Image Name Edens Garden Essential Oils Reviews: A Comprehensive Look At The Brand

Edens Garden Essential Oils Reviews: A Comprehensive Look At The Brand

Edens Garden Top 6 Essential Oil Set

Edens Garden Top 6 Essential Oil Set

As aromatherapy fans, we’ve heard of Edens Garden but did you know that their name is an acronym? It stands for Effective, Dedicated, Educated, Natural, and Safe, which is on par with their goal to supply amazing scents to fans of essential oils. Like any respectable brand, they make sure that their oils are as pure as it can get for each one of us to enjoy.


As I write more and more about essential oils, I notice differences and similarities in a lot of the companies that sell these wonderfully powerful extracts. Just like you, I am a user who is confident about some aromatherapy decisions and not so sure about others. I think we can all agree that the most important factor in it all is whether or not the oils are pure.

Today, we are going to take a close look at a popular essential oil company. We will take a look at who they are, how they started, what makes them stand out from the rest, and what other consumers think about their products. Without further adieu, here is our Edens Garden Essential Oils review.

The Beginning


Edens Garden was founded by Grace Martin after she had worked in the industry of natural products for nearly ten years. She found after spending that time that the world needed an essential oil company that doesn’t skimp on quality yet sells their products at an affordable rate. So she started her aromatherapy company in 2009 and set out to make her dreams come true.

Today, this company has developed into a powerhouse and offer a list of aromatherapy products that are too large to count. In the world of scents, this company has made a name for itself.

Their Process

Every essential oils provider has a series of steps to go through before bottling up the oils and shipping them out. They don’t vary much, but each company has its own unique twist on how to do it. Here is how.


This company sources them from the area of the world they grow organically. Through the years, they have built long term friendships with indigenous farmers, and the trust is mutual. At no stage of the process are there ever any pesticides, synthetic chemicals, herbicides, GMOs, or chemical fertilizers used during the growing process.


distillation of essential oils in a factory

When the oils are extracted, the process is completed in the country where the host plant was grown. The people at Edens Garden offer full transparency and encourage buyers to visit these spaces. That way, they can be sure that they are working up to the set of standards. This stage of the process is also free of any chemical use.

After the extraction is completed, these 100% pure therapeutic grade oils are left to be used and loved. They also promise that, as far as they know, they deal only with organic growers. They only deal with farmers that follow all the USDA food/product safety guidelines.


Once the extracts are free of their host plant, they are tested for purity. They use third-party facilities, and testers conduct gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (GC/MS) testing on every batch of oils and the reports are on every product page. When reading them, you can find a detailed breakdown of the components in your oil.

If you have seen this term (GC.MS) when reading about essential oils but aren’t sure what it means, this company explains it well. This process separates the compounds into their smallest component. To do this, the oil is entered into the testing machine where it is turned into vapor.

Helium or hydrogen carry the vapor through a column that is heated. The way the compounds react to the changing heat tells the chemist a lot about the purity of the oils.


During this stage, Edens Garden puts nothing in those bottles other than the pure essential oil you are purchasing. At no time bases, carriers, paraffin, or additives are used. This company insists on working with organic distillers as well.

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Edens Pledge

Showing teamwork with hands together

In a fun play on words, this company has put their pledge right into their name.

  • E – Effective – They promise all of their oils work
  • D – Dedicated – They are a customer-first company dedicated to the consumer
  • E – Educated – They conduct research regularly to make themselves better every day
  • N – Natural – The oils sold are all natural and free of additives and synthetics
  • S – Safe – They test their products for safety through third-party GC/MS testing

The Products

Edens Garden Essential Products

Now that we know how they create their oils, let’s look at what they offer. Sure, we know they have a long list of singles that include familiar scents like lavender and exotic aromas like Amyris. It doesn’t stop there.

Their Synergy Blends are well thought out and designed to help the user with specific issues. For example, Age Defy is a carefully blended mix of Frankincense, Sandalwood, Lavender, Myrrh, Helichrysum, and Rose. It was created for the user to add to their favorite carrier oil or lotion to battle signs of aging like wrinkles.

Another line of products they offer is a series of oils that they deem OK For Kids, plus a line of carrier substances that is the largest I have seen thus far. It includes wheat germ oil, tamanu, and meadowfoam. They also put selected blends into roll-on bottles so users can take their favorite scents on the go.

Just when you thought the list of products is complete, I am here to tell you that we aren’t even close. The professionals at this company also create and sell body and home care products, diffusers, bags, cases, kits, sets, amber glass bottles with or without roll-on attachments, bottle cap stickers, pipettes for easy fill, refill pads, and carrying cases.

There are options to buy gift cards for friends, and they even have a section on their website that highlights the sales they have going on at any given moment. The best part about it is all of their products are created naturally without fillers or synthetics.

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How They Sell

Businessman drawing multi level marketing scheme

If you’ve been learning a bit of the aromatherapy game then you already know that some companies utilize the multi-level marketing system (MLM) to advance their business, which emboldens users to enlist other users to try the product. While this system has worked for others, the people at this company prefers a direct to consumer method of selling.

They feel it creates a better relationship with the buyer, it lessens the cost of the oils, and they find it all around easier to deal with than the tiers involved in MLM.


You can purchase Edens Garden products without becoming a member to reap the various awards they have to offer. The Lavender Membership offers 1 note (reward) for every $1 you spend while the Rose Membership offers 2 notes for every $1 spent. Here is a breakdown of what notes will get you.

  • 200 notes = $5
  • 500 notes = $15
  • 750 notes = $25
  • 1400 notes = $50

It seems that if you are not a frequent user, the membership isn’t necessary. But, if you are a person who moves through their essential oils fast then one of these options would be great for you.


When you buy something from Edens Garden directly, not via third-party, then they have a “30-day no questions asked” return policy. You can call or write an email to them for instructions.

Giving Back

Thumbs up from a man in a suit

I took the title of this section directly from their website because it says it all so well. As a company who is focused on natural solutions and making the world a better place, this company started two programs to enhance the world we live in.

Teen Challenge

This is a rehab system that utilizes a Christian belief system to help sufferers better themselves and take a productive place in society. This is done by aiding them toward mental stability and emotionally balanced life.


This stands for Youth With A Mission and is a worldwide movement to promote Christian traditions.


5 star rating review illustration graphic

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No matter what religion you belong to or if you don’t practice at all when it comes to aromatherapy, none of that matters. As users, we want purity, and it seems that this company and their products hold up to the consumer test. Buyers love the potency and were pleased with the price as well. There was one report of leaking bottles but that was bought from a third-party seller.



If you are anything like me then you don’t subscribe to only one brand of essential oil. I am always on the lookout for good products and great deals. After researching Edens Garden, I would say that anyone who is intrigued should give them a try. There are no risks for the first order, and if you aren’t happy, they will give you a refund.

If you love their oils then you have all the more options for aromatherapy swag to enter your life.

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