Image Name Are Plant Therapy Oils Pure?

Are Plant Therapy Oils Pure?

Essential oils are gaining popularity surrounding the many health benefits they support for both body and mind. They are often awesome supplements to medicinal treatments, and when used properly can aid in healing, provide energy, help with focus, and allow for relaxing atmosphere- amongst other things.

Plant Therapy oils have been around since the start of the new century, and have been gaining ground as a dependable source for a pure oil product. With this information comes the question that all essential oil users should ask: are Plant Therapy oils pure? This is important information to determine the best uses for various oils due to concentration levels. This article explores this question and provides some common oil uses.

Plant Therapy History

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The owners of Plant Therapy grew up together in Idaho and married in 2002, combining their vision of aromatherapeutic entrepreneurship. Their launch of Plant Therapy in 2011 sought to include the purest and highest quality oils available. The company is now run by both the owners and their large team to provide excellent customer service to give you the best products possible for both aromatic and topical oils uses.

Essential Oil Concentration

The best companies sell their oils undiluted and in pure, concentrated forms. Concentrated oil can be 50 to 100 times more potent than what you are exposed to in the plant they come from, and a small 5-ml bottle can hold approximately 75 drops of oil. This knowledge can help you determine your cost compared to what you might find on the shelf in your local pharmacy that only holds a dozen drops of oil mixed with a carrier oil of some sort.

Plant Therapy prides themselves in providing sourced, pure oils. Each bottle of oil is labeled batch specific that consumers can see each report on for transparency.

Plant Therapy Oil Concentrations and Purity

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Plant Therapy oils are diluted and tested for quality to use specifically for diffusion and topical uses. Plants from various farms worldwide undergo steam distillation processes to create pure oils which first are tested for organoleptic quality before being sent to third-party testing for color, consistency, and appearance.

The company offers various concentrations of their oil singles and blends so you get exactly what you need. These options are all considered 100% pure, concentrated oils for your own personal uses and abilities to mix into your own lotions, carrier oils, balms, and sprays. They also offer a pre-diluted roll-on for specific topical use (as described below).

Single Concentrates

Single oil bottles contain concentrated, unblended, pure oils derived from various plants. These are undiluted individual oils that you can use as is or mix on your own.


These blends are tried and true mixes of pure oil concentrate that are not diluted with a carrier, and work, or synergize together for various uses.

USDA Organic Concentrate Singles

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True organic certification requires a detailed application and inspection before certification is provided. USDA certification denotes plants both grown and processed organically to ensure the highest of standards.

Diluted Roll-Ons

Ready to use, on the go roll-on bottles are for topical use and mix some of the most popular synergy blends with fractionated coconut oil to dilute the oil for easy, smooth application. This also helps to make sure you are not getting too high a concentrate directly on your skin.

Kidsafe Labels

Not all oils are considered safe to use with young children’s sensitive systems and delicate skin. Their line of Kidsafe oils is labeled as such and comes in a wide variety of single, synergy, and roll-on blends for ages 2 to 10. The options include choices that are specific to common issues and ailments found in this age range.

Popular Plant Therapy Uses

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As mentioned, Plant Therapy Oils are designed specifically for diffusion and topical use. Diffusing oils is one of the fastest ways to get the benefits of oils into your body other than ingestion (and Plant Therapy has not, at this time, introduced any oils for ingestion). Everything from stress relief and relaxation, energy and focus, breathing support and purification are provided with the use of both individual and synergy blends. Plus, they smell great and provide a gentle scent to the room they are used within.

Topical uses of oils are also highly popular for a huge array of benefits. The company provides uses for skin care and muscle relief, hydration, relaxation, and pretty much anything else you can think of that might be ailing you. They also can be used as a perfume replacement and even used for cleaning purposes as a natural alternative to harsh chemicals.


If the Plant Therapy oil name was not as familiar to you as some other brands, hopefully, this article has not only provided a brief introduction to what they offer but provide an answer to one of the most important questions you should ask when determining oil use: the purity of the product. These oils are pure, sourced, and concentrated – with each batch numbered and easy to reference for more information when needed.

If you have used a Plant Therapy product, we would love to hear from you below. And if you have any question, please let us know as well! And, as always, please share!

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