Image Name Nu Yuu Essential Oils Review: An In-Depth Look

Nu Yuu Essential Oils Review

Nu Yuu Aromatherapy Top 6 Essential Oils 100% Pure & Therapeutic Grade

Nu Yuu Aromatherapy Top 6 Essential Oils

Nu Yuu Essential Oils is a trusted brand for those looking for aromatherapy products and key oils. High quality, affordable, and available online, this brand of essential oils is a great choice.


Essential oils have long been at the core of aromatherapy. They are more than just scents that make your home smell nice: they have numerous benefits that promote relaxation on a cognitive level but are also known for improving focus and inducing a state of well-being.

But that’s doesn’t mean that one aroma will work for all given situations. If you want a tea to aid digestion, do you just pick any random plant and make tea from it? No, and the same principles are applied to aromatherapy: you need to know which fragrance is best suited for a particular scenario.

Nu Yuu – An In-Depth Look

Nu Yuu is a well-known brand in terms of the essential oils it produces and sells. As with every other brand, Nu Yuu has both advantages and disadvantages, so we’re going to analyze the brand and their products in depth, to determine if their essential oils are something you might be interested in.


  •    Available in 17 aromas.
  •    Free shipping throughout the US.
  •    Convenient multipacks and variety packs.
  •    Detailed information about each aroma property.
  •    Natural products.
  •    Different shipping methods available.


  •    Some oils are not powerfully scented.

Available Products

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Single Oils

The Nu Yuu essential oils are divided into three main categories. The first category is the single oils, meaning that you can choose to buy individual bottles with your favorite aromas. Your single oil options are as follows: cedarwood, cinnamon bark, clary sage, clove, eucalyptus, frankincense, ginger, grapefruit, lavender, lemon, nutmeg, patchouli, peppermint, rosemary, tea tree (also known as Melaleuca), orange, and ylang-ylang.

Variety Packs

Variety packs are sets of 6 or 14 different essential oils, perfect for those of you who prefer a wider variety of aromas, or aren’t sure which ones to choose, and would much rather opt for different fragrances.


Multipacks are actually conveniently-priced combos of your favorite scent. It basically allows you to purchase the second/third bottle of a particular fragrance at a much better price, thus helping you save money.


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Each of the 17 different aromas of the Nu Yuu products is good for different situations, so we wanted to tell you a little bit about the amazing properties that each of these aromas has, so you’ll know which one to pick whenever needed:

  • Cedarwood is an aroma that’s typically chosen because of its particular woody scent. It is commonly used for relaxing massages, but some people turn to it for cosmetic applications. The thin consistency of the oil has a very powerful aroma. It has a lot of different benefits when used as an ingredient in cosmetics, mainly because it’s anti-seborrheic, works against dandruff and hair loss, promotes eczema healing and combats fungal infections.
  • Cinnamon bark isn’t just good for pastry rolls but has many therapeutic properties when used as an essential oil. When used during a massage, it can alleviate muscle pain and promotes a healthy immune system. The oil has a medium consistency and is often used to lift up the spirit and keep people in a good mood.
  • Clary sage is a euphoric scent, as it is known for lowering anxiety and stress levels. It promotes a healthy urinary tract but is also considered to alleviate pain caused by the menstrual cycle. The oil has a medium consistency, with a medium-strength aroma and is recognized worldwide for its antibacterial properties.
  • Clove essential oils are powerful antioxidants and are good for cardio health, but also for oral one. With a medium consistency, this oil is popular in treating common colds and for fighting off minor aches. Clove is also a popular ingredient in cosmetic products, especially in soap and toothpaste.
  • Eucalyptus is a fragrance that doesn’t require any introduction. Not only does it soothe sore muscles, but it also helps with respiratory problems. It can also treat skin problems, such as burns, insect bites, or blisters, and is a very common ingredient used in the fight against the common cold.
  • Frankincense was considered to be one of the rarest oils, one with great benefits for the immune system, supporting healthy cells, and refreshing aging skin. It’s also used as a way to repel insects but is believed to relieve muscle pain as well.
  • Ginger, as you already know, is your stomach’s friend. It’s used for a healthy digestive system but can also prevent nausea. Much like the plant itself, ginger essential oil has a very spicy aroma and is preferred amongst people that are looking to treat pains and aches.
  • Grapefruit is one of the most satisfying scents as far as aromatherapy is concerned. This oil is a favorite ingredient in detoxifying processes and can fight off infectious diseases. It’s very rich in vitamin C, so it can promote a healthy immune system, as well as proper circulation.
  • Lavender is yet another name that needs no introduction. It has long been used as a mean of relaxation, reducing stress and anxiety, as well as curing insomnia. Lavender is also useful for chasing away insects, healing insect bites, or treating other types of skin irritations.
  • Lemon has benefits that’s very similar to grapefruit, and it’s one of the essential oils used in home cleaning products because of its excellent fragrance and anti-microbial properties. Lemon essential oil has antiseptic properties, but it also helps improve focus and can aid people who are looking to create a favorable study environment.
  • Nutmeg essential oil boosts the energy, calm down the nerves by reducing stress levels, and that’s provided you can resist its spicy aroma.
  • Patchouli has a very distinct smell and is known for promoting skin recovery. While good for skin irritations, it’s also considered to be bactericidal and anti-toxic, as well as having great antiseptic properties. It’s also a common cosmetic ingredient because of its pleasant smell and healing properties.
  • Peppermint, much like eucalyptus, is great for treating respiratory problems. Due to its high menthol concentration, it can alleviate all kinds of pain, as it can be both warm and cool. Because of its powerful aroma, peppermint is an ingredient also used in toothpaste recipes, as it can fight off bad breath.
  • Rosemary has moved from the kitchen into the living room, as it is now an ingredient that promotes digestive health in aromatherapy. Rosemary is also known for having benefits in anti-aging processes since it can renew the cells and tune out wrinkles and fine lines.
  • Tea tree is an essential oil with plenty of applications. It can be used as an ingredient in homemade cleaners, it can cleanse and rejuvenate the skin, it has the power to fight off bacteria and viruses, and it’s used to fight off acne and can take on dandruff any time.
  • Wild orange essential oils can protect you against seasonal threats, not to mention that it has a very revitalizing fragrance. It’s known to combat depression, as well as improve focus.
  • Ylang-Ylang is a flower with a very powerful and distinctive scent. It’s considered to be great at balancing hormones and has a calming effect.


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One of the most important questions that people ask is if these essential oils are organic. The Nu Yuu oils don’t have any synthetic content, but they haven’t undergone the process required to have their products labeled as being organic.

To obtain such certification, a brand has to invest a significant amount of money in the process, which leads to an additional cost per bottle. To meet their value proposition and the mission of their company, Nu Yuu guarantees that the oils they deliver are natural and much more qualitative compared to similar brands on the market.

Since these oils are natural, can they be applied directly on the skin? In some cases, it’s possible, but in others, it’s not indicated. The truth of the matter is, it’s not the brand of oils that’s harmful in itself, but there are people that can develop certain skin conditions or reactions to different ingredients that are commonly found in essential oils.

If you plan to apply Nu Yuu oils on your skin, test a smaller portion first and see if you have any reactions that might indicate you are allergic or sensitive to a specific ingredient. Since the oils are natural, there could be differences in the raw materials used to make the oil due to variations in climate and time of year.

If you are pregnant and worry about using essential oils, here is what you should know. On a general note, essential oils bring a lot of health benefits to the body, but pregnancy is a very delicate time which requires particular care and attention with a woman’s health. While there aren’t any factors that might suggest essential oils are harmful during pregnancy, it’s best to consult with your attending physician before exposing yourself to the fragrance of essential oils.

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Shipping Information

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When you order Nu Yuu essential oils directly from their website, you have the possibility to upgrade your shipping method at checkout. For the 48 continental states, you have the following shipment options:

  •    Overnight delivery, which usually takes one or two business days.
  •    Second-day delivery, which can take two or three business days.
  •    Standard ground delivery, which can take anywhere between three to ten business days.

Upon checkout, you can select your preferred delivery method and will be given information about costs and delivery times on the spot. For Alaska and Hawaii, you can only opt for standard ground or second-day shipping.

Those of you that want to order your essential oils to a P.O. box can do so through USPS Priority, which can take anywhere between three and eight business days to deliver. Canadian shoppers will receive their parcels via USPS International Services, but these may also take up to eight business days for delivery.

Return Policy

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With essential oils, you pretty much know what you’re going to get, so returns are generally triggered by receiving the wrong product or a damaged item. Customers that want to return their Nu Yuu products should do so within a time frame of 30 days from the original ship date.

It’s also best to use a traceable carrier (a service with provides a tracking number, so you’ll always know the status of your parcel) so that you can also have proof of shipment in case the package gets lost. While returns due to buyer’s remorse are not covered, those who return damaged goods or incorrect orders will receive a refund for the shipping costs.

Customer’s Opinion

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There is no doubt about the fact that the Nu Yuu essential oils have a very pleasant fragrance. Customers who have bought these products can agree on how scented they are. The variety of fragrances is also pretty generous, and people will always be happy with products that gave them freedom of choice.


This is one chapter where Nu Yuu oils aren’t that convincing. It seems that, when used in an aromatherapy diffuser, the scent of these oils fades really quickly. Because of that, customers claim they feel that the oils may be delivered pre-diluted, but that isn’t the case since the actual smell of the oils is really strong. This could indicate, however, that these oils aren’t that compatible with a diffuser.


Overall, customers seem to be quite happy with the variety of different scents provided by Nu Yuu, although some aromas seem to be more popular than others. It’s clear that lemon and lavender has a huge fanbase, followed by peppermint. Orange is the least favorite, mostly because buyers claim the orange scent isn’t as strong as they expected.

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Bottom Line

Nu Yuu is the kind of product you either love or you hate. It’s not every day that you come across natural essential oils, and that’s something to appreciate about this brand. Although there are no synthetic additives, some people claim that they weren’t happy with how fast the aroma faded, so you’ll have to figure out what’s more important to you: natural, chemical-free essential oils or longer-lasting fragrance?

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