Image Name Essential Oils for Menopause Symptom Relief Effective Strategies

Essential Oils for Menopause Symptom Relief Effective Strategies

Easing Menopause Symptoms With Essential Oils

Are you navigating the menopause rollercoaster? You’re not alone! A study conducted by the North American Menopause Society shows that about 75% of women undergo this problem in the postmenopausal stage. Such a process involves changes and many difficulties. “We all must face our fears and ask them to come and sit at the dinner table with us,” Maya Angelou famously stated. How have you been handling the rollercoaster ride? Did you try lavender to relieve stress or peppermint for sudden onset of flushes? The power of sharing your experiences with you and other girls who walk in the same shoes is enormous.

Which Essential Oil Is The Best Oil For Menopause?

Every woman has that one oil she prefers above all others in this field of essential oil. Do you opt for the earthy clary sage, the sweet geranium, or the uplifting ylang-ylang when following your wellness routine? As per Dr. Jane Buckle, a certified aromatherapist, “Essential oil is effective in controlling menopausal symptoms in view of their chemical compounds engaging in interaction with the male’s nervous and endocrine systems.” Tell us which essential oil you have always relied on. The wisdom you have might be what another woman discovers as a new ally that helps their health.

Oil Fun Facts

OK! It’s time for some essential oil fun facts! A critical but important step of hosting a patch test party with my own oils. Safety first, right? The NaHa also recommends doing this as it can help detect the likelihood of your skin reacting. Also, what can you say about your type of oil? An organic, pure oil life, anyone? The importance of utilizing natural, pure, and therapeutic-grade essential oils should be noted in a report published by the International Journal of Aromatherapy. Quality oils are discussed in great detail here.

Your Path Through Menopause

The path of menopause is different for every woman, so the process is private. What do you do regarding these obstacles? “Menopause indicates that ‘I want to be fat-free and cancer-free and live as long as possible.’ Do you have any special self-care rituals or certain essential oil blends that have become your secret weapons?” According to a recent article in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine, essential oils may be effective for treating menopausal symptoms such as hot flashes, depression, headaches, and disordered sleep patterns. Sharing your wisdom encourages others to embrace individualistic forms of wellness during menopause.

DIY Recipe: Soothing Menopause Blend

Let us now start making our own essential oil blend that will cure menopausal symptoms. It blends with essential oils used for its calming features, as well as its capacity to restore the state of hormones.



  • Add them into a dark, small glass container. According to the American College of Healthcare Sciences, the use of dark glass assists in keeping the oils fresh by protecting them from direct sunlight rays.
  • Mix in the jojoba oil to make a comforting emollient. The Johnboa oil is a great example of a carrier oil that is compatible with the skin.
  • Ensure that you shake it well so that all oils can be evenly mixed. At this stage, a balanced mix is created.
  • Use a little mix on the wrist, neckline, or pulse points. Oils tend to absorb better at the neck and wrists.
  • Put some droplets on your pillow for a calming bedtime, and use the oil in the diffuser in your bedroom. It has an amazingly calm aroma that helps to establish a tranquil mood, which is favorable for relaxing.
  • Ensure you do a patch test before widespread use to determine if the drug is compatible with your skin.
  • The hormonal balancing capacity of clary sage, the calming power of lavender, and the refreshing touch of peppermint make up this DIY Blend. Frankincense balances emotions, while geranium stabilizes moods. Carrier oil makes the blend kind to a person’s skin and helps even its application.

    If you want even more ideas about 22 essential oils that can help you balance those hormones see this article.

Where To Apply

  • Wrists: Apply a small amount of the blend to your inner wrists. The skin on the wrists is thin, allowing for quick absorption of the essential oils into your bloodstream.
  • Neck: Gently massage the blend onto the back of your neck. This area is rich in pulse points and provides an excellent pathway for the oils to reach your system.
  • Pulse Points: Apply the blend to various pulse points, such as behind your ears and at the base of your throat. These points have increased blood flow, enhancing the diffusion of the essential oils.

Breaking the Taboo

In conclusion of this discussion, it is prudent to appreciate the fact that there are still some circles where discussing menopause remains to be a bit controversial. However, it shouldn’t be. After all, menopause should be recognized as just another part of us growing older – we need to discuss with each other our experiences, advice, and support and, in this way, overcome the barriers that prevent it from being so. “The taboo on aging and menopause” – as the author and activist Gloria Steinem once said in her book: “The Power of the Feminine Mystique.” Also check out our article how to balance hormones using essential oils.

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