Image Name Healing Solutions Essential Oils vs doTERRA: Which Should You Buy?

Healing Solutions Essential Oils vs doTERRA: Which Should You Buy?

When it comes to aromatherapy products, we want to get the best product available. This is because oils that are diluted and/or impure will not hold the same benefits that the pure volatile compounds have after being extracted from their host plant. There are several reputable manufacturers and distributors of essential oils, and in this article, we will be comparing two of them side by side.

Healing Solutions Essential Oils vs doTERRA, which of the two is best for you?

Healing Solutions Essential Oils and doTERRA Comparison

​​Healing Solutions Essential Oils


Healing Solutions logo
Doterra logo in black background
  • Inexpensive
  • Easy to purchase
  • ​Pure Oils
  • Pure Oils
  • ​​​Lots of testing
  • Large corporation
  • Oils go through only one type of testing
  • Shipping has taken far longer than promised​​​

Healing Solutions

First, we have a company that, like others in this line of business, sell singles, blends they’ve created, and sets for beginners or anyone who might be interested in purchasing a lot of scents at once. Based in Phoenix, AZ, it was started on the idea that creating and distributing a product should be high in quality while remaining affordable to the average person.

They feel that before they came into the business, the only options aromatherapy fans have are few and far between. It was either an enormous corporation that sold via multi-level marketing, which we will explain later or tiny organization that couldn’t meet the demand or supplied inferior scents.

How They Sell

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This company sells directly to the consumer, which is unlike the other company we will be discussing today. You just go to their website and browse their options and put your selections in the shopping cart. After you check out, they send your order to you. I ordered a small bottle of Ylang-ylang, and the shipping was free.

After investigating further, I found that free shipping is standard, which is a fantastic perk.

Quality Of The Product

When it comes to the purity of its products, Healing Solutions offers “full transparency” to all of their consumers. They do this through complete GCMS Testing on all of their oils. GCMS stands for gas chromatography-mass spectrometry. This helps scientists identify what substances make up the oils. The head of their testing is Dr. Matthew Small, who has a Ph.D. in Chemistry.

We could go on about the different compounds that make up essential oils but the truth is, that would take up a lot of time and might get a little boring. The nice thing is- when you purchase oil from Healing Solutions, you can look up the batch on their website and read the results of the testing for yourself.

Growers and Distillers

When it comes to where Healing Solutions obtain their oils, it depends on the oil you are purchasing. They source their oils from every corner of the globe. The country of origin can be found on the product label.

Refund Policy

If a customer is unhappy with their product, Healing Solutions will send their money back or replace it with another product. This goes for sales made directly through Healing Solutions. They do not authorize third-party sales, so you may contact the seller in that situation.

What Are People Saying?

what are people saying

When it comes to this brand, it seems that a lot of the consumers who tried their products were pleased with what they received. They have a great reputation for supplying purchasers with pure essential oils and blends that keep people coming for more.

It seems there were a few buyers who were unhappy with their oils, but they purchased from a third party distributor who may have tampered with it. Third party purchasing is not necessary with Healing Solutions, which is not the case with all aromatherapy companies.

What I Think

I happen to own a very large bottle of Cinnamon oil from Healing Solutions. I like to use it in my recipe for pain relief. It is over a year old, and it is as powerful as ever. I love that you can purchase their oils without having to deal with multi-level marketing.


doTERRA Wellness Advocate in white background

Next, we have a giant in the industry. This company got its start in 2008, and they also began with a goal, which was to distribute the top therapeutic-grade essential oils to the world. Founders of this company come from several professions that include healthcare, business, and marketing. The name is derived from a Latin term that means, “Gift of the Earth.

How They Sell

When it comes to getting their product out there, doTERRA has a different way of going about it than the last company we talked about. They use the multi-level marketing model, which is not unheard of in the world of aromatherapy. In fact, there is another successful essential oil company that utilizes this model.

Also known as direct model selling, this method ultimately turns the user into the seller. For example, if you wanted to purchase a bottle of doTERRA oils, it isn’t as simple as going on their website and ordering what you want. You have to become a member and with that comes obligations to purchase so much per month.

You could look for third-party sellers or advocates, and order from them. I am not a member of doTERRA but I have a friend who is. I order from her so, it is possible to get the products without becoming a member, you just have to find a reputable seller.

Quality Of The Product

Test tubes with different color liquids, dropper, dropping liquid to the tube

doTERRA sets its standards high when it comes to the oils they sell. When they first began, they had a product list of twenty-five singles and ten blends. Now they have grown into a company that offers complete lines of personal care products, supplements, as well as for weight management.

When it comes to testing, this company puts their oils through CPTG Quality Testing, which is a system they set themselves. The tests included in this process include all types of testing from organoleptic, which is done simply with a professional smelling the oil, and the GCMS testing we talked about earlier. The also do microbial and heavy metal testing among others.

Growers And Distillers

doTERRA also collects their oils from harvests all over the world. They set a high standard of working with top growers in the regions where that harvest is native. For example, the Frankincense they sell was derived from dried sap obtained from the Horn of Africa, which is the native land to that particular tree.

Refund Policy

For products that are returned within thirty days, doTERRA gives a full refund of the purchase price. This does not include shipping costs and any paid bonuses. If your purchase was made thirty-one to ninety days prior, you will get a product credit for one hundred percent of the purchase price. The percentage refunded goes down the longer you keep the product.

What Are People Saying?

Woman with eyeglasses facing to circles with pictures of persons connected to each other.

This aromatherapy company has thousands and thousands of satisfied customers, which isn’t surprising in the least. They offer a quality product and give people an opportunity to take their passion for essential oils and make a business of their own. There are purchasers who are not a fan of the direct sales method they use, which increases the price of the oils.

What I Think

I am a big fan of the doTERRA blend InTune so I can’t do anything but rave about this company’s products. They are pure and last long. I would purchase them again and again.


There almost as many choices for aromatherapy suppliers as there are scents. That’s fine because the competition is healthy and keeps them all honest. When it comes to the two, I would think Healthy Solutions is a better choice for someone working with a budget and not interested in selling to their friends and family.

If you want to dive in, doTERRA is a great option for those looking for a side job that involves something they love. If you have experiences with either of these companies, please leave us your thoughts in the comments section below.

1 thought on “Healing Solutions Essential Oils vs doTERRA: Which Should You Buy?”

  1. Yes, doTERRA is a multi-level marketing company and you can make a business from selling their oils. However, you do NOT have to become a marketer to get the cheapest prices, nor do you have to sell anything, ever, if you don’t want to. You can purchase at retail, but you can also join (think Costco, BJs, etc.) to be able to get the oils at wholesale and also earn up to an additional 30% off if you purchase regularly – which is up to you. While shipping is not free, regardless of whether you purchase regularly, as a wholesale customer, you get credits in the amount of the standard shipping which you can use to purchase free oils.

    Also, doTERRA uses co-impact sourcing, meaning they work with the growers in the countries where the oils are native (to ensure the highest potency) to help people in those areas build and sustain a business to help provide for their families. The oils are tested all the way through and you can take the code on the bottom of each bottle and follow the testing. If it does not meet doTERRA’s high quality standards at any point, that batch will never be utilized by doTERRA.


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