Image Name How to Choose The Best Nursing Job Based on Personality Type?

How to Choose The Best Nursing Job Based on Personality Type?

Nursing is a very diverse and versatile career. You can find a suitable job depending on your personality type. Whenever students first graduate from nursing school, most usually get a job in bedside nursing, which can be intense. It is a lot of work being on your feet. Moreover, you are in contact with many people. It is hard work, and many people get burned out and think that nursing is all about hard work.

Eventually, they leave the career altogether thinking that nursing is not the path for them, which is sad because they have put in a lot of schooling, hard work, and money.

What are the different personality types, and how do they relate to different nursing specialties?

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Being a nurse is not only about bedside nursing. Some nurses love bedside nursing and have done that their whole nursing career. Although it is a great way to get your cornerstone and get you ready for other fields by showing you a glimpse of what nursing is about, other specialties can also teach you how to think like a nurse and take care of patients.

Using the Myers Briggs Type Indicator, four scales determine a person’s personality:

  1. Extroversion or Introversion?

An extroverted nurse will excel in a setting that is fast-paced with one-on-one interaction with patients. They might function very well in an ER, ICU, and flight nursing, where you are on your feet, having to deal with stressful situations.

An introvert will prefer a more aid back setting where there are not many people to interact with like wound care, oncology, outpatient, IV-giving chemo, parish nursing, private duty nursing school, school nursing.

  1. Sensate or Intuitive?

Being a nurse means that you will be forced to make difficult life or death decisions on the spot in some instances. Enjoying the facts means that you are more sensate and constantly looking for deeper explanations is an intuitive trait.

  1. Thinking or feeling?

A thinker is more concerned about the facts: A perfect quality for leadership nursing roles. The feeling is an excellent trait for bedside nurses to empathize with patients to provide the best care.

  1. Judging or perceiving?

Although most nurses perceive more than they judge, the latter is still great for analyzing situations and decision-making.

Why is it important to know your personality type before choosing a nurse career?

There are a plethora of nursing specialties available. Although they fall under one field of medicine, these specialties are unique and thus require different qualities and capabilities, especially personality types.

Every aspiring nurse needs to take a psychometric test to determine which specialty is best for them. If you choose a high-pressure operating position like in the emergency room, you might not perform effectively if your personality does not appreciate pressure. However, people change, and so do personalities.

One specialty being suitable for you today does not mean that you have to stick to it for the rest of your career. You can continually advance your career to a level higher or ultimately change it if you feel you need to.

It is essential to find out who you are and what you like doing before going into any specialty. Take time to assess your personality before making a huge decision that will change your life, like deciding on a nursing specialty. If you do not, and end up doing something you do not like day in and day out, you will get burned out and want to leave the profession.

Nursing is one of the most delicate careers in the world. It would be best to be sure that it is the right path for you before investing your time and money pursuing it. The more suited you are for a specific working environment, the higher your chances of succeeding and growing.

Finding a mentor when deciding on the available online registered nurses (RN) courses is an excellent step towards taking charge of your future. Mentors will direct you to the right path by helping you learn more about how every personality relates to a career, determine your personality type, and figure out what type of career you like.

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