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How to Make Natural Baby Lotion

It is both amazing and kind of distributing how many unrecognizable ingredients there are in products that we use on a daily basis. Some of the ingredients found in products that are either applied directly to our bodies or ingested into them are not even found in any of our food groups or even in the periodic table of elements! These fillers or chemicals can have a majorly negative effect on our skin and our digestive system, causing more damage than good.

A Closer Look

Numerous studies have been done that show the effects that chemicals can have on our immune systems but that is for grown adults. Do you know what humans have a low immune system and cannot fight off negative effects as easily? Infants and toddlers. These little creatures look to their parents or caregivers for protection and that includes in their skin products. Baby lotion, depending on the brand, can have ingredients that are not needed or desired to provide softness and moisture to the skin, such as dyes and fillers. Want to learn how to make your own DIY natural baby lotion? Then you are definitely reading the right article!

What You Will Need

Ingredients for the natural baby lotion mixture

The first thing to do when starting any DIY project is to assemble all your ingredients and required tools beforehand to avoid any mishaps or frustrations. This also helps ensure that you have everything on hand before starting your task because there is nothing worse than to be halfway through a step and realize you don’t have the ingredients for the remainder!

  • ¼ cup of cocoa butter (or mango or shea butter – whichever your preference)
  • ¼ cup of coconut oil (organic is best, but not necessary)
  • 1 to 2 tablespoons of organic beeswax pastilles (2 tablespoons will be preferred if mixing your baby lotion during warm, humid weather for the desired consistency)
  • 2 teaspoons of Vitamin E (usually in oil form)
  • Glass Jar with screw lid for secure storage
  • A mixing spoon
  • A source of heat
  • Measuring cups and spoons
  • Small pot to boil water
  • Optional ingredient: 5 drops of essential oils that are safe for babies to use, such as Lavender or a mild Chamomile.
    • It is to be noted that essential oil usage is definitely not recommended on infants under the age of three months. You can still make this recipe, just omit the essential oils.
  • Optional Tool: Mixer, if you plan to whip your finished lotion into a fluffy texture.

How to Make DIY Natural Baby Lotion

Step One: Heat

A glass jar put on inside a small pot with water on top of the stove. A glass jar put on inside a small pot with boilig water on top of the stove.

Now that all the ingredients and tools are assembled on a wide-open countertop or table, providing you with plenty of working room; it is time to begin.

Start by placing the glass jar in the small pot and add enough water to come up the sides of (but not overflow into) the jar. Turn on medium heat to bring to a slow simmer. We do this so the ingredients can melt and mix properly without boiling or burning.

Step Two: Add oils and butters

Butter added to the glass jar which is inside of the small pot. Butter added to the glass jar which is inside of the small pot.

Once the water is starting to retain heat and not boil, place the measured organic coconut oil, organic coconut butter, and beeswax inside the jar.

Stir the ingredients slowly but frequently as they start to melt to evenly distribute them amongst each other.

Step Three: Add vitamins and essential oils

Essential oil added to the mixture in a glass jar which is inside of the small pot. Essential oil added to the mixture in a glass jar which is inside of the small pot.

After the ingredients are all melted down into liquid form, mix in the Vitamin E oil and essential oils (if preferred). Stir slowly to allow the new ingredients to be absorbed into the mixture evenly.

Step Four: Cool and harden

Cooling the newly made natural baby lotion.

Allow the mixing to continue for about two minutes or until you are satisfied all the ingredients are thoroughly distributed; then remove from the heat source.

Place on the countertop to allow the liquid to cool and harden into a lotion-type consistency.

Once the lotion has cooled and hardened, then screw the lid onto the jar tightly to avoid contamination.


If you want, you can whip this mixture into a fluffy lotion by using a fork or beater (the type used in baking).


With the benefits of using all natural products hitting news waves each day, there is no reason to be buying generic brands of products that contain harmful fillers and dyes. Instead, take the time to craft your own necessary baby products, such as lotion, to ensure that your child is protected in all areas of their life. Browse through the numerous tutorials offered through online publications for great DIYs for other baby items and watch your baby grow strong, healthy and happy.

Remember – please do not use essential oils on infants under the age of three months as they can have extremely negative or severe reactions as their skin hasn’t increased in strength or layers.

If you liked this article or you think it will be useful for members of your social circle; then please feel free to share it to whomever you think will benefit. Tried your own DIY all natural lotion that’s great for babies? Then comment below and let us know the recipe! Did you substitute any ingredients listed above? We want to hear about it!

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