Image Name 11 Awesome Crochet Yoga Mat Bag Patterns and Ideas

11 Awesome Crochet Yoga Mat Bag Patterns

Even if there are plenty of people that like to practice yoga in the comfort of their homes, others would much rather prefer attending a yoga class. If you have a car, taking your mat to class with you won’t be an impediment, but if you have to take a public means of transportation or walk to class, a yoga bag would really come in handy.

And since we know that we have plenty of readers who are really into DIY projects, we wanted to give you some pattern examples that will guide you to making your very own crochet yoga mat bag.

Tote Bag

A beautiful crochet yoga mat bag made of yarn in a wooden background.
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The first example shows a super easy crochet DIY project that requires some yarn, scissors, a yarn needle, a 5.5 mm crochet hook, a stitch marker, and a little bit of patience. If you have a little bit of experience in the art of crochet, then this project should take you very little time. Even if you stitch tightly, the acrylic yarn should stretch to fit your yoga mat nevertheless.

Multicolored Yoga Bag

Multicolored yoga bag made of cotton yarn.
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Ready for a project with a little more color and stylish patterns to it? With some cotton yarn and the right crochet hook, you too can make a yoga mat bag that’s different compared to the ready-made ones that are available for purchase. Granted this project is a bit more complicated than the previous one, but it’s really worth it if you want to stand out with a bag that is different from all the others.

Zen Yoga Bag

purple and turquoise crochet bag hang on wall with yoga mat inside.

I fell in love with this crochet bag the minute I saw it. The different shades or purple and turquoise result in a unique-looking and very lively bag, with colors that will draw attention. If you happen to have your very own Etsy shop and are passionate about crochet projects, this is something that you can make and sell.

Bi-Color Yoga Rug

Woman on her back facing the river in a yoga position and an sling bag crochet yoga mat bag.
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What do you get when you cross two skeins of worsted weight yarn, a 6.5 mm crochet hook, and a passion for yoga? A simple, yet very beautiful DIY yoga mat bag, of course! This project will provide you with step-by-step instructions on how to proceed to making this, and it should be able to fit all rolled-up mats with about 5 inches in diameter.

Mesh Yoga Bag

Two young woman with sling mesh bag and a yoga mat inside,walking on baywalk.
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A simple, yet effective project; that’s exactly how we would describe this DIY yoga mat crochet bag. It’s a stylish way for you to take your yoga mat with you on your travels, and a must-have accessory for people who attend yoga classes. It’s made from cotton, which makes it a sustainable option for people who like to do their part in protecting our planet.

Knit Yoga Bag for Your Mat

Knitted blue sling bag with purple yoga mat at he back of woman standing in yoga position.

The lace pattern that comes with this project really is a sight for sore eyes. With a diagonal lace stitch, you can make a yoga mat bag that looks pretty basic, but can easily be matched with just about any yoga mat out there. It’s a great project for beginners that are still trying to master using a crochet hook.

Large Yoga Bag

Woman sitting on floor looking on her yoga mat.
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Do you have a thick yoga mat that measures quite a lot in diameter when it’s rolled up? Then here’s a project that will show you all the steps into making a bag with ample space that can house even the thickest mats out there. You get all the pattern instructions, as well as material and hook guides and specifications.

Striped Yoga Bag

Green and white striped yoga bag and purple yoga mat in a wooden background.

If you’re a lover of the color green, we have a simple and really cute project for you. And even if you love another color combination, just switch the yarn and buy something that you’d like. The point is that this DIY crochet yoga mat bag has a nice striped pattern and it will give you something to do this weekend and that you can benefit from every time you leave the house with your yoga mat to practice in the park or at a studio.

Floral Yoga Bag for Your Mat

Floral yoga gag for mat,laid on table covered with floor mat.
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Now we bring you a crochet yoga mat bag with a twist! It’s basically a simple white bag that comes with accessorized flowers and leaves, adding a spark of color to what would otherwise be a rather dull bag. Instead, it becomes a head-turner that’s easy to make for someone who knows how to handle a crochet hook.

Varsity Yoga Bag Crochet Pattern

Whitehaired woman staning on top of trunk with a crochet yoga bag and yoga mat inside of it.
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Here comes another project that’s easy to follow, as each of the steps is accompanied by explanatory images that allow you to compare and track your progress. It’s a bag designed for people who want a cheaper alternative to the ready-made options that are found on the market. But also, for those looking for a challenge that can improve their crocheting skills.

Single-Crochet Yoga Bag

Fluffy yoga mat bag crochet pattern at the back of red haired woman standing one leg.

Looking for a fluffier yoga mat bag crochet pattern? Then here’s something that I would personally like seen turned into a blanket, so I snuggle on the couch watching Netflix. It’s a free pattern for a project that you can finish in under one hour and all you need to know is how to make a single crochet and slip stitches.


Crochet used to be a rather dead craft, so we’re really psyched to see that more and more people are taking an interest in learning how to crochet and are fans of interesting new projects. If you’re a yogi, but also a fan or crafts, these patterns are awesome ideas that will teach you how to make unique yoga mat bags.

You can take any of these project examples and add your own twist to them, like maybe change the yarn colors or add little crochet decorations (assuming you know your way around a crochet needle). Would these projects be something you’re interested in?

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