Image Name Our Review of the Melaleuca Renew Lotion: Features Overview

Our Review of the Melaleuca Renew Lotion

Melaleuca Renew Intensive Skin Therapy Lotion 20 Ounce with Pump in white background

Melaleuca Renew Lotion

An all-natural lotion that nourishes skin and can help treat eczema.

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There are plenty of factors that can contribute to dry skin, both internal and external ones. When it comes to environmental causes, there’s not that much you can control, because you can’t dictate the pace of the weather. Yet colder climates can really take a toll on a person’s skin. The internal factors may be a little bit under your control, but not completely. So, how do you solve the dry skin problem?

Moisturizing your skin isn’t just about making it look smooth: when the skin is properly hydrated, it works against anti-ageing factors. With age, your skin becomes naturally more dehydrated, so finding the right creams and lotion is essential if you want to push it towards a healthier look. While there isn’t a miracle product that will work for all people with dry skin, we’ve found one that does a fairly good job for plenty of customers: The Melaleuca Renew lotion.

A Closer Look at the Melaleuca Renew Lotion

You may have heard about the Melaleuca Wellness Company before. It was founded back in the fall of 1985 by Frank VanderSloot. As a graduate with a bachelor’s degree from Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah, VanderSloot has grown this business into a company worthy of the Inc 500 list of fastest-growing companies list.

Melaleuca Renew Intensive Skin Therapy Lotion 20 Ounce with Pump in white background

The company currently has more than 400 products in its catalogue, ranging from personal care to home cleaning items. Their creed is to introduce people to wellness products that are safe from the environment, but that also bring benefits to their consumers.

The lotion we’re going to talk about today is part of the Renew line of products developed by Melaleuca, a product designed for people with dry and sensitive skin. The lotion was created to bring the right balance of ingredients that can help the skin trap moisture, preventing any dryness, cracks, flaky, or irritated skin.

  • Good for dry skin.
  • Relieves itching.
  • Helps trap moisture.
  • Nourishes deeper skin layer.
  • Good for eczema and other skin conditions.
  • Has been tested to back up its claims.
  • Has a non-greasy formula.
  • Faulty pump.
  • Expensive compared to other lotions.
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Features & Benefits

Ingredients List

Deionized Water

Distilled purified deionised water in plastic bottles with a pump. Measuring graduated cylinder for measuring water volume — Stock Photo Distilled purified deionised water in plastic bottles with a pump. Measuring graduated cylinder for measuring water volume. water fro scientific research and experiments. Water for chemical solutions

You may have heard about deionized water in the past, but you’re not sure what that means for your skin. When creating cosmetics and skincare products, companies aren’t allowed to use regular tap water because it contains a lot of impurities and substances like metal ions, sulphates, or chlorine. Instead, water needs to be brought to a high level of purity in order for it to be safe to use as an ingredient in the industry.

Deionized water has passed through several processes that have cleansed it from toxins, microbes, and pollutants. It passes high-quality standards and is sometimes referred to as demineralized or distilled water. In other words, buying skincare products that contain deionized water means that you have an end product less likely to be contaminated with all sorts of substances and impurities. By the quality standards of the beauty industry, deionized water is superior because it’s extremely purified.


This is a very controversial ingredient, so it seems only fair to talk about it for our readers that might be concerned when spotting it amongst the list of ingredients for the Renew lotion. Petrolatum is made from petroleum, which is crude oil. Naturally, nobody wants to put crude oil on the skin.

A jar of Petroleum jelly isolated on white

As petrolatum is refined and rid of impurities, it begins to shift to a more transparent color. In fact, the differences between petrolatum in different forms are reflected by the colors which mean several grades of product purity. The purest form of petrolatum is USP, which is precisely the kind you find in this Renew lotion.

A lot of people believe that petrolatum is a comedogenic ingredient, meaning that it clogs pores. While that is true for petroleum, it is not true for petrolatum in its purest form. Furthermore, when used on skin that’s prone to acne, it can actually reduce pimples as part of skincare products.

So, if you were one of those people skeptical about the benefits and risks that petroleum has on your skin, rest assured that it won’t do more harm than good. It acts as a protective skin barrier that covers the top layer of the skin, making sure moisture stays where it should.


Anyone who’s ever purchased a skincare product before already known that glycerin is a pretty standard ingredient. It is a humectant, which means that it acts by capturing moisture on your outer dermis level by pulling it from deeper levels and from the air. It has plenty of benefits, such as:

Glycerin in black background

  • Naturally, the first benefit is that it acts as a moisturizer in the cream. Glycerin will keep the surface hydrated by pulling moisture from the inside and outside of your body. It is a great ingredient in skincare products for dry skin, keeping it healthy and hydrated.
  • Glycerin is a great ingredient to have in anti-ageing products, considering that the more your skin ages, the less hydrated it gets, which means that you have to go the extra mile to keep it nice and moisturized. As people age, their skin tends to get rough, which means that you need a product that can smoothen the dermis and prevent dryness-related problems.
  • It is also an ingredient that can act against fungal infections, which leads to a healthier skin overall. It’s a good ingredient for lotions suitable for people who have psoriasis or atopic dermatitis.
  • And one of the best parts is that glycerin is an ingredient that’s safe for everyday use. It has plenty of nourishing properties, which means that your skin can stay safe in both winter and summer.

Melaleuca Oil

Melaleuca oil may sound very exotic, but it’s nothing more than a type of oil you’ve most likely heard of; tea tree oil. It comes from steaming the Australian tea tree’s leaves, and is one very common ingredient in skincare products because it can:

Melaleuca essential oil in the pharmaceutical bottle with twigs. Isolated on white background.

  • Help with dry skin. It is one of the best oils to help soothe dry skin problems, but it also helps with irritation and inflammation of skin conditions such as eczema.
  • Combat oily skin. Tea tree masks are a very common form of treatment for oily skin. As studies suggest, using tea tree oil on oily skin can combat oiliness when applied regularly over a period of several days.
  • Alleviate itchy skin. Melaleuca oil has anti-inflammatory properties and can help soothe the discomfort caused by itchy skin.
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How It Works

pea-sized lotion or moisturizer in a woman's hand

First, a little bit of biology. People that have healthy skin have four different layers:

  • The stratum corneum is the outer layer of the skin. This is where your mature skin cells are, and they come together to create a protective skin barrier.
  • The next layer is stratum granulosum. Here, the organelles and nuclei of your maturing skin cells are affected by enzymes.
  • Next, you have the stratum spinosum. This is where the shape of your cells change, shifting from columnar to polyonal.
  • The last layer of healthy skin is the stratum basale. Here, your skin cells are differentiated and divided.

At the base of the formula for this lotion lie two main ingredients: glycerin and petrolatum. Each of these has a very specific part to play:

  • Petrolatum will stay on the surface of the skin in order to create a protective layer. This layer doesn’t just seal in the moisture it draws from the air and from the inner layers of the skin, but it also covered the cells on the outer layer of your skin to give them time to regenerate.
  • Glycerin, on the other hand, penetrates the outer layer of the dermis, making sure that it is nourished in order for your skin to have a healthy and beautiful glow.

Who Should Purchase This?

Allergies concept. Woman scratching arm, closeup

The mission of the Renew lotion is pretty simple: eradicate dry skin. The ingredients that were used to create the formula of this lotion acts together to attract moisture to the outer layer of the skin, while glycerin takes care of deeper layers as well. Petrolatum creates a protective barrier that helps skin cells regenerate, but also seals the moisture on the outer layer of the dermis.

However, the lotion is safe to use for normal and sensitive skin as well. Many customers that are suffering from skin-related conditions (ranging from skin inflammation, atopic dermatitis, psoriasis, and others) have claimed that the product alleviates rashes and itchiness, and leaves the skin feeling fresh and moisturized.
Furthermore, the lotion is safe to use for children as well, because it doesn’t contain any questionable ingredients that you might find in other lotions. You can buy and use this lotion daily if you:

  • Have red skin.
  • Your skin is flaking.
  • Your skin feels itchy often.
  • Your skin is scaling.
  • You have eczema on face, hands, and body.

Customer’s Opinions

Dry Skin Efficiency

woman with dry skin

“Alligator skin”, as a lot of buyers call, is no match for the wonderful Renew lotion. Customers are happy to report that the product is indeed wonderful for winter use, making the skin look smooth and soft to the touch, while also alleviating symptoms of itchy skin. Several buyers who often experience dry skin patches and have tried other lotions to no avail, claimed that their skin looks much more fabulous after continuous daily usage, making the lotion perfect for several climate regions.

Children Use

Even if it’s not necessarily advertised as such, customers have reported trying the Renew lotion on their children, and most of them talked about major improvements in skin health. Parents have used this lotion on children’s skin affected by eczema and reported that it works as a deep moisturizer for kids’ skin as well as adult ones. The fact that the bottle is very generous also makes this a wise purchase amongst parents who wants to share this lotion with their children.


woman smelling on her wrist

As far as the scent of the product is concerned, customers seem to have divided opinions. It’s kind of a love-hate relationship. Part of the users of this lotion claim that while good, it’s not supposed to be fragrant because it’s designated for people with sensitive skin. Others seem to be perfectly ok with the scent and claim that it smells wonderful.

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Bottom Line

One of the main things that draw customers to the Melaleuca Renew lotion is the notoriety of the brand. Being around for more than two decades, this wellness companies is one of those names that you must have come across at least once in your life.

Their Renew lotion is targeted at consumers with dry and sensitive skin, looking to acts as a humectant that traps moisture and leaves the skin looking soft and fresh. Its non-greasy formula is designed to be fast absorbed and the ingredients are aimed at alleviating itchy and sore skin that’s usually related to skin conditions such as eczema or psoriasis. Will the Renew lotion work its way to your heart? There’s only one way to find out!

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