Image Name Think Outside the Box with These 11 Yoga Mat Alternatives

Think Outside the Box with These Yoga Mat Alternatives

Yoga mats are an important part of yoga practice, but they’re not exactly a mandatory item to have. It’s true that they can offer plenty of benefits and by no means are we here to convince you that yoga mats are a bad investment because they’re actually awesome, but if you’re at the beginning of your yoga journey, you might not be sure whether you need a mat or not. Or you might need to take some time and decide what yoga mat to get.

Whatever the case, we believe in knowing what your options are. If you’re in between mats or are looking for a way to replace one altogether, we have some pretty neat suggestions on what to use instead of a yoga mat.

Linen Bath Towel

Close up shot of linen bath towel on top of white table and a green leaf at the side.

Towels make a good colorful yoga mat replacement when you’re used to working out on a thin mat. The advantage is that you have more contact with the ground, allowing you to maintain good balance. It also helps that the fabric is absorbent. Plus, it’s also an eco-friendly option, and who can pass the idea of doing something good for Mother Earth?

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Camping Foam Pad

Camping Foam Pad laid on the ground outside tent on a river bank.

Beginners or people who suffer from injuries might be better off with a pad that has more cushioning, but yoga mats have a limited thickness. If you’re looking for something really thick, this camping foam pad that goes underneath the sleeping bag might be the right choice for you. It measures 1.25 inches in thickness and it’s made with foam that has a non-slip texture.

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Old-Fashioned Softwood Floor

Crop view of Old-fashioned softwood floor

When you’re an expert yogi or aren’t sure if you want to invest in a yoga mat yet, practicing on the floor isn’t such a terrible idea. You have full floor contact which helps maintain a good balance, and if you’re an expert, you’re likely to know how to maintain your balance even without a yoga mat.

Bovina Throw

Orange throw blanket hanging on chair cushion.

Have you ever considered replacing your yoga mat with a good old-fashioned throw blanket? It might not be the best choice if you place it directly on top of a smooth floor (chances of slipping and getting injured are pretty high) but it should do the trick when it’s secured in place by a rug underneath it.

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Round Rug

Round rug with anti - slip traction laid on floor and chairs on background.

If you’re not yet sure what yoga mat to buy but still want to practice yoga until you make up your mind, how about you just use a rug with good traction? This anti-slip rug features a beautiful floral pattern and is available in a variety of shapes and sizes.

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Area Rug

A stack of folded rugs.

An area rug can roughly replicate a yoga mat towel and might serve as a replacement until you can get your hands on a regular yoga mat. Available in a wide range of colors, area rugs are thin enough to ensure that you have plenty of contact with the floor underneath, helping you maintain your poses.

No-Slip Yoga Gloves

No-slip yoga glove fit on woman's hand.
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One of the greatest benefits of using a yoga mat is the fact that you can get a good grip that prevents you from breakdancing all over the floor. But what if you had no-slip yoga gloves instead?  They would surely prevent you from falling flat while trying to maintain a pose.

Hayley Bath Rug

Light green bath rug laid near to a twin wash basin.

Do you have a bathroom rug that could absolutely serve as a yoga mat? If not, here is where you can get one! Made entirely out of cotton, you know that this won’t just provide you with the cushioning you need, but it also has moisture-absorbing properties, as most other cotton products do.

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Yoga Socks

Feet wearing yoga socks on a red carpet.
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Yoga socks are designed to keep your feet warm while you’re doing yoga, but to make sure that you don’t slide on the floor while you’re doing it. They’re made from a repurposed felt sweater and designed to help you gain good traction, whether you’re using a yoga mat or not.

Cabana Stripe Beach Towel

Cabana stripe beach towel folded on side.

The best part about owning a beach towel is that you can use it… as a beach towel, a yoga mat replacement, or even as a yoga towel that goes on top of the mat. It’s made entirely out of cotton, can wish away sweat, and it’s comfortable enough not to leave your hands feeling sore even when you’re trying out more complicated poses.

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Doing Yoga in Bed

Single bed on floor,japanesse concept bedroom.

Believe it or not, there are some yoga poses that you can actually do in bed. There is probably no better cushioning that you can ask for when compared to what your mattress has to offer, so what if you started or ended your day with a 10 to 20 minutes session of yoga?


Even if you’re not ready to get yourself a new yoga mat, there are some items that you surely have around the house that could serve as a viable alternative. The most important things to keep in mind when you’re using yoga mat replacements is to get the right amount of cushioning for your body’s needs and to make sure that the surface you’re working on doesn’t slide across the floor, otherwise you might get injured.

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