Image Name It Works! Essential Oils Review: An In Depth Look At Their Selections

It Works! Essential Oils Review

It Works! Global Eucalyptus 100% Essential Oil

It Works! Essential Oils

The It Works! Company has been around for close to 20 years and offers a variety of healthy lifestyle choices for both body and mind. Although their oils are quality, despite not being wholly transparent compared to other oil companies, their selection of choices is severely limited- and it seems they may be scaling back on future oil sales. What is offered is well thought out and popular with those who use them.

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Even if you consider yourself an old pro in the use of essential oils, the popularity of their use has seen a rise in oil availability through various companies. It seems like there are many opportunities to try out new oil options and blends as they are added to the many products well-established companies already offer. One such company is It Works! Founded as a health and wellness company, they offer a wide range of products you can integrate into your daily routine.

These essential oils provide a small, but powerful selection of natural oils for topical and aromatherapeutic uses. The It Works! essential oils reviews below provide you the information you may need to decide if these are a product worth considering.

About the It Works! Company

It Works! Headquarters
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It Works! was founded in 2001 by a husband and wife team to help address innovative ideas to influence a healthier lifestyle. They are a direct sales company that has gone global to bring their products to those looking for ways to improve themselves mentally, physically, and financially. They also offer a non-profit give back program addressing topics such as Anti-Human Trafficking, Crisis Response, Pediatric Cancer Research, Veterans Support, and Homeless Outreach.

What They Offer

The company offers a wide variety of products designed to influence a healthier lifestyle through beauty and nutrition options. Everything from body and skin care to nutritional supplements like probiotics, vitamins, and keto coffee are offered. Single products, packs of products, and lifestyle bundles are also available to provide choices and options surrounding cost savings.

How to Shop

Businessman drawing multi level marketing scheme

It Works! is a multi-level marketing (MLM) company that provides business opportunities to its members. In this manner, consumers are able to buy products at a discount as well as sell products for even further financial savings and gain. You can also buy directly from the company under a loyalty customer program that commits to monthly product refills or purchase at full price.

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It Works! Essential Oil Products

It Works! Global Eucalyptus 100% Essential Oil in a white background

The company provides a very limited selection of essential oil since it is not their main market focus. The oil selection surrounds supplementing their long-standing products with optional healthy lifestyle choices. Currently, they offer 6 oils designed specifically for topical and diffusion uses but we’ll only go through 3 of their most featured oils, namely Lavender, Clear, and Chill. Although they provide information on their oil processes for quality control, they do not have the detailed transparency many other companies who specialize in oils offer.

Grade and Quality

These oils are 100% pure, unadulterated oils that are undiluted and do not contain any chemicals or added substances. Derived only from botanical sources found in the climates where they grow best, these oils are tested and verified for purity and quality before bottling.


The oils are extracted from plants found throughout the world that are grown in the ideal climates and supportive soils specific to their growth habits They are cultivated from well-established growers, many who also supply other companies worldwide. All growers used have completed qualification programs in references to source specifications, standards, and health compliances. The country of origin is available to consumers.


distillation of essential oils in a factory

All oils are either cold pressed directly from the source while fresh, or steam distilled right in the fields they are harvested from.


All oils go through a 5-step testing process concerning the quality of color, fragrance, density, refractive index, and for natural chemical components. All blends also go through this process after the blending has occurred. This is a typical process for quality oils, and most are supplied a batch number after it is complete. It Works! Does not supply that batch number.

Oil Warnings

As with any substance, the company provides a basic warning about essential oil use. Topical and diffusion use should always be approached with care to avoid allergen responses. If concerns are present always consult with your health care provider.

Lavender Essential Oil

lavender essential oil it works! in the white background

Lavender has long been used as a stand-alone and favorite for blending to provide a calming and stressfree experience. It is considered a safe oil and has many applications to be used at any time of day for mental and physical health purposes.


This slightly sweet, herbal, and floral scent is not overpowering and is a sunny, clean smell reminiscent of the open fields the plant grows in.

How to Use

All It Works! oils can be used as diffusion or topical application.


Diffuse anywhere to reduce stress, bring clarity and focus, and provide balance. It is great at any time and is especially helpful prior to falling asleep.


Dilute with a carrier or use neat and apply to pressure points or use as a massage oil.

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Chill Blend Essential Oil

Chill Blend by It Works on the white background

The Chill oil blend is sold in a combination with the Clear oil blend to provide both aromatic and topical experience options. Chill is derived from a blend of 5 different oils to provide a relaxing, calming experience perfect for after a long day of work. It is designed to help create a sense of balance and release.

Oils Included

The specialized blend of oil is designed are hand chosen to work together to create the “Chill” effect. Their scents and uses compliment each other well to create a relaxing atmosphere.


Lavandin is a hybrid lavender plant that produces high yields of oil and a similar scent to true lavender. It is considered calming and relaxing.


Aroma oil with citrus on yellow background

This bright, uplifting citrus is tangy and rich smelling and is used for focus and clarity.

Clary Sage

Earthy clary sage provides warm notes that are relaxing and provide clarity and focus.


Sharp, clean balsam is often used for reflection and balance.

Orange Peel

bottles with Essential Oil of orange peel and leaf on wooden table.

Orange has long been used for a clean, uplifting, energizing scent that mixes well with many other oils to help provide balance.


Earthy tones are lifted by bright citrus to provide a clean, crisp smell.

How to Use

All It Works! oils can be used as diffusion or topical application.


Diffuse in your workspace or home to help provide a relaxing feeling, reduce stress and anxiety, and provide a clearer mind and focus to a task at hand, or simply to “Chill”.


Dilute the oil with a carrier oil and apply to your wrists, behind ears, behind knees, and upon your temples to experience the calming effect it provides.

Clear Blend Essential Oil

Clear Blend by It Works on the white background

Sold with the Chill blend, the Clear blend provides a blend of 7 oils to create a sense of clearing, focused, and balanced harmony. Perfect for workspaces and areas of study, it is designed to help you keep in mind what is important to stimulate your energy.

Oils Included

Like the Chill blend, these oils are chosen based on scent and ability to create a mixture of pleasant aromatics and uplifting focus.


Crisp and clean, this oil is stimulating, refreshing and helps you focus.


Essential aroma oil with peppermint on wooden background. Selective focus, horizontal.

Sharp and minty, peppermint has long been used for clarity and energy.


This is a fresh scent oil that is woodsy and rich. It helps balance more crisp scents and brings harmony.

May Chang

This lemony scent is bright and energizing and is used for mental clarity and health.


Uplifting and energizing, myrtle is used to elevate your mood.

Bay Leaf

A bottle of essential oil with fresh bay leaves on rustic wooden background

Strong and spicy, this oil is similar to clove in scent and provides a relaxing effect.

Elemi Gum

This peppery scent reduces stress and is popular to use with brighter notes in aromatherapy.


Sharp, crisp, clear and uplifting, slight citrus notes blend well with clean evergreens and herbs with warm woodsy undertones.

How to Use

All It Works! oils can be used as diffusion or topical application.


Diffuse wherever you need a clear focus or are looking to clear your mind.


Mix with a carrier and use throughout the day to clear your mind and bring focus to your task or use in a massage before bed on your back and chest to help you wake feeling more refreshed.

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Consumer Reviews

Customer reviews in speech clouds or bubbles for people sharing their review of products or services

Those who have used and reviewed these oil and oil blends seem to enjoy their fragrance and healthy support they provide. They are considered affordable and seem to be a preference for use in diffusers. The company at one point offered some other single and blend choices, but since it was not a main point of sale seems to have cut back in their overall selection.


If you have heard of It Works! and tried their products, you probably aren’t surprised to hear they offer essential oil use options. These choices are very limited but do seem to offer a quality choice for both topical and aromatic enjoyment to bring peace, calming, relaxation, and focus to your spaces. We would love to hear from you concerning your own experiences with these products, as well as if you have any questions. And, as always, please share!

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