Image Name doTERRA Deep Blue Soothing Blend Essential Oil Review

doTERRA Deep Blue Soothing Blend Essential Oil Review

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Deep Blue Oil

doTERRA Deep Blue is an essential oil blend that provides both a cooling and soothing warmth to tired muscles and joints. Praised by both athletes and those suffering from chronic inflammation (such as arthritis), the anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties of this blend make it an ideal choice for regular use. The scent is also uplifting and energizing.

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According to doTERRA, the Deep Blue blend was designed specifically to create a soothing and cooling sensation when applied topically. Used as is, or when diluted, this oil has become very popular with both massage and exercise enthusiasts to relieve pain and influence blood flow.  

This is what initially interested me in the oil as sore muscles are a regular occurrence due to variances in my training runs. Being able to help relax tense, worked muscles, and even be able to apply something in advance to help improve blood flow through an intense run is especially important. I have used similar natural products in the past and wondered how well this one held up against them.

doTERRA Deep Blue Soothing Blend Essential Oil Review

I’m a pretty active person, run regularly, and also take on the responsibilities on a hobby farm caring for various animals and working in the yard and garden. All that work results in bumps and bruises, fatigued and sore muscles, and a few headaches here and there- especially when things don’t go as planned.

Essential oils are a regularly integrated product in my life for various reasons. They don’t drive my treatment decisions of various ailments, but they do come in handy and are amazing supplements- especially for topical applications. I recently had the opportunity to try out one of a leading essential oil company’s top-selling blends that we purchased: Deep Blue. doTERRA Deep Blue Essential Oil is a popular blend made specifically for topical use, and I found it to be an excellent oil to incorporate into my regular self-care routine.

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  • An anti-inflammatory blend of oils is stimulating
  • Improves blood flow and reduces swelling
  • Can be used alone or with a carrier


  • Strong, not unpleasant smell, but more medicinal than perfume-like
  • Overall pricy oil blend, although very effective in use

This is definitely an oil worth adding to your arsenal. Especially if you have any joint pain, or would like a relief from general muscle fatigue after working out or running. The claims hold true, and the oil is very stimulating overall.

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Essential Oil Ingredient List

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The list of oils used in the blend is pretty decent. This isn’t just a few oils mixed together, but rather 8 various oils that work together to help create the relief the company claims. doTERRA uses only 100% pure essential oils, unblended with carrier oils unless otherwise noted (such as when they premix for rollerball applicators).

These oils are concentrated with each 5 ml bottle containing approximately 85 drops of oil. The following list is in order of the amount used in each bottle- with the first being of the highest percentage. These each plays a role in topical soothing comfort:


Long used as a counter-irritant, wintergreen helps reduce pain and swelling in underlying tissues.


Also a counter-irritant, camphor is used to relieve pain, reduce itching, and increase local blood flow. It also can be used to help treat fungal infections.


Peppermint provides a cooling sensation and relieves minor muscle and joint pain. It also is an antiseptic to help kill germs and prevent infections. The smell is also rather invigorating and has rejuvenating effects.


ylang ylang flower and leaves in white background

This is a powerful oil that not only aids in pain relief and reduces inflammation, the scent is also mood enhancing, help alleviate stress, and enhances libido. It also can act as a natural insect repellent, promotes wound healing, and reduces the appearance of scars


Both anti-inflammatory and antibacterial, this cherished oil can both heal and promote cell turnover for healthier looking skin.

Blue Tansy

A calming oil, blue tansy antioxidants are anti-inflammatory to help reduce heat and calm troubled, delicate skin.

Blue Chamomile

Potently anti-inflammatory, chamomile has long been used as a strong, yet gentle measure to treat wounds both externally and internally


Popular for its anti-aging properties, osmanthus hydrates the skin and helps improve skin color and tone. It also contains selenium, which neutralizes skin damaging compounds.

First Impressions

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I liked the warm, rich, wintergreen smell of the oil when I first opened it. The minty smell is not too overwhelming, and it isn’t reminiscent of the icy-warm lotions of my youth that ‘old people use,’ but it isn’t a perfume by any means either. Instead, it’s very fresh and clean and perfect for both topical use and as an aromatic pick me up.

I immediately rubbed some on my hands to get a feel of what it would do. My fingers and joints felt cooling right away, and within a few minutes began to feel almost tingly warm, but not uncomfortably so. I kept flexing my hands as blood flow did feel induced from this sensation. This lasted the better part of an hour.

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How to Use

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As mentioned, this oil was designed for topical use only. The mix of potent aromatics are not ones you want to diffuse, and they also are not cleared for ingestion as is. However, their purpose is very clear the first time you use it as the blend does exactly what it is designed to do- work strong anti-inflammatory and soothing properties into the areas of your body that need it the most.

There are a few favorite ways to apply the oil:

  • Massaging into feet and knees, or other joints, before and after exercise can increase blood flow to those areas.
  • Dilute with a carrier oil and massage in children’s back or chest prior to bedtime to help alleviate growing pains.
  • Use as is or in a carrier for a whole back massage to loosen tight muscles and bring relief to inflamed tissues.
  • This oil also works wonders for arthritic pain relief. Work over hand and wrist joints to improve circulation and movement.

Because the oil is highly concentrated, I used it with coconut oil to help dilute it slightly, and allow it to spread more easily over my skin when I used it. I have chronic hip and shoulder pain from old injuries. Nothing that requires regular medication, but at times they become slightly stiff. I also am careful about shin splints and calf pain when running to keep from further damaging any soft tissues.

I used the oil for both conditions and was incredibly happy with the results. For my chronic pain, I felt immediate relief due to the cooling sensation and then a warmth that spread from the area I applied it to. Although my slight pain was not gone, I felt that I had better movement and that inflammation was less.

My favorite way to use the oil was as part of my running routine. Prior to running, I smoothed it over my shins and calves and massaged it in. I very much felt that with a proper warm up I had much more flexibility and muscle relaxation going into my run. Once I am warmed up, I rarely feel any tightness, so I am unsure if this helped in that capacity or not, but I did notice that when I applied it after a hot shower after my run- I experience very little muscle stiffness on days I pushed my training into sprints or longer distances.

Safety Concerns

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The oil is deemed safe to use as is- meaning it is unblended with any carrier oil to help reduce the concentration. However, whenever you first use an oil in this manner, you should always do a skin test to check for sensitivities.

Pregnant, nursing or the use of regular medications warrant a discussion with your healthcare practitioner. Essential oils work their way into your bloodstream and could affect current care practices.


Because of the popularity of Deep Blue, there are many other products that include Deep Blue as an ingredient. For fast access, it is provided in a convenient roller bottle already diluted with fractionated coconut oil, as well as in a pump liter bottle. It also is provided in a special line designed for those with sensitive skin, as well as in a dietary supplement which is approved for ingestion. For wider application purposes, a topical cream blends it with a natural plant extract infused cream to help moisturize the skin and provide the cooling sensation so many love.


I found this oil to be worth every penny. The concentration blends well with a carrier to make it last even longer, and the unique blend absolutely improved the way my body felt after particularly fatiguing runs. I definitely was able to recover faster when I used the oil. Plus, the smell was invigorating prior to running- which is no surprise as peppermint, in particular, is used for alertness.

I can’t help but give doTERRA Deep Blue Blend a 5/5 star rating. It is a pure product with easy to research oil sourcing and a product that is well thought out for what it is marketed for. If you have any questions- please let us know below! And please share!

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