Image Name A DIY Aromatherapy Neck Pillow For Some “Me” Time

A DIY Aromatherapy Neck Pillow For Some “Me” Time

We’ve all had those days when work has been too much and everything at home seems as chaotic as it can possibly be. That’s when you need to take a few moments, preferably an hour, to sit or lay in a room alone. “Me” time is extremely important when it comes to maintaining our sanity while dealing with the day to day hassles.

“Me” time can mean anything you want it to. You can sit in a rocking chair and read, lay on the sofa and shut off all your devices, or you can take a siesta in the yard in your favorite hammock. Whatever relaxation looks like to you, a neck pillow with some relaxing essential oils is the perfect addition.

In this video, Adrianne shows us how to take a sock, some rice, and a few of her favorite essential oils and turn them into a nice neck pillow that will relieve stress and headaches. Of course, you need a needle and some thread to seal up the open side of the sock after you fill it.

We all have that extra sock in our drawer that we wish we could reunite with its missing partner. This project will not only put those odd socks to good use, you can make one for every member of your family, or label them according to the scent you put in and what they could be used for like headaches or insomnia.

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