Image Name Améo Essential Oils vs Young Living: Broken Down Side By Side

Améo Essential Oils vs Young Living: Broken Down Side By Side

There are so many essential oil companies it’s difficult to know which is the best for you. They all sell what seems to be the same products but what about their standards? Do they test their products to make sure they are pure? How do you buy from them and what other services do they offer?

Questions like these pop into my head when I consider trying a different essential oil distributor. That’s why we like to compare them side by side so you can make an educated decision for your aromatherapy needs. Here we go with Améo Essential Oils vs Young Living, a side by side comparison.

Améo Essential Oils vs Young Living Comparison

Améo ​​​ Young Living
Ameo Orange Essential Oil in white background
Young Living lavender in white background
  • Has a thorough system of ensuring a quality product
  • Focuses on customer service and purity of the oils
  • Gives the buyer an option of direct buying or multi-level opportunities
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  • Pioneer in the aromatherapy industry
  • Has a long list of products for several areas of your life
  • Offers opportunities for people to start a business
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Ameo True lavender, lemon, peppermint essential oils in white background

We’ll start with the lesser known company, which is a division of a larger company called Zija. The mother company began in 2006 as a dietary supplement corporation dedicated to supplying the world with nutrition. Zija is committed to quality without compromise, full transparency for their practices and procedures, and impeccable integrity.

Launched in 2015, the essential oil division of Zija was named Améo, which is a combination of the French word âme, meaning soul, and the Spanish word Rico, meaning rich. When learning this it’s easy to see where this company is going. They intended to enrich the soul. They offer a line of aromatherapy accessories, like diffusers, but their offerings are limited.

What Sets Them Apart

The more you read about essential oil companies you will find that one important aspect of their brand is to ensure quality and purity, which is done with thorough testing and commitments to authenticity and transparency. Améo has put together its own structured system of steps to ensure integrity in the essential oils.

Certi 5

This is the system of checks and balances Améo has constructed to provide the best possible product to their consumers. It is titled Certi 5 because the extracts that they supply us with are certified grade.

More importantly, the brand is making sure their scents are Cell Active and Permeable™. More on this later. Here are the steps in Améo’s system.


With all of their products, including the essential oils, Zija and Améo are prudent in their research for the perfect harvest grown in the best location. The origin of the plant is extremely important so that optimal growing conditions are safeguarded. Jeopardizing the plant results in less than perfect extracts.

Over time Zija has developed partnerships with farmers around the world that are valued by both parties. They are selected for their practices, which are required to be eco-friendly and sustainable. Suppliers also use practices for growing and harvesting that are up to Améo’s ethics standards.


Male scientist using medical tool for extraction of liquid from samples in special laboratory or medical room

Améo conducts all the standard testing you will find in most essential oil companies, like gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (GC/MS). They also offer an opportunity, and in their website, you can enter your batch number and find the results of the testing for that particular oil.

The one thing I found they offer that we haven’t found in any of our research is that they use fluorescence photography for every batch. This enables their scientists to see the oils penetrate and become viable in human cells in real time. You can see a video of those oils permeating human cells when looking up the batch number.

The reason Améo is so interested in their oils ability to permeate the cells is because of the position of cells in our existence. Cells are the basic building blocks of life and this company believes real health begins at this level. That said, Améo also offers third-party testing.


When it comes to each of these steps, the people at Améo’s scientific advisory board are right there making sure everything goes well from the moment those raw botanicals are grown until their extracts are bottled and sealed. They ensure that the oils you purchase are safe to use and effective.

How They Sell

two laptops exchanging money and products in gray background

If you find that you love the idea of trying Améo oils, it’s pretty easy to do that. Because you can go right on the website, put your selected item(s) in the shopping cart, and then check out. You don’t get to see a shipping price until you enter a credit card number.

Even though they offer this easy way of purchasing their products, Zija is a multi-level marketing company, which offers tiers, benefits, and wholesale pricing. While some people look down on the system it has worked over many years for a myriad of companies for a reason. Some people enjoy the opportunity to earn money while promoting a product they love.

Refund Policy

While I couldn’t find specific refund instructions on Améo’s site since they are a division of Zija International we took a look at their policy. It is very detailed and depends on a good many factors. First, if you have an Initial Order then Zija stands by their Guarantee. After that, your product needs to be in “resalable” condition, which they will decide after examination.

Young Living

Young Living Essential oils logo in balck background

Next, we have a company that is very well known in the world of aromatherapy and essential oils and with good reason. Founders Gary and Mary Young were pioneers when they started their company in 1994. With his knowledge of the powers that these extracts hold and her business expertise, Young Living was born.

Today they are one of the largest distributors of natural extracts in the business. They have created blends, like Thieves, that remain best sellers and popular with users worldwide. Young Living also offers diffusers, cleaning supplies, body care products, toothpaste, and so much more. Each of their lines is based around the power of essential oils.

What Sets Them Apart

Aside from their experience, Young Living holds its production system and partnership up to high standards as well. In fact, they were a leader in self-constructed quality steps when it comes to aromatherapy extracts.

Seed to Seal®

Seed to Seal logo in golden circle

The name of the Young Living system is rather descriptive for three simple words. When we read Seed to Seal, we know that their intention is to ensure a quality product from the moment that seed is planted until the seal is secure on that little amber bottle.


Young Living has farms of their own and sources their harvests from reputable farmers all over the world. They too believe that when a crop is grown in its natural habitat the oils extracted from it are all the more powerful.


Young Living puts every batch through their own series of tests, which include a great deal of the standards like GC/MS and organoleptic testing, which is when a professional smell the oil that has been placed on a testing strip.


Only top of the line equipment is used when collecting the oils from their host botanicals. Young Living also hires scientists who are top in their field.

How They Sell

Woman buying online. Beautiful woman, wearing white long sleeve blouse and blue pants with curled hair, sitting in the couch with pillows, looking at her laptop while holding a card. At her back is a wall and figurines in blurred

This company was one of the first to combine the idea of selling essential oils via a multi-level marketing system, which we mentioned with the last company. You can purchase their products via their website shopping cart as well, but you only get the wholesale prices if you become a member. It is worth it for someone who goes through a lot of essential oils.

Of course, you can find a member in your area to order for you, which is what a lot of people do. Those people use that opportunity to earn some extra cash, which I would happily pay a member if I didn’t want to commit to anything just yet. It’s been working for them for decades so if it isn’t broken, why fix it.

Refund Policy

If you want to return a product purchased from a third-party vendor then you need to contact that seller for their return policies. If you purchased via Young Living then the refund policy is as follows.

Unopened merchandise returned within 30 days receives a full refund. If the product has been opened then you can receive full credit if returned to Young Living in 30 days. From day 31 to day 90, the product can be returned but only for the amount of product that still remains in the container.


The only difference I see in these two companies is their age and the amount of product they offer. Young Living has more to offer because they have been in the industry longer. Améo isn’t too far behind.

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