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DIY Natural Deodorant Spray Recipe

All-natural products are considered the best and most trustworthy of products for health and safety. Understanding this fact is the easy part but finding products that are really all-natural in the market is a whole other situation. Many producers will claim that they have organic and all-natural ingredients for their products, but is that really the case?

The truth behind batch production, a method of production most companies use, is that the cheaper and easily accessible their ingredients are, the more they can make. Chemically produced ingredients are cheaper and easier to come by than fresh, quality ingredients. So, while they may claim that their product is natural, it may be concealed behind a chemical-based preservatives and enhancers that take away the natural quality.

A Closer Look

Why am I telling you all of this? Because all of these facts lead to one thing; it’s almost impossible to find an all-natural product in today’s market. So now the question is, how are you going to find an all-natural solution for your health and safety concerns?

By creating homemade products of course! A homemade deodorant is not hard to make, and you can rest assured that everything you place in the deodorant is natural, chemical-free, and won’t harm your skin.

What You Will Need to Make Your Deodorant

The deodorant we are going to make is based on the powers of magnesium oil. Most deodorant recipes you may find online today will have baking soda as their main ingredient. While this does create a more effective outcome, some people find baking soda gives them rashes and some discomfort/pain in their underarms.

Why Magnesium?

Your biggest question at this point may be, why magnesium rather than baking soda? This is because magnesium is an essential mineral our body requires but can never seem to get enough of. Even with the healthiest of diets, magnesium always seems to trail behind the rest of your vitamins and minerals, and many people end up lacking it. By using a magnesium oil deodorant, you’re not only using a more sensitive base for your skin, but also providing yourself with a required mineral.

You will need:

A cup of magnesium oil,essential oil and a spray bottle on top of a chopping board.

  • 4 ounces of magnesium oil. You can either buy this or make it yourself. I just bought some, but I’ve included a quick tutorial on how to make it yourself.
  • 10-15 drops of your preferred essential oil. This will create a pleasant scent under your armpit that masks natural body odor. I used lavender, it’s one of my favorites and is soothing to my skin.
  • A 4-8-ounce spray bottle. This bottle will hold your mixture.

Now, for making your magnesium oil. Some people will find it easier to simply buy the magnesium oil from the store (I did!), but since you’re already on a DIY natural deodorant roll, making the magnesium oil yourself will just ensure the entirety of your all-natural solution.

Materials needed to make your magnesium oil:

Step by Step Instructions

First, we’ll start off with the process of making the magnesium oil. If you purchased the oil read-made like I did, just skip steps 1-3.

Step One: Boil

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Boil your distilled water so the mixture will last longer. Keep it over high heat until the water starts to bubble.

Step Two: Add Flakes

Young Woman Pouring Magnesium Flakes On A Cup.
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Place all your flakes of magnesium chloride inside your bowl and gently pour the boiling water over it. Stir flakes until they are totally dissolved. You don’t want to pour the flakes into the boiling water. Pouring the water over allows the magnesium to dissolve slower so there is more absorption.

Step Three: Cool

Step Three

Once ready, set aside to cool. If you proceed to the next step with warm/hot oil, then it will affect the properties of the essential oils.

Now comes the process of turning this magnesium oil into a deodorant. Like I said before, if you just went ahead and purchased ready-made oil, then you can skip to this step to start.

Step Four: Mix

Pouring Mixture on Spray Bottle

Step Four a

Pour your magnesium oil in a spray bottle, then add in your essential oils for that added scent of pleasant smells and store in a room temperature place.

And you’re done! Now you have an all-natural spray deodorant you can use without the worry of harmful chemicals or toxic build-up underneath your skin.

Directions to Use Properly

Apply to your underarm sparingly. You don’t want to spray too much, otherwise, you’ll be left with excess deodorant that can stain your clothes. Rub it around the designated area and let it dry out for five seconds before putting your clothes on.

If you’re switching from a store-bought deodorant to your own natural one, there is a detox period to keep in mind in which your skin removes all the built-in toxins. This process can take anywhere between 2 weeks to 10 weeks. It depends on what type of deodorant you were using and how much you were using it.

After this period, you’re sweating, smells, and worries will all go away and you’ll feel much better. Your skin will breathe fresh air easier and the health effects of using magnesium will reap in your underarm.


diy deodorant in a spray bottle

And with this, you have created for yourself a helpful, DIY deodorant! You can get the required amount of magnesium every day and you won’t smell in your underarms. If this article was helpful for you, then comment and share your experience with this deodorant, and spread the word to other curious onlookers!

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