Image Name Jade Bloom vs Young Living; Which Essential Oil Company Is Best?

Jade Bloom vs Young Living; Which Essential Oil Company Is Best?

Where we purchase our essential oils is an important decision because we want to get the purest oils for the money we spend. When it comes to my scents, I don’t mind shelling out the cash for a good product but I am always on the lookout for a good deal.

In this article, we are going to take a look at two companies that focus on natural healing solutions that come from essential oils. Jade Bloom vs Young Living; which is the best option?

Jade Bloom Vs Young Living Comparison

Jade Bloom

​​​Young Living

Jade Bloom Lemon Essential Oil
Young Living Everyday Oils Collection
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  • Commitment to purity
  • Conducts third-party testing
  • Direct to consumer sales method
  • Long-standing operation
  • Commitment to purity
  • Sells via Multi-level marketing method

Jade Bloom

Jade BLoom Logo in white background

I won’t lie, this is the first I’ve heard of this company but after researching their website I can honestly say that I want to know more. Getting their start in 2014, this is the youngest essential oil company I have written about to date. Based out of Draper, UT, I have to say, I’ve already fallen in love with this small company.

The Company

Even though they are a youngster in the aromatherapy world, their selections of singles, blends, carrier oils, and natural products derived from their aromas are as vast as any other essential oil company we’ve talked about thus far. As for their mission…

The entire idea about this company is to make natural health solutions available to the world at an affordable price. Jade Bloom’s people envision a world where we still use pharmaceuticals and synthetic cures but only after natural remedies have failed.

The Website

Websites are how we learn about a company in today’s day and age, and there is very little popping into the neighborhood Mom & Pop shop anymore. Finding what I wanted on their website was simple for the most part. When I couldn’t find what I was looking for all, I had to do was ask the little pop-up window and a nice customer service agent named Jackie was quick to answer them with an emoji smile.

Health, Healing, & Happiness™

Woman standing over a sunset horizon with her arms stretched out

This is their phrase, which touches on important points the people at Jade Bloom finds important. Their mission is spelled out as follows…

  1. Commitment to quality over saving costs
  2. Education based on the best scientific studies available
  3. Obsession with customer happiness
  4. Affordable products without skimping on purity

The University

Of all the essential oil companies I’ve researched while writing for this website, I have never seen a better deal or opportunity to earn free essential oils. If you sign up for the University, it costs you nothing, and if you successfully pass all the way to Master, you can use the points that can be traded in for oils.

I signed up for the University for a more in-depth review of this product/service. The University has received rave reviews from other students.


Quality Control Laboratory medicine. Chromatograph operation. Bottles check on the quality of the suspension. Vials on autosampler of gas chromatography-mass spectrophotometer. Ampoules are chemical control suspension in the gas chromatograph. Gas chromatograph operation.

All of this is fine and good, but if the oils aren’t pure, then free products and great customer service won’t make up for it. Yet, when you set out to purchase oils on their site, they are more than happy to let you know what their system entails.

Their batches are sent through a series of tests including Gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (GC-MS) testing and are the first company who chose to publish the results for everyone to see. They also put their batches through third-party testing.

The Products

Jade BLoom Lemon Oil in white background

They source their plants from the best indigenous farmers in that area while conducting audits to make sure their practices are up to standard. All harvests are non-GMO, pesticide-free, and organic.

How They Sell

Jade Bloom’s system is pretty simple, and this is why their oils are so affordable. They cut out the middle man of multi-level marketing (MLM) and let you just buy their oils from their website via the direct to customer sales method.

Refund Policy

Under the label of “No Risk” on their website, it states that Jade Bloom will take back any product up to 120 days from the date of purchase. And they pay the return shipping costs.

Young Living

Young Living Everyday Oils

Next, we have a company that we’ve covered in several articles, but it is perfect for the job if you are looking for two opposites in the essential oil world. For instance, while the last company was the youngest, Young Living is the oldest getting their start in the latter 20th century. Their goal was similar to the last as well, wanting to bring the benefits of essential oils to everyone in the world.

The Website

Even their website seems bigger than the last company’s but that’s understandable. Young Living has been around longer and paved the way for other companies to start in this industry. It’s just as easy to navigate, but you can’t just pop a few bottles into your shopping cart and checkout. More on that later.

Seed to Seal®

Just like our last company, and all other essential oils distributors, Young Living has created an internal system of checks and balances to make sure their oils are pure and therapeutic grade. There are several steps to this system.

First, they have sourcing, which refers to the indigenous farmers they work with to obtain produce from its natural habitat. Science is important and they pride themselves on hiring the best scientists available and using top of the line labs and equipment. They have strict standards, which they and the partners they are working with, are required to adhere to.


Medical scientist preparing new herbal medication, plant qualities lab testing

Just like the last company, the oils that are sold by Young Living go through a series of tests from human smell to the same GC/MS testing. I took the time to look up their batches and reports for their testing is also available for the consumer to read. They also conduct third-party testing.

The Products

This company has been around this long because they have wonderful products. I own several of them and have been pleased with them all- from my Thieves blend, house cleaning solution, lavender oil, and much more. I have yet to find a Young Living product I didn’t enjoy and get good use out of.

How They Sell

A close up shot of a man pulling out money from his brown wallet

This is the one area where Young Living can either throw a bump in your road or open the door of opportunity. It all depends on the way you look at it. They sell their products via the MLM method, which has tiers of sorts. You have to sign up for a membership and agree to buy so much a month.

With this method of selling, they give members an opportunity to sell Young Living oils to others. Membership comes with benefits like exclusive pricing, a rewards program, education opportunities like seminars and conventions, and a supportive community. Business Builders are offered opportunities to earn commissions and bonuses.

As you can see, Young Living is a commitment, which is fine. It obviously works because they have been working this way for decades. You’ll get out of it based on what you put into it.

Refund Policy

If your product is unopened you can return it for a full refund in 30 days. If your product has been opened, you can return it for a Young Living credit within 30 days. After that, any product up to 90 days of purchase can be returned for a credit reflecting the usage of the product.


As it turns out, both of these essential oil companies have similar focuses and goals. They were both started by people who already knew and took advantage of what the benefits these volatile compounds have to offer. Where they differ is the selling method.

How do you want to approach your aromatherapy experience? If you are looking to start small then Jade Bloom is a good place to start, especially with the University option. If you are a devoted user and are looking to take your love of the practice to the next level, Young Living is right up your alley.

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