what you are eating for dinner.

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Even if you have good eating habits, there is a possibility that we are not getting all the nutrients we need. Another way to get them is by taking a pill every day. My doctor told me an all-in-one isn’t the best choice, so I take a bunch of pills in the morning when I remember. They include CoQ10, B, E, C, Calcium with Magnesium, and biotin for strong hair and nails.

You can speak to your healthcare professional about what choices would best meet your needs. Also, before purchasing any supplement, do your research and find a reputable source. Remember, this is still going into your body.


No. The lovely scents you have sitting in a cool dark place are not filling your life with any nutritional value when you diffuse while you sleep. That’s okay. It’s best that we know that now.

The fact is, there are other ways to get the nutrients your body craves and between gardening and learning to create your own meals, getting your daily dietary requirements can be fun. We’ll leave the aromatherapy to help us in other ways, which you can read about here.

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