Image Name Schmidt's Natural Deodorant Review: Certified Vegan Odor Control

Schmidt’s Natural Deodorant Review: Certified Vegan Odor Control

Schmidt's Natural Deodorant

Schmidt's Natural Deodorant

This all natural, vegan certified deodorant option is a great choice for both odor and moisture control. Designed to provide an alternative to synthetic ingredients, this blend of plant based and mineral ingredients is highly effective.

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Before you think that a natural deodorant is just a fad and unable to mask body odor efficiently, think again. With many brand names offering natural ingredient options, it just makes sense to take a closer look at a top rated deodorant choice that has powerful body odor fighting qualities, and can even take care of the worst of your underarm moisture.

This article explores our own personal experiences with the Schmidt’s brand, and the following Schmidt’s Natural deodorant review below highlights both the claims made by the company and how those held up in our own trials.

I ran the company’s Lavender Tips scented Sensitive Skin Formula through a tough trial- and my findings are detailed below.

What is Natural Deodorant?

Although there is no certified label for ‘natural’ and it is open to interpretation, a natural deodorant is generally accepted as a deodorant that leaves out most synthetic based ingredients and does not contain aluminum. Aluminum is the ingredient that helps keep you from sweating, and these products are made to help reduce or mask natural body odors. Some also help control moisture to a certain degree.

A Breakdown of the Schmidt’s Company

Schmidt's Logo

Schmidt’s was started in 2010 when Jaime Schmidt formulated a plant based deodorant for her family and began to market the product. It gained the attention of entrepreneur Michael Cammarata in 2015 who teamed up with her to build product lines that are now offered globally.

Besides deodorant, the company also offers oral care products, natural soaps, and gentle, children safe options. Their formulas are plant and mineral based, and are designed to provide you with clean, safe options for hygiene health. They also are committed to staying certified vegan and cruelty free in all their endeavors, from product creation to packaging.

Schmidt’s Natural Deodorant Claims

Ingredients are the first line of attention the company provides to their deodorant- after all, it is the product that launched the business. They are free from aluminum, propylene glycol, SLS, PEG, parabens, phthalates, artificial fragrances, and artificial colorants to provide you all natural protection against underarm odor and moistures.

They come in three variations made for both men and women. These are designed for not only personal preference, but also scent options and skin sensitivities.

Signature Stick Formula

These sticks are plant and mineral based and come in a wide variety of woodsy, cooling, soothing, and invigorating scents. It also comes in a fragrance free version, as well as charcoal and magnesium recipe designed for ultimate odor and perspiration control.

Sensitive Stick Formula

Formulated for sensitive skins, this stick goes on more smoothly and has a creamier texture made with natural magnesium. This also helps control moisture as well as odor. Although not as many scents are offered, they do have a good selection of fresh and relaxing options, including a tea tree and fragrance free option.

Original Jar Formula

The original formula was a creamy paste designed to be applied with your fingers. This highly effective original formula is still available in glass jars and in some of the most popular scents sold, including fragrance free.

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Packaging and First Impression

Schmidt's Lavender Tips actual product and packaging box

The deodorant I purchased came in a box, which was a little surprising since it was extra packaging that isn’t technically needed. Since it is cardboard, it is recycled and I shredded it up and tossed it in my compost but couldn’t help but wonder at the reasoning of the extra packaging.

The stick itself is a generous 3.25 ounces of deodorant, and is slightly larger than comparable products. It is encased in a plastic, twist bottom container that raises the level of the deodorant as you use it. This is a great design in that it allows you to pretty much use the entire stick and leave little to no waste.

Ingredient List

Schmidt's Lavender Tips Ingredients List at the back of the box

The ingredient list is as the company promises, which I found to be a breath of fresh air as many ‘natural’ list usually include synthetic preservatives or something similar despite the abundance of more natural options. Everything included on the Schmidt’s sensitive formula list is all naturally derived and even explained in parenthesis in case the consumer is not familiar with scientific naming. These choices are used to help break down the bacteria that causes odor, help protect the skin, provide a clean scent, and also control slight moisture.

I choose the sensitive skin formula because I sometimes find myself surprisingly reactive to ingredients I have not used before. Because I regularly use coconut oil, shea butter, and essential oils, which comprise much of this deodorant stick, I figured it was a safe option to avoid any adverse reactions. I am happy to say I had no issues with the ingredients during the 2 weeks I exclusively used this deodorant. No skin sensitivities or visual changes appeared through its use.

The Scent

I am highly sensitive to scent, and  although I love the smell of lavender, I typically go with a fragrant free option when I can. However, I was curious to see the strength and purity of their scent claims and wanted to report on that as many people are very picky about how they smell.

Since I grow lavender and use the oil regularly, I am well versed in its scent. I was very impressed with the all natural lavender smell that greeted me when I opened the deodorant stick. The oil used is obviously of pure quality and next to my blooming lavender plant you could not tell the difference between the two- it was that clean and fresh smelling.

On the flip side- it WAS a strong smell and I was hesitant to walk around smelling like a flower all day. The first day I used it I kept walking around smelling my armpits to see if smelled like a walking bouquet and worried that the scent was to mask body odor rather than break it down. I also kept asking my kids if they could smell it whenever I was around them, a practice I’m sure they immensely enjoyed.

Despite my paranoia, I gathered that the scent was not as strong once applied (afterall, prior to application I was smelling the ENTIRE stick which somewhat concentrates the smell). My kids said they couldn’t smell me and my own wiff tests didn’t yield anything but the lightest of lavender hints. I also never smelled any body odor despite participating in some pretty strenuous workouts (but more on that later).

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Schmidt's Lavender Tips deodorant container top opened

The consistency of the stick is a creamy, wet powdery look that applies very smoothly with no clumping. I did notice a little residue when first applied, but it was not at all sticky and in fact felt like a dry powder when touched. This blended right into my underarm skin on its own and did not leave behind any white creases.

I am assuming this was the magnesium and arrowroot powder which helps with not only odor, but also moisture control. As it blended clear into my skin I figure it must leave behind a thin protective film because I did discover how effective it is throughout the day in controlling moisture as well as odor.

Trials and Results

As mentioned, I used this deodorant everyday for 2 weeks. I only applied it once in the morning when going about regular day to day business and typical physical activities (which are rather active during a hot Southeastern summer). I did apply it again prior to heavy workouts to see how well it controlled perspiration despite that not being its main claim. My results are below:

Everyday Use

During the summer my everyday activities usually include a lot of walking around the property taking care of chores and watering the garden. The temperatures are typically already in the 80’s and 90’s by 9am, and humidity is at its highest in the morning despite it being a dry climate, so its normal to break a sweat doing menial chores. I also run errands, work, gets kids where they need to be, etc… through the day so it’s safe to say I gave the deodorant a run for its money.

At no point did I ever have any body odor that I noticed, or anyone around me noticed (I asked for posterity’s sake) throughout the entire day. I also never had any wetness, even when I was sweating while working outdoors in the heat. I will say I do not have a lot of heavy underarm perspiration, but I do sweat a lot when warmed up outdoors- especially in the humidity- and despite this being a deodorant and not an antiperspirant, it worked great for me.

Heavy Workout

I also am a runner and try to get in a good long run every few days or so with shorter workouts in between. Before getting started with my more intense runs, I did apply another layer of deodorant as I had already been wearing it for at least 4 or more hours. Like the first application it went on smooth and did not catch on any residue from my first.

Running in heat is going to soak you through no matter who you are as your body works properly to cool you off. And when I returned from my runs I was sweating as expected, but I did not feel any more sweaty than normal, and my underarms did not overly perspire despite not using my typical antiperspirant.

I could also still smell the lavender! And so could my partner and kids, which makes this a great option for odor control. If that could survive a 90 minute run in 90 degree heat it has my respect.

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Overall Rating: 4.8/5

I hate not to give a full 5 stars to this product, but for a company that is so environmentally responsible, the addition of extra packaging made no sense what-so-ever to me. And although I try to use reusable products and try to be environmentally conscious, it really isn’t a lifestyle for me and I’m still confused by the cardboard box. Maybe I’m just being weird.

With that being said, this should in NO WAY take away from the quality of the product. It truly has ALL NATURAL ingredients that are easily spelled out for the consumer, belaying a sense of transparency. I was also incredibly impressed with the true scent that was not overwhelming when worn, and which actually lasted through the worst I could throw at it.

Plus, despite it not being an antiperspirant, it really did help control the worst of my perspiration.

What Consumers are Saying

Customers approving against white background

Consumers are also impressed with the Schmidt line of deodorants with reviews praising effectiveness and the clean scents offered. This product seems to be a favorite by those who use it with very little complaints towards skin sensitivities or problems with the quality.


If you like the idea of a natural deodorant, but have been worried about effectiveness or sensitivities, I highly recommend Schmidt’s deodorants. You might also like to check out their full line of products as well. They provide full ingredient transparency so you know exactly what you are putting on your skin. As my trials show above, they also are highly effective, which impressed me to no end.

If you have ever used Schmidt’s deodorants, we’d love to hear from you below. Please let us know if you have any questions as well. And, as always, please share!

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