Image Name Be Young Essential Oils VS Young Living: A Side by Side Look

Be Young Essential Oils VS Young Living: A Side by Side Look

Have you considered investing in oils for aromatherapy and the many other benefits you get from the concoctions? Do you have trouble understanding what makes one oil better than another? Here, we’re going to help you out and compare Be Young oils vs. Young Living for a side by side look. These are two of the best companies out there providing essential oils, so you can get a better idea of what you’re looking for in finding a quality product.

Be Young and Young Living Comparison

​Be Young

​​Young Living

  • Includes greener packaging processes
  • Employs its own farm, greenhouse, and distillery for essential oils
  • Focuses on emotional, physical, and environmental health
  • Quality control process starts with the botanical seeds
  • Ingredients are mainly grown on their own farms
  • Excellent customer service options available
  • Uses a multi-level marketing setup
  • Difficult to research with few reviews

  • Uses a multi-level marketing setup
  • One of the more expensive brands on the market


A Closer Look

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Take a look at a side by side comparison chart of Be Young and Young Living companies and their essential oil products to help you see where they are on equal ground as well as where one might offer an advantage over the other.

Be Young ​​​Young Living
  • Therapeutic Grade Oils?
  • Proprietary Farm Growth?
  • Additives or Chemicals?
  • Multi-Level Marketing Plan?
  • Recommendations for Use
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • No
  • Yes
  • Aromatherapy, Topical, Ingestion
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • No
  • Yes
  • Aromatherapy, Ingestion


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Be Young grows their own ingredients on a large farm, as well as in an enormous greenhouse. Based out of Utah, their essential oil products are also distilled on site for complete quality control.

Young Living also grows their ingredients mainly on proprietary farms around the country, as well as internationally. Quality control is at the essence of the practice, assuring organic practices from the time the seeds are planted through the distilling process. However, not all ingredients are taken from their farms.

Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils

This statement can be misleading since there is no government regulation on these kinds of oils, and thus, no ‘accepted’ grading system for the products. However, when companies use the term, they are generally referencing the quality of the product and imply that these essential oils carry a certain level of potency that assists in their practical use for therapeutic purposes. Other potential grades you’ll find include medicinal grade and aromatherapy grade.

Be Young Total Health lists their oils as both therapeutic grade and medicinal grade, and that’s with the backing of an explanation that they have such high-quality control and use steam extraction of the oils to distill their products. They also are reputed to have no additives, fillers, carrier oils, or anything else that could thin or dilute their oils.

Young Living also reportedly follows a similar steaming and distilling process to assure the highest quality and greatest potency. They, too, avoid chemicals and fillers and state that they provide 100% pure essential oils in all their products.


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Both companies also subscribe to multilevel marketing. This means that those already in sales for the company recruit others to sell, and those people offer the product to friends and family at a discount, earning a profit for themselves. While this isn’t always a reputable means of marketing, both Be Young and Young Living seem to be quite prosperous and taking steps not only to provide quality, tested products but also to offer excellent support for their recruits, including customer service and benefits for the employees.


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While these special oils can be used topically in most cases, Young Living mainly promotes the use of their product for the purposes of aromatherapy as well as ingestion, using them the same as you would standard herbs and spices to flavor your food and reap the benefits.

In comparison, Be Young offers suggestions, as well as carrier oils, for topical use as well as aromatherapy and ingestion.

About the Products

Be Young doesn’t release a great deal of information about themselves. However, in creating a multilevel marketing team, they do provide online courses and education for the salespeople who want to join the company. They also offer information on the CEO and founder, who received his education on essential oils from experts in the field over several years. Pricing is not readily available on the website without an account (which is free to start), and you won’t typically find it sold through online big retailers. It is almost exclusively sold by individuals who purchase wholesale and then distribute the product through their own efforts.

Young Living is more open about their processes, as well as their sales team. They do have prices on their site and are typically a bit more expensive than the products sold by many of their competitors. You can find them through online retailers, often sold by the individuals who have entered into the marketing plan, and they are available in multiple sizes.



Both brands offer information regarding their processes, as well as testing results, to purchasers, most of this information either included with the product or listed on their website with links available with the product upon purchase. These results help guarantee at least some of their claims regarding ingredients and quality control methods. While more is known about Young Living, Be Young also has several reviews that tout the benefits of the product. Both companies actively engage in research and development, offering new blends frequently in order to help more people with various ailments.

Essential oils used for aromatherapy as well as topical solutions can be of great assistance, and trying to find the right provider can be difficult since there are no FDA regulations to follow. The best way to choose is to read reviews and assure that there are testing mechanisms in place and that others have found the resources helpful, much the way this review has been provided. Was this information helpful? Feel free to comment or ask questions below to let us know.

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