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Young Living USB Diffuser Reviews


Young Living USB Diffuser

If you live in most congested places in the world, your life can become somewhat of a constant rush over time. When you are juggling work or school, or both, with family, social events, and just everyday living tasks like eating and doing laundry, it seems like you never have time to do the things you love, like sitting back and enjoying your favorite scents.

When reading that sentence did you think, “That sounds like me?” If so, then keep reading because we have a product here made specifically for the busy essential oil user. A diffuser that runs via a USB port by Young Living that might just change the way you diffuse.

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What Does It Mean?

5 Usb sockets, color red, blue, black

Otherwise known as Universal Serial Bus, this term technically refers to a “standard type of connection” for our devices. As users, we know them to be the things that plug into the side of our laptops, in the back of our desktops, and into those little white boxes that charge our smartphones. These little connections have taken us to a whole new level and now they are enhancing the word of aromatherapy.

What Does It Do?

Blue Chinese candle, brown smoke, white background

This is a device that will break down your favorite scents into particles for you to breath in, which is one of the three ways we can take advantage of our scent’s benefits. In fact, it is one of the most popular ways to utilize scents for lovers of essential oils.


Purple and black usb diffuser

There are many devices that fall under this category. In the case of this particular product, the device is plugged into a Universal Serial Bus of your car charger, your laptop, or that little white square that floats around our junk drawers.

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How Does It Work?

Manual book, with red strings

The instructions for this specific product are as follows.

  • Open cartridge door open.
  • Fill the bottle with oil.
  • Place the wick in the bottle.
  • Insert bottle into the cartridge.
  • Close door and plug into the port.
  • Choose an interval setting.

Who Should Have This?

Tech geeks, the person that sits at their computer for a long time like a freelance writer, anyone who travels for a living, anyone looking to diffuse on the run, and someone who wants to fill and use aromatherapy in a small space.

Who Shouldn’t Have This?

Anyone looking to fill a medium to large space should not use this model. A larger model would work better, like the Orb or the Rainstone.


  • Portable
  • Easy to use
  • Two interval settings
  • Spill-proof
  • Doesn’t require water


  • Doesn’t work in large areas
  • Can make noise

Features and Benefits

As for the features, we’ve covered most of them simply but let’s look a little bit deeper into each one so that you can get a better idea if this is the product you are looking for.



When I talk about colors with this device, I don’t mean the kind that light up the room or area you are diffusing in. The body of this little stick comes in four colors, black, white, pink, and purple. For a while, it only came in two colors but the manufacturer decided to expand their line.

Usb color purple, black, white, and pink


The 8.5 x 2 x 1.5-centimeter dimensions of this aromatherapy machine make it perfect for the person who is looking to pack lightly on that business trip. It’s discreet enough to use in your cubicle without forcing everyone to inhale your blends. And it can fit in your pocket, your purse, or in your wallet because it only weighs half an ounce.

Metallic ruler


Because of its size, this model can only cover about fourteen square meter area. That’s about 150 feet in both directions. Your car, your home office, and your bathroom are all places this little atomizer would be perfect for.

Home office, with furniture, plant, window, and white wall


For such a small device, I would think they would make it so you could just plug it in and diffuse some scents. But this company went one step further and gave you three options for pace and how often you want to inhale your blend, which is continuous at 10, 30, and 60-second intervals. The maximum it can run is twenty hours.

Pink usb


Unlike the machines we put on our shelves that create a mist from the mixture of water and scents in their basin, this little guy only holds one milliliter of fragrance. This is fine since it doesn’t shoot the scent very far and no water is required.

Water drop


Automatic Power Off

We are human and prone to make mistakes. Sometimes that means we forget to unplug things. Fortunately, leaving this powered on won’t be as dangerous as leaving the curling iron on, yet doing this might damage the machinery so this feature protects us from those forgetful moments.

Metallic switch on and off

Other Features

It comes with three refill cartridges and is adjustable to diffuse 0.33 ml of oil an hour.

Usb diffuser, with color pink wrap

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Now that we covered exactly what you get from this device, now we can take a look at the benefits it can bring to you or the person you are choosing to gift it to.

Handsome man, holding brown box, wearing long sleeve polo with brown belt

It’s Portable

I won’t go on too long about this because we’ve mentioned it several times, but it’s worth saying that one of the best features is the size. You can take it anywhere, and it won’t take up much room at all.

Signage mute

Whisper Quiet

It has no sound feature, which is a positive when you are working, which is the time you will most likely use this because it plugs nicely into the side of your laptop while you tap away at your keyboard. If you use it in the car, it won’t disturb the radio or audiobook you are listening too.

Vase, with bottles

Diffuses Oils

Why are you reading this article in the first place? Because you are looking for a way to diffuse your favorite oils. So it is worth mentioning that this little stick’s ability to break down the molecules of your favorite scents and project them into the air you breath to be a fundamental benefit.

Man driving a car, wearing blue jacket

Saves You From Road Rage

Since this would be a good addition to the gadgets you put in your car, it’s worth mentioning that there are a myriad of scents that have relaxation in their benefits list. It wouldn’t hurt, when that little red sports car cuts you off to be just getting a good whiff of chamomile, which is a known relaxing scent.

No heat signage, flame color blue

No Heat Used

Since the scents in this model aren’t heated to atomize, there is no risk of damaging your oils. Certain benefits can be compromised if your extracts are diffused incorrectly.


Sans Spillage

The design of the interior bottle that sits in its own compartment is meant to be free of spills. This is a good feature since we don’t want to waste our oils.

Woman sneezing with brown messy hair wearing white shirt

Aids With Congestion While On the Move

Just because our noses are stuffed up doesn’t mean you can just put your life on hold. Errands need to run and your work won’t get done on its own. So a little eucalyptus in the car charger while you head to the grocery store might help you make it through.

Black usb

Simple To Use

While I have yet to find a diffusing product that is difficult, it isn’t a far stretch to say that it doesn’t get easier than this. Put a few drops in the bottle, close the door, and plug it in. In The busy world we live in, simple is good.

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Group of men talking while laying on the grass.


Most of the consumers who reviewed this product were pleased with the ease and convenience of it. They quoted it as being cool, quiet, and the perfect machine to travel with. Some reviewers reported leakage and that it stopped working after a short time, but it could be that they received a defective device.

To Conclude

Of all the models I’ve used and researched in my pursuit of all the benefits aromatherapy has to offer, I think this model is one of the cutest I’ve seen. I love the ease of it, and the portability is certainly a plus for me because I like to take road trips.

If you are an aromatherapy lover, like me, and the idea of having a device that can bring a little burst of your oils anywhere you need, even in your car, then this is the product for you. It would make a great gift for a stressed friend with a nice bottle of lavender oil. Click here to check the product out for yourself.

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