Image Name Jade Bloom vs Doterra: Side By Side In Detail

Jade Bloom vs Doterra: Side By Side In Detail

Aromatherapy can reach and heal so many different areas of our lives. Whether it’s a physical ailment like arthritis or a mental issue like exhaustion, essential oils hold a great deal of power to aid us simply by smelling them or applying them to our skin. Of course, it’s important to know how to use essential oils correctly before just using them randomly.

Besides educating ourselves on how to use them, it’s important to know where we are getting our oils in the first place. This in-depth comparison puts two leading suppliers side by side for you to see. Jade Bloom vs Doterra; which is the best choice for you?

Jade Bloom vs Doterra Comparison

​​Jade Bloom


Jade Bloom Essential Lemon Oil in white background
doTerra Lemon Essential Oil in white background
  • Pure Oils
  • Great refund policy
  • Offers free University with the option to earn free oils
  • Thoroughly tested oils
  • Provides opportunities to build a business
  • Their original blends remain popular with dozens of users
  • Doesn’t offer business building opportunities

  • Can’t purchase their products without a membership or knowing a member

Jade Bloom

Jade Bloom Essential Lemon Oil in white background

Based in Draper, UT, this essential oil company got their start in 2014, which is a bit later than the other supplier we will be discussing in this piece. No matter when they started creating oils and getting them out into the world, Jade Bloom’s product selection is loaded with singles, blends, carrier oils, and other natural products.

The founders of this company brought it to life because they had a dream to bring natural health remedies to the world at a price they could afford. They envision a world where people use natural cures first, and if those are exhausted, turn to synthetic fixes as a secondary option.

Their Process

The more I research essential oil companies, the more I find that they all have the same idea in mind, for the most part, but they all have their own unique way of saying it. For Jade Bloom, this system falls under the title of Health, Healing, & Happiness™. There are four points to this internal system.

  1. Quality commitment trumps cost savings
  2. Based on education with excellent scientific studies
  3. Customer happiness is number one
  4. Keeping consumer costs down while distributing the purest products


Woman wearing white lab gown holding test tube inside laboratory

Speaking of purity, fans of essential oils know that every batch has to go through a series of tests if the distributor is doing their job correctly. As for Jade Bloom, it seems as if they are. They test a number of ways including gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (GC-MS), which is particularly important. Jade Bloom also sends their product through third-party testing.


When it comes to the produce that Jade Bloom uses to extract their oils from, they deal with the best indigenous farmers in that area. They make sure to source in the native area that plant is used to. On top of that, their harvests are all non-GMO, free of pesticides, and organic.

The University

This unique part of Jade Bloom is well worth mentioning. When you sign up for their University, you can learn about aromatherapy for free while earning points that you can use to purchase oils. I haven’t finished the program yet but have signed up and am excited to start.

It’s worth mentioning that this is the first I have ever seen of an aromatherapy company that gives you an opportunity for free products without signing up for a membership. The University has four levels. The further you go, the more points you receive and signing up for it is free.

How They Sell

Two man hand shaking in black background with floating dollars

We always keep this section in our comparison pieces simply because there are different schools of thought when it comes to how to sell oils to customers. In the case of Jade Bloom, they prefer the “direct to consumer” method, which cuts out the middleman.

All you do is put your selections in the shopping cart, check out, and wait for your oils to arrive, like most online buying experiences.

Refund Policy

They consider their products to be “no risk”, which is great. You can return any product, open or closed, to Jade Bloom up to 120 days from the date of purchase and get a full refund. They will even pay to have the product shipped back.


doTERRA Wellness Advocate in white background

Getting their start in 2008, this aromatherapy company has been around longer than the last. Doterra was started by a group of like-minded people who wanted to bring therapeutic-grade essential oils to the world around them. With a name that loosely means “Gift of the Earth,” the founders are experts from business to health care.

Since its inception, Doterra has grown to be one of the largest distributors of essential oils in the entire world. Their collection has grown to include hundreds of singles, blends that are unique to them like InTune and Deep Blue, as well as lines of healthcare and home care products.

Their Process

Just like other essential oil companies, Doterra is focused on purity and providing therapeutic grade essential oils. They do this by setting their own group of standards.


You don’t get to be a large contender in the industry by supplying less-than-par products. When it comes to testing the batches of oils they sell, Doterra also complies with a ton of tests that also include the GC/MS testing that is standard in the industry. They also conduct third-party testing.


a native woman in the farm

As for the harvest, Doterra is committed to working with the best growers in the world and currently works with dozens of nations to get their coveted single scents. The distillers they work with are also top of the line.

How They Sell

Unlike the first company we talked about in this piece, Doterra doesn’t work in a direct to consumer format. Instead, these products are purchased via a multi-level marketing system. A quick way to explain that is when you go to the Doterra website you can’t just buy a few bottles and check out.

You have to sign up for a membership, become a Wellness Advocate, and commit to purchasing so much every month. Many people build businesses of their own with this Doterra system and take advantage of the bonuses and rewards. I buy my Doterra oils through a friend who’s a member.

Refund Policy

man's hand using a calculator and money on its side on the table

When a Wellness Advocate returns an item within 30 days, Doterra will refund 100% of the purchase price. Non-marketable products returned by a Wellness Advocate within 30 days will get 100% of the purchase price in credit or 90% refund.

From 31 to 90 days you can get a product credit of 100% or a 90% refund. After 91 days up to 12 months from purchase date, the Wellness Advocate gets either 90% credit or 90% refund, minus shipping costs and bonuses. If you purchase through wellness advocate, you need to go through them.


There’s a good deal of companies that sell essential oils, and the best way to weed them out is to compare two at a time. As for these two, they both come with their own unique blends and systems that ensure their product is pure, as well as ways of selling that will appeal to all different types of users.

Leave a comment below if you found this helpful, and share your thoughts if you have used products from these brands.

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  1. It’s a bit misleading to tell people that they have to get a membership and become a Wellness Advocate to get oils with dōTERRA and that there is a minimum they have to purchase. This is simply not true. One can purchase directly at a retail price from the website. There is an option to purchase a membership in order to get a 25% discount on all products. When you purchase a membership, you can choose whether to remain a Wholesale Customer or start a business of sharing oils and become a Wellness Advocate. There is also a great Loyalty Rewards Program where you earn points as you’re buying the products you already use and love to exchange for more free product. There are a few qualifications for that, but there are NO requirements for keeping your membership active other than the annual membership fee. Please make sure your facts are correct when making a comparison, so people can make informed decisions.


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